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General Discussion / Hey guys it's been a while
« on: December 15, 2014, 01:21:31 pm »
Not really an introduction thread. Most of you know who I am or at least have heard of me somewhere here I think. I've been away for a long time. Mostly because of my misbehavior in the IRC stuff. I won't go into details but those of you involved know who you are. I've spent most of my time thinking about it or doing other stuff with my time, like playing games. I want to apologize to Wa and everyone else I offended that day. Not asking to be unbanned from that channel, just apologizing because what I did was wrong and I should have watched what I said. So I hope you can forgive me for it. Like I said, I don't need to go into details and I won't because it will bring unneccessary drama to the boards. (I've got enough stuff going on anyway. I don't need to bring my problems here.) 

On a less serious note, it's good to come back. As Torchickens/ChickasaurusGL knows, I've been monitoring progress with glitches from his youtube channel. I want to say you guys have made a lot of progress and to keep up the good work. What I'd like to know is if there's anything I can do to help out. If someone can point me to what needs to be done, let me know. Personally, probably the best thing for me to do now is contribute to Project Casper if it's still active as I've been mostly examining glitches in other games. (pokemon is great and all but I honestly can't compete with people like Torchickens and other notable members of the community.)

So, hey everyone. 

Now that I have returned
The Dumpster Out Back / TCRF is evil
« on: May 12, 2014, 09:11:35 am »
Spreading the word here. The owner, BMF is corrupt and will ban anyone he doesn't like. 

I'll tell my story. Okay, over a year ago, I said something inappropriate to a female member of TCRF on the IRC. I apologized for it, she excepted it. However, I got banned from the IRC channel #tcrf. I didn't care though. I objected a little but pretty much said "f**k it, at least I can still continue my work on wiki articles". Anyway, there was an edit I made to the streets of Rage 3 page months before regarding something Sega Of America overlooked in their censorship. It involved jiggling breasts while walking on a certain pair of enemies and the underwear of  the female player character showing during flying kicks.

The post wasn't meant to offend or be creepy. Months later after the incident with the female member of TCRF on the IRC, I ended up banned from the entire wiki permanently all because of that stupid wiki edit. It wouldn't have been a big deal, but the edit was made months before the incident in the IRC leading me to believe it was more than that and BMF and Xkeeper just wanted to get rid of me.

You see, BMF found me annoying and found my obsession with editing articles for shitty games nobody gave a f**k about but me. Xkeeper was fine with me until the incident in the IRC. After that, he turned on me. I was banned from the wiki march of last year without even a warning. The edit was made months before the incident in IRC, and had it been a problem, I would have just as easily changed it then. But at the time, I figured it was okay and none of the admins said anything.  Hell had they came to me and said "Hey Glisp, Change this it's inappropriate" I would have complied without complaint.

But no, all because BMF didn't like me, he decided to make it an excuse to ban me. So a word of warning to anyone editing TCRF wiki: Don't get on BMF's bad side. He's a corrupt prick that thinks he's always right. I'm not the only one who is upset with BMF. I've talked to many others (whom I won't name to protect their accounts from being banned on the wiki in case BMF somehow sees this.) and they agree that I was discriminated against because BMF didn't like me. I'd go to Xkeeper to ask for an unban seeing as how it's been over a year now but I'm afraid to. Xkeeper said last year that if I ever talk to him in PM again on the IRC regarding the matter, he'd Z-line me from for good.

Bottom line: s**t that happens in IRC should STAY in IRC and not be dragged out to the respective site of said channel. Also, Glitterberri is a b***h and there's another new OP that's a fucking brat. (and I mean literally, from what others have told me, he's a fucking stupid kid) on their IRC. Both of them are horrible ops and don't take fairness into consideration when banning you from the channel.

