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Is that a new type of 'parfume' or cough medicine?
Out on the streets, that's where we'll meet...
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Live!  Now!  Not Later!  One-time-only!  Or-quite-possibly-more-times-only!  See ChronosTanph perform amazing feats of wonder!  Watch him sit at his computer!  Watch him delete junk e-mail!  Watch him listen to music!  Watch him post!  Watch him chat meaninglessly!  WATCH HIM TRY TO MAKE SENCE AND FAIL HORRIBLY!  Tickets are on sale now!  When?  Now, I say!  Going once!  Going twice!  We can't give these things away!

The Final Countdown

Well.  I just drooled on myself.  How great.  That's just FRICKIN' WONDERFUL!!  HOW MUCH FUN CAN ONE GUY HAVE?!?  WHY ME?!?  WHY?!?