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"Pokemon" beyond the sixth slot are merely other, unrelated data being expressed as Pokemon.
I know that, that's why I said you can switch them with real Pokemon
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: "The Ghost of Glitch City"
« on: December 11, 2017, 11:41:54 pm »
Auto input is what's used in stuff like the DUDE catching tutorial. It's controlled by a few addresses. Due to the trainer being a glitch, it will take most of its data from unrelated memory addresses, (including what she says). In the video, you can see the trainer class is a glitch taking some data from the move descriptions or TM descriptions (Zap cannon comes to mind) and in the video the player uses a GS code to change the trainer class to a valid one in order to fight her. Back to auto input, due to it taking data from unrelated memory addresses, the battle may have been flagged as a auto input battle, or the memory address corrupted by the glitch textboxes. Hope I answered some of your questions  :)
CEE0 determines the cursor position in most menus. Changing it to values higher that the amount of options in the current menu allows you to select invalid options. Here is the effects I have found:
Access Pokemon beyond the sixth slot:
Using CEE0, you can access Pokemon beyond the sixth slot. You can switch them with real Pokemon (you will lose the Pokemon you switched). So far I have found a Raikou/crobat hybrid, a Rhydon with a very long name, and many ?????. If you choose a blank party space, it appears to be the last Pokemon deposited (?) however the species is changed to ????? (00)
Unlock Mystery gift: Using CEE0 in the start menu doesn't cause many noteworthy effects, except option 00, which is Mystery gift. After opening Mystery gift, the option will be there after you reset.
Glitch names and Sprite glitches when selecting 10+ characters names
Using CEE0 in the introduction when selecting your name allows you to select 10+ character names or blank names. (Example: DriMOMREDGREENMOM) If you select a 10+ character name, sprites will glitch up depending on the amount of characters.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Fake Glitches?
« on: November 30, 2017, 05:25:27 pm »
The Arceus one, (and all other non-gen1 Pokemon/glitchmons) are a ROM hack/8F ACE of some sort. Same with BURIEDALIVE, and most fake glitches. It's easy to tell if glitch videos are fake/8Fed by either testing it yourself or sometimes the videos are obviously fake enough to tell without testing.
Gen VI, numbers 2D4 - FFFF:
These Pokemon are largely shrouded in mystery, as any human that goes near them perceive them as a Bulbasaur. Not much is known about them, as all observation has to take place through sight-enhancement devices over a very large distance.
What about hybrids around 8000?
The Name-Changing Pokemon
Very few trainers have ever come in contact with this, due to it being invisible in the wild and appear as a blank space in a party. Ones who have, report it being a white box with lines going through it. It's name is disagreed by trainers, some call it ! ! ! ! some dl dl dl dl and some just a blank space! It is currently under investigation by researchers.
I'm far from having the tools to research these, but I just am wondering about USUM glitchmons. I don't think anyone has researched these yet, but it would be cool to see.
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