As a result of this, I'm starting a silent campaign to get BMF to either unban me and others he's wrongfully banned from the wiki for his own personal dislike or have others side with me and get others to stop going to the wiki. (lack of site traffic will definitely make him realize that I'm not shitting around with him.)   What pisses me off isn't the fact I got banned itself, but because the articles I worked hard on to perfect are now just going to sit and rot... unfinished and incomplete.
So continuing where I left off. Here's some more bugs for you:

Tails outside of the Egg Carrier's Boundaries (infinite falling)

As the name implies, you can get Tails outside of the Egg Carrier boundaries. To do this, go to the Mystic ruins boat dock on the Egg Carrier. Now fly up toward the ship but do it towards an invisible wall near the top of the stairway that leads back up to the Egg Carrier. (All the stairway does is teleport you between the top and bottom of the stairs btw. You actually can fly back to where the top of them are.) If done correctly, it should push tails through the invisble wall allowing him to explore parts of the Egg Carrier he was never supposed to. If you jump down below, you can jump into a bottomless voice where you fall forever as there are no death zones here since Sonic Team never meant you to be able to get down this far.

E-102 outside of Egg Carrier Boundaries
Simply roll towards an invisible wall at the edge of the deck in rolling mode and you should end up falling through. Same rules apply as Tails. Going below means there are no death zones so E-102 Gamma will fall forever.

Knuckles in Sonic's Lost World
Go into the round room where there's sand and a large tower thingy. (just before the lighted path room and directly after the rock room in Sonic's level.) Climb to the top of the wall  a little bit right of the door leading to the giant rock room. Once at the top close to the ceiling, repeatedly press the glide button while still facing the wall (hold forward for this.) If done correctly, Knuckles should fly through the wall.

From here, you can either go to the giant rock room or to the end of Sonic's level with the capsule If you go to the capsule room, be aware that the game may load you in the abyss below the capsule room, killing you. If you go back the opposite way, the rock won't trigger so you can climb past it and get to the waterfall room.

In the waterfall room, climb the wall to enter the water slide area. Note that you should climb the wall here to avoid the trigger that activates the water slide. Once at the top of the water slide tunnel, glide out of it to avoid the trigger and land on the platform with the goal post. Eventually, you'll reach the room with mirrors. 

Instead of the Gora/Sol badnik, which is here in Sonic's level, there are Boa-Boa, the purple caterpiller badnik. This hints that Knuckles' lost world may have in fact been based off of an older version of Sonic's level. To get through doors, simply glide into them in a way that pushes you through them. After you go through them, they open.

Big the Cat's Lost Story Element?
To do this glitch, you have to be at the point in Big's story where he accesses Icecap. Once in the starting room, don't go to Icecap. Instead, grab the lifebelt upgrade in the room and instead head back to station square. Once there grab the hamburger statue and head for the docks. Now this could take a while so have some patience.

Position the Hamburger statue in a way that pushes Big the Cat through the invisible wall on the docks and into the water. If done correctly, you can now swim around in the ocean outside of Station Square's boundaries. However, this glitch doesn't stop here as you can access the ocean any time as big. Instead, head towards the hotel still swimming.

There's an invisible wall near the docks where the boat to Egg Carrier should be once you complete the game. Swim to the left to avoid it blocking your way. Swim behind the Hotel and once under the area that marks the hotel entrance, dive. however, don't dive too far because you'll die. If done correctly, you should be pushed into the entrance upon resurfacing.

Inside the Hotel, nobody will be present. Instead, there will be square objects on the floor. Pick one up and it will say "What is this?" in Japanese, regardless of language settings. If you place them where they are normally (next to the doors in these little square things.) The doors to the pool area will open and you can access Emerald Coast early. The game will continue normally until after you complete Hot Shelter and are transported to the past. In the past, you will be unable to get out because the story element needed won't trigger. Unlike Knuckles and Tails though, Big will appear greyed out in Trial mode making him unable to play in levels he normally can't get to.

Still more to come.
Video Games Discussion / Re: Xbox ONE
« on: June 16, 2013, 08:40:52 pm »
They replied to me lol: after they replied they called me a "sensationalist" I replied with taunting them about buying a PS4. Some people in #retro got a kick out of it. The Silver TH was Chris Highwind in #retro.

It's not the first time I've done something like this. I did something similar to Sega a couple years back when they C&D'd Streets of Rage Remake. That was on Facebook though.
Tails in Goin' Down and At Dawn (Speed Highway):
I've marked the section of the video where the glitch starts as the level starts up before actually performing said glitch. Basically, what you do is at the big ramp you see in the video fly at the highest point of when you're launched into the air. You will also need the Jet Anklet to boost your flying speed to make it. In Tails' version of the level, there's a sign hiding the entrance. You can fly through it as you see in the video. I should note that some versions of the PC version (if not all versions) can detect when a character other than Sonic tries to access Goin' Down and disables the warp. This includes Tails.

