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Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Hacking tutorial thread
« on: July 24, 2008, 12:40:59 pm »
I think I have a hacking team recruit anyways. I got him via youtube. He'll help me with my hacks if I help him with his! The perfect deal! I think it is about time I blew this pocicle stand! So, Later!

I can't believe how retarded I was in July. It makes me want to punch myself.
I've heard rumors of an advanced version of gold map. It is called Locke Yggdrasil.  If you know it exists please tell me where to get it. Oh yeah where can I find this Megamap at?
Goldmap is a very limited tool. If you want to do anything significant, you'll be forced to use a hex editor to actually get anywhere.

Oh yeah wanna bet watch this youtube video! I made it myself!


Do you still think that it is a limited tool?
Well I'm sorry but I'm so frustrated because I've had a horrible time with my Hacking. I mean you wouldn't believe how many dead ends I've come into. You have no idea that my hacks are meant to be visually stunning but I can't make them completely the way I want them. Worst of all, I may have to cancel my rom hacks altogether because I can't find anyone! I mean it's not like I won't do anything at all. I'm going to have to embed one of the hack videos on this site maybe someone out there who's holding back help will respond.

Please forgive me. I'm a little microphone shy. Please try not to laugh too hard okay? ^_^


Note: Embedding doesn't work, use the [ youtube][ /youtube] tags to post the video.

And your mom's illeagal. Seriously, this topic was made to talk about your frustration not help start more for me. If you're all going to be dumb asses and jerks about it, that makes you no better then the Sonic Hacking community. I've been wanting to create a rom hacking team but no one wants to join because they don't want to help Noobs like me. Now if you'll excuse me I need to find a cleanex because you all hurt my feelings. No seriously you did make me cry. *Sob* I'm not joking I mean it!
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Hacking tutorial thread
« on: July 22, 2008, 09:31:25 am »
What about generation 2 games. I need a tutorial for goldmap because I screwed something up big time. if you don't believe me watch my pokemon gold beta map restoration hack video on youtube. Oh yeah, safari zone is now accessable from fuschia and has a gatehouse and warp to go back to fuschia. My hack is available fro download on my website if you want to try it. I also restored Cinnibar to the way it was in red and blue. Blue appears on the top right hand corner of cinnibar lab's roof. It looks pretty funny too because when you talk to him he talks about the volcano erupting and wiping everything out but the island is still there buildings and all. However, only the pokemon center is accessable at this time because I don't know how to edit hex and People keep telling me Figure it out by yourself or give complicated directions I don't understand. I've been trying to assemble a hacking team with various members of the pokemon hacking community but no one wants to help. Doesn't anyone want to share the glory with me? I'll try and embed my video here in case anyone wants to take a look. I can't do it at the time of typing because I'm at summer school and youtube's blocked. Luckily it is my last day.
You Know I've been wandering how come some rom hacking utilities aren't ever completed. I know there are Hex editors but I'm horrible at Hex editing. For example The sonic hacking utility Sonik Sprite is Out of date and is the only Sonic sprite editor currently available (Not counting Sonik Sprite Remix which sucks because it only supports one game:Sonic the Hedgehog. They never think of us people who don't know how to Hex edit. Why is that you ask Because we are apparently not well favored in the sonic hacking community which is the reason why I left.(That and Sonic retro is very strict about people joining their website and only the best of the best are allowed but that's irrelavent to the conversation.) Sonik Sprite doesn't fully support any of the games in the way I want it to. For one (and this goes for many of the other graphics editing utilities including pallete editors.) it does not fully support sonic 3 and knuckles and no update attempts have been made either. Super Scourge in my hack turns blue after changing back to normal which is because the transform pallete needs to be edited but there are no pallete editors that support this for Sonic 3 and Knuckles (which happens to be my favorite game which is the reason why I want to edit it in the first place.

I made this topic so people like me could get rid of all that rom hacking tool frustration they have been having. so let it ou right now! Let the Whole ROM hacking world hear it!
The version of goldmap I have is confusing I'm trying to assemble a team to help with the programming aspects while I work on the map's layout. The Events won't appear on cinnibar it says events for this area are unavailable. and for wild pokemon data it says that there is no wild pokemon data in this area. How do I use the ini editor anyways?
I need some people to fix problems with the hack's programming and warp locations.

Stuff already done: Added Door to Safari Zone Entrance (so now it can be entered from Fuschia and fixed some of the glitchyness in tiles and collision.
But still, the Safari Zone should be bigger than it currently is. In other words it needs to be expanded. I also added a gatehouse but it does not work and looks weird. Wild pokemon data needs to also be implemented.

Changed Cinnibar Back to the way it was in Red and Blue just for the hell of it and because there are beta maps of Cinnibar Lab in the game programming. I need someone to change where Blue is located otherwise the game can't be completed. (He's now on the roof of pokemon Mansion)

Plans for other maps: Lake of Rage had a town in it at one time (located in the area near where the Wednsday brother gives you the Blackbelt item and where that wooden house is located.) I plan on restoring that also but have noticed that the tiles don't line up the same way in the picture. I think this might have something to do with the lake's size but am not sure.

I also have plans to do something with Eckreteak City.
as well as most of the other cities in the game.   

If anyone wants to help they are welcome to do so.
I don't know how to do this correctly. If anyone can figure out a way to do this for all the codes available let me know? If there is not a way then is there an emulator that supports GS SP codes completely? What is it called?

Update: never mind I figured it out on my own. however please feel free to post here as there are probably others who need help with this.
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: Best Glitch Pokemon
« on: June 30, 2008, 03:45:07 pm »
.4 and charizard 'M. .4 for its high HP and stats and defense stats and charizard 'M for his cool sideffect.
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