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Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: 96 ERROR.
« on: May 22, 2006, 12:57:12 am »
I tried getting 96 ERROR but instead of an error message there were glitch blocks filling up the screen and then I ended up in Glitch Pokemon Center. It does have interesting glitch blocks though. :P

I will be finding out if you can walk through the walls in this place.
Oh, okay. Thanks for seeing if it's a beta rom or not.  :)
There could be some cool glitches on there!  ;D
Okay.  ;)
Yes, I still have the rom. It's at this site: Scroll down to Make Oak Dissappear and there will be the rock lab screenshot.
Well, I once had a Pokemon Red ROM that had Professor Oak's lab as rocks and Pallet Town had a gym. But when I entered the gym I got teleported to the inside of my house. And when I walked out I couldn't go back in the house. The only way in was the gym. I deleted it, but I kept a backup of it. Today, I was on another site with a screenshot of Oak's lab full of rocks! So I thought that the game might be the beta version! Does anyone else think so too?
I found another variant of the Amazing Man Glitch, but it's the same place as the one on Cinnabar Island, and there's no man on the roof or anything. But you don't use surfing for it. Go into the lab, then out, then walk straight down, then when you reach the south shore, go right, then when you reach the east shore, go up, and when the gym stops you from walking any further, go right to trigger the "Door is locked" message. The man should be behind you. It looks like he is whispering the message to you. :P
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