As for what to do once getting in, restart the level to disable the Eggman racing meter thing. Tails will fall down Goin' Down as he wasn't programmed to run down the side of the building. Once you reach the at dawn section, don't die. If you die, the level for some reason will repeatedly drop you to your death until you lose lives as you'll be placed just outside and below the starting spot.

Upon jumping on the egg capsule at the end, Eggman will exclaim "I WIN! BWAHAHAHAHA!" as if he won the race, so when this happens you'll restart at dawn and fall to your death anyway.

Knuckles in Twinkle Park:

To do this glitch, you need a way to access twinkle park. After beating each character's game you can pick up a pass to twinkle park for those characters that can access it during their story. (Tails, Knuckles, and E-102.) There's other ways to get in too if you don't want to wait until you beat the game. I'll get to those later.

Anyway as you can see in the video, position Knuckles correctly in the doorway you came in. have him climb up the left wall (your right as the player but Knuckles' left) and stay at the top of the door frame. Eventually the doors will automatically close, forcing you through the ceiling if done right knuckles can glide out and around to reach the warp to twinkle park. You'll have to be careful though as the camera won't go through the walls unless you glide too far and if you glide too far, there's a chance you'll miss the entry way and fall to your death. 

Once inside, you'll be falling into the abyss. You won't die here but you'll need to almost instantly start gliding toward the direction of your life icon. Now adjust the camera so it's behind knukles. Be sure to let go of the directional buttons to avoid turning knuckles with the camera but keep the glide button held down.

Eventually, you'll start seeing parts of the track above your head. It takes about a minute to reach a part of the track you can climb on. The area you want is just before the loop at the end.  Do not use the loop. It will screw up the camera badly. Also, avoid going under the track at any time as there are death zones here which will kill knuckles if he flies in them.

Now let's do a little backtracking. Climb up the side rail of the track from the part you landed on. Once at the top of the drop, stop climbing and continue. Each time one of these steep drops appears do the same thing. Eventually at some point you'll encounter a gap in the track Knuckles can't get to by jumping and gliding as it is too high above his head.

Now, you could stop here if you like however there is  a way to get up here. There are fans here with red orb things in the middle and rings rotating around them. have knuckles glide into these. They are strangely solid. Knuckles will be pushed up by the fans' collision. Once he reaches the top of the first fan, glide over to the other one and do the same. Eventually you should have enough height to fly over to the track that was just above you as you'll now be above it. Then continue on.

Note:The 2004 PC version lacks the fans these due to them being absent from the set files. However, in the post above I have supplied a download link to the gamecube set files in the first post (the link is at the bottom of the post) which you can replace the ones in the PC version with as they have more objects anyway. 

Once you reach the bumper car hub at the beginning of the level, stop just before that first set of dash pads. If you attempt to jump over them, the camera will mess up. Don't even bother trying to get into the hub, it's a waste of time and lives and the camera still screws up anyway.

Now traverse back down from this point of the level. Once you reach the loops close to the end, glide over them. Do not attempt to use them because as I mentioned earlier the camera messes up.  At the end of the level, stop at the point where you jump down the hole to Pleasure Castle. If you just jump down you'll fall to your death upon arriving in Pleasure castle. Instead, grab onto the hole's wall and climb down. When the level warp executes, you'll be clinging to a wall rather than flying. Climb up and you'll pop out of the wall and into the middle of the level.

Find a checkpoint as soon as possible otherwise if you die here you'll fall to your death. If you die, (regardless if a checkpoint is touched or not)  the music stops playing for some strange reason on occasions. Knuckles can glide to places Sonic and Amy couldn't normally reach. Including the giant pirate ship thing above the pool which is partially solid strangely enough.

Avoid the bowling areas at all costs. If Knuckles attempts to use one, the device will never launch him and he will be stuck in a spinning position forever. The game may occasionally freeze for no reason after Knuckles dies and restarts from a checkpoint but it hardly ever happens and it usually only seems to be an issue on the GC version.

Knuckles can complete the level simply by jumping on the Egg Capsule normally used by Sonic. Just have him jump on this and the level ends. Knuckles will exclaim "Found it!" like he does normally after beating his regular levels. This time though what he found wasn't a master emerald shard, but a capsule.

 Tails in Twinkle Park:

The requirements for him are the same as Knuckles pretty much. Have the cart pass to access Twinkle Park or use a glitch to get there if you want to access it before beating Tails' game. If you can't find the Cart pass after beating Tails' game, then you're blind as it is in a pretty obvious spot next to the garage where you enter speed highway laying in the grass floating a few inches off the ground.

As for getting in, here's what you do:
use the same doors you used as Knuckles to push yourself through the ceiling. Do this with tails flying. He'll be pushed through the ceiling fly over to behind the entrance of Twinkle Park and the warp will activate.

Unfortunately, this isn't as cool as it sounds as Tails cannot reach the track because he tires too quickly. The only way to get there is by using a game enhancer (GC) or cheat engine (if you're using the PC versions)   to either moonjump or enable infinite fly for tails.  If you get there, it's nearly the same scenario as knuckles. Avoid things that screw up the camera and be careful going to pleasure castle. The only difference is that Tails has a bit more ascend than Knuckles allowing him to get to higher places faster but since he tires out quickly, this is only good for short distances. You also replace instances of Gliding and climbing with fly as well.

Kill Chaos 6 faster (both Sonic and Knuckles):

This may not be a glitch but it's certainly abnormal. Freeze Chaos and use light attack to attack him while frozen if you are sonic. If you are knuckles, Freeze him and then do "Heat Knuckles Attack" (requires the optional upgrade called "Fighting gloves") both of these attacks are capable of dealing twice the normal damage to Chaos 6 resulting in him taking two hits rather than just one, thus only taking two attempts to damage rather than the normal 4.

Eggman's Delayed Destruction:

First, beat the game as Sonic. Next go to subgame and select sonic in Trial mode. After this select boss to do the boss time attack. During Sonic's fight with Egg Hornet, charge up Light attack and let it loose. Eggman will take all three hits from one attack. However, his Egg Hornet won't bust apart until about the 40 second marker, regardless of how fast you deliver all three hits. This can also happen if you press homing attack very quickly and repeatedly while egg hornet is burrowing in the ground but it is harder to pull off. (the homing attack variation can be used in story mode as he starts out with homing attack from the beginning.) 

More glitches later on.
What this is, is a thread to document various glitches in Sonic Adventure DX. For those of you who don't know, Sonic Adventure DX was released for the Nintendo Gamecube in 2003 then again for PC in 2004. Then in 2012, it was released again for PC, XBOX 360, and PS3 as downloadable but advertized as a port of the original dreamcast version (which it wasn't, minus not having the extra non-model related DX content which was meant as DLC.)

Sonic Adventure DX is actually heavily criticized. It was a messy port of a great Dreamcast game and recieved worse reviews than the original. For some reason, the game was made glitchier than the original. While some glitches were fixed, others were added for some strange reason. Many of them related to making a statue outside of the Hamburger store in Station Square solid, allowing it to push players through invisible walls.

This thread will be a collection of content and hopefully screenshots and videos of some glitches. I don't have the 2012 PC port and probably won't get it as I already own the 2004 one. If you have it though, please do confirm if any of the glitches that will be posted here work. I hope to eventually put this stuff up on the wiki.

I want to also note that some glitches won't work on the 2004 PC version as it apparently had some bug fixes. There are also missing objects in the PC version which can also prohibit proper use of glitches. (you can get the gamecube set files on MainMemory's website if you want them, which will restore the missing objects. I'll post a link at the bottom of the post if you want them.)

Now for glitches:

Tails in Emerald Coast:

This glitch is pretty easy to do in the gamecube version. There's also technically alternate methods to doing this as well.  This particular method was fixed partially in the 2004 PC port. You can still use this method but you'll need the Hamburger  shop statue from the city hall area of Station Square. Tails cannot complete Emerald Coast.  Turns out the glitch still works in the PC version without the statue.

In Windy and Ripply, he seemingly falls to his death transported out of bounds. A single spring sits out here by the way seemingly having no purpose since you couldn't make the jump if you tried.

However, unlike other characters, as