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I was randomly watching one of Gonzy's Gen 1 Pokemon videos. I seen him try to deposit a level 0 Pokemon, but something more than a freeze happened:

I wonder if he actually somehow got the game to not freeze by chance, if this can also happen on a regular game?

It happened two days ago, the first time of viewing glitch Pokemon $D9 in stats with the $CF90 code.

I never laughed so hard in a long time. I found that very funny.
It seems 4 4-like sprites and #205 family Pokemon doesn't change no matter what sprite bank I put in (CF90), Even if I edit values on where the sprite pointers are. but it works fine for that crazy $EC and $F4 glitch Pokemon for Yellow. Is it because of the base sprite dimensions instead of actual dimensions having a 0 which treats it as 256? Putting a 0 in these glitch Pokemon just results longer load time. Female Symbol does the volatile effect when VRAM 8150 is 0, but if you change it, it removes that effect, same with Yellow Missingno. BGB can allow you to edit ROM values, but it's temporarily since it doesn't save it when you close the emulator. For 4 4, it only partially changes the look, but not the effect. Same goes for $ED in Yellow, same with the #205&#211 family glitch Pokemon. Something finicky is going on with those glitch Pokemons sprite dimensions, if it's not a zero value in their sprite pointer that's causing it, then it's probably something somewhere else entirely.
Just today, I was messing around of trying to fight my way through the softlock Glitch Pokedex entries through memory editing around C010. I first tried doing that to .4 which was done here:
Then after that, I tried it with $F3 and it was so hard to get around the crash. However, at one point, I caught it while I was at low HP and then all of a sudden while I tried to sped up the catching process and its cry out of the way, the game crashed the instant it started its entry. Then I remembered something regarding the low HP sound affecting Pokemon cries, so I tried doing that to the other glitch entries and sure enough, it skips the sound effects and the waiting!
Two of them actually had more to it past that softlock song, and the other two got successfully passed because of it, one of those two done the craziest effect I ever seen.
Wow, Trainers outside the $C8-$FF range exist?
Edit: Found it. :) Modify CF78 or use 01xx78CF. 0x1F froze my game without loading a sprite even with 0102EFC0 and 0102F0C0 on though :(.

Maybe you got unlucky. Because I got it on both v1.0 and v1.1, although the latter did show for a split-second before displaying the blank box again.

v1.1 Just before it returned displaying the blank box.
Alright, I didn't figure how to forcefully encounter non-Mew Glitch Pokemon in the wild, but I found a way to view invalid glitch Pokemon in stats.

All you have to is set CF90 to a value that is a glitch Pokemon hybrid like $EF and then view the glitch Pokemon's stats. Doing so on a regular Pokemon will have their own glitched sprite it seems, especially for Pidgey and Sandshrew which already has a known glitch hybrid Pokemon.

Now I need to figure how it controls the Trainer range and its sprites. 4 4's effect was possible to see during the wild because it's not in the Trainer range for 200-255. And I want to know what will happen if $ED is encountered in the wild, because it may have some difference. I wonder if it will act similarly to Japanese Yellow's Missingno. I could try the same for #207 glitch pokemon family and the #202 family as well if it's even possible to do it in the first place, since no person has ever done it before.
But with the v1.0 sprites it says "しょうぶを しかけてきた!" which means a glitch Trainer wants to fight. Despite that the sprites are quite similar so perhaps it is the glitch Pokémon's sprite and not the Trainer's (like if you force a wild Pokémon to be a Trainer). May you test them with 010134D0 (wild Pokémon and not trainer) enabled please and post the results?

I'm sure it's due to the sprite tampering with the battle mode.

I did test that with 4 4 this summer, but I'm not sure how to make them work with Glitch Pokemon $C8 and onwards since trainers appear instead, since the Pewter Museum method for battles and stats didn't seem to work in terms of all glitch Pokemon, while for battles, it only works for the Mew Glitch obtainable Pokemon. But with that code on+the wild Pokemon battle mode lock, it's not enough otherwise. I think it should be possible since I did see this in the past.

Edit - Just to note, it's CF90 in English Yellow.
Nice video! May you attach screenshots of the battles please? Then the sprites can be added to our wiki.

I took the front sprite ones, however, it seems like it only uses solid square on its first encounter, and then next encounters, it will do the 4 4 noise pixels with minor variations here and there each reset. Unfortunately, I don't know how to get around the devilish red glitch screen it has.

The (First Time) one will not show up if other glitch Pokemon shown up before Missingno.

v1.0 (First Time)

v1.0 (After reset or non-first encounters with minor variations)

v1.1 (First Time)

v1.1 (After reset or non-first encounters with minor variations)

And finally, Missingno.'s back sprite in v1.0.

You're welcome. Yes, Rev A is the v1.1 release and the ones without a revision label may be v1.0, you can check with an MD5 hash checking tool and the comparing them to the ones associated with the dumps listed here:

So, how do I make this process work exactly?  :-\

Usually it's quite easy and is just a matter of downloading an MD5 checker (there are fortunately open source/free ones), and opening the ROM (or any file you want to check) to automatically calculate the MD5 value. From there, check the value to the one in the "MD5" field under Dump source(s) in the links I posted above.

Here is a free one for Windows:

Hope this helps :)

Oh, you mean to check the ROM with the MD5 checker and compare it to the MD5 checksum value from the dumps.

I guess I would be using Red v1.0 instead.

