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Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Abwayax where are you? :)
« on: September 03, 2007, 10:57:59 am »
Guy you sure post a lot and post often across these forums ;D. Dokokashira is the one you can read about if you click 'beat the game in 7 minutes' on the glitch page I linked above. Also here is a direct link to a YouTube vid. It's too bad this particular glitch only works on the Japanese red/green versions.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / modern glitches of 2006/2007
« on: September 02, 2007, 12:11:30 pm »
Hi! I am a former member of GCL's ancestor site, PPRL. I used to be quite a GameSharker but these days I haven't had time to follow the new generations of Pok?mon. I came to this site yesterday and would like to say wow, I am amazed it is still up and going. I saw some great resources such as the GlitchDex, Old Man trick name generator, and GlitchBattle that show the dedication and creativity of the site's authors.

I looked over the glitch resources for classic R/B/Y, and I did notice that it could use updating to include some of the modern glitches such as the dokokashira door glitch and complete walk-through-walls glitch. I scanned the forums, but i didn't see any mention of these there either. These are the kinds of glitches that were pushed out by speedrunners within the last year.

Most of these glitches are described in detail over at hanzou's site. (By the way, his site also still holds content mirrored from the old PPRL!) If you have BitTorrent, at TASvideos you can also download a full movie of tool-assisted play using these speed-oriented glitches. Interestingly, the Old Man trick, which is the origin of Abwayax's name, never gets used in that aforementioned video because it's too slow. On the other hand, the walk-through-walls trick is the main magic and that is after all a variation of glitch city, from which this site takes its name.

Speedrunners have been unable to push out substantial glitches in G/S/C, R/S/E, or D/P, and I see this site also lacks on substantial glitches for those games. I wonder if these games are programmed more solidly, or perhaps it's just too early.

I also have another question that some of you might be able to answer. I noticed there is a small spot on this page for the so-called  R/S/E Celebi Glitch. Back in the days when I wold cause havoc on Pok?mon forums by talking about GameSharkery, I posted on an odd forum dedicated to the possibility of a glitch for finding Celebi. I am definitely supporting of glitch research, but I disliked that site's amateur approach, where the site leader would discarded reason, make false claims (1 in 1 billion!), or claim he disassembled the ROM when he didn't even know what disassemble meant. These guys were also pushing their agenda on at the time. I was hoping to go back to that site years later and see how they are are fairing with their continued claims, but I am not sure if it still exists. Does anybody know what happened to these guys?

Anyway, I would love to hear from the community here, especially Abwayax. Nice to meet you all. :)
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