Anyways, I made a video regarding v1.0 and v1.1 Missingno.
You're welcome. Yes, Rev A is the v1.1 release and the ones without a revision label may be v1.0, you can check with an MD5 hash checking tool and the comparing them to the ones associated with the dumps listed here:

So, how do I make this process work exactly?  :-\
The ROMs are more commonly referred to as Pocket Monsters Aka, Pocket Monsters Midori, Pocket Monsters Ao and Pocket Monsters Pikachu I think. Any luck with those names?

Yes, edgeemu being first on the search list, second for Pocket Monsters Pikachu. Thanks. I did think of searching "Japanese Pokemon Yellow"and "Pocket Monsters Yellow" But I never thought they would be named in Japanese form. Thank you. Although, Pocket Monsters Midori one said "Rev A" which means it could be v1.1 and not v1.0 because Missingno's back sprite crashes on v1.0, but v1.1 doesn't, so I tried different websites, but they were so uncooperative and I got no luck on that one.

BTW, is the "Official 1st Gen (Red/Blue and Yellow) Glitch Discussion" thread really that inactive? It says last post was September of last year.
I guess I have to find the ROM download for Red/Green somewhere else if that's the case. Not to mention the translation was done poorly. I think the text was the only thing that was changed, however it did crash the same way for $DD and $F5 compared to that Pokemon Green Glitch Trainers video, but for some reason, it seems less often for #250 front sprite and completely different result for #234 backsprite. I don't know, the person who made that video probably used VBA because I did hear some error sound a few times, so I guess it might have to do something with how volatile the sprites are in some emulators since in VBA I just tried for testing the sound bank freeze and the English Red/Blue #205 and #211 seem mostly constant, but corruption is the same, could that be due to VRAM inaccessibility? No wonder why it's suddenly more difficult to find an official sprite for those glitch Pokemon since it does vary depending on the timing, even with save states.

A bit off-topic, but:
Speaking of VBA, there is another thing I noticed in difference. The wave channel sounds quieter in VBA than in BGB, actual GBC, and 3DS Virtual Console. Listen carefully in TheZZAZZGlitch's Pokemon glitches and emulator accuracy video and you'll notice it, especially during the Cerulean City and Pokemon Center music. I can identify what emulator they are using just by that alone. It was more noticeable to me since I gotten so used to hearing the VBA volume thanks to currently long absence MissingnoXpert. At that time, I had no knowledge of emulator accuracy until I saw that video, and the first two videos I uploaded were recorded from VBA.

My next goal was to check on Japanese Yellow Glitch Pokemon and try to make a video of it since that GlitchoGaming did not, however, no matter how hard I tried to look for it, I can't seem to find it and people will say "no" of sending people their backup download of it due to rules. Which means unfortunately, I am left out and be unable to mess around and show off those glitch Pokemon myself unless one of you are kind enough to temporarily do it for me. I don't know how much different Japanese Blue's glitch Pokemon are though according to what I have seen, I might have to research on that again in case my memory was wrong.

Edit - I can't seem to find the Japanese Blue download either.
For Red/Green Missingno's (Regular form) back sprite. Instead of the crashing v1.0 and v1.1 one that glitches out the music and takes 12-13 seconds to show up, I got this which only took 2 seconds to show up and no sound bank freeze necessary.

It's named "Blood" in the translation which I find it a bit creepy, so I nicknamed it to MisNo.

Also, it turns out that Missingno. is 4 4 in Red/Green as well, while still containing its own palette and that devilish red glitch screen.

I seem to draw two things in mind from Pokemon Red/Blue and earlier. (Before Yellow)

In Red/Green to Red/Blue, the game instantly freezes when it finds out an invalid sound bank, while in all versions of Yellow, it crashes when a sound effect plays out in an invalid sound bank. I noticed it's the same for glitch/invalid trainers as well, but from the AI instead. In Red/Green to Red/Blue, it crashes after "wants to fight" only if the encounter trigger isn't coming from a trainer. However, in Yellow, it doesn't seem to be the case until the game allows it to use a move, but it can't, resulting a freeze. But the question is, why right after "wants to fight" sentence finally finishes? Since I know for certain that it's not caused by an invalid sound bank at all and I don't know what addresses cause that crash there, but what I do know, is that the AI's in the Daycare or Boxed Pokemon Data, and that's why it crashes when it tries to use a move instead of randomly trying to use Guard Spec. or Full Heal on the glitch Trainer's Pokemon if it does have status like Poison or Paralysis.
However, GlitchedPokemonStudent says he only tried it on an unofficial translation of the game, so effects may be different on the official Japanese versions.
Actually, I stumbled upon it by accident just after I started the game. Where I downloaded it, it made no mention to such a thing, so I just assumed it was a regular one. The moment I saw the save file screen, I just went "WTF?", but I decided to go along with it.

Anyway, about this glitch Pokemon.
This front sprite is pretty much the earliest 4 4. What's interesting though that it turns into a screwed-up Safari Zone battle with that same dark red screen effect, ever like "bait" or "rock" occurs every time I try to advance until it runs away, crashing the game as a result.

And a few things I experienced with #250 and #234 family in Red/Green.

It seems that the front sprite of #250 family doesn't always corrupt the sound bank value since sometimes it wouldn't do anything to the music. As for #234 family, the back sprite doesn't seem to act volatile. No matter how hard I try, it stays constant when I used Transform with Ditto because when I tried to catch it, the game lock-ups after the choice of giving the nickname. I wonder why it is in this video here that I think they did it by accident since what I got was completely different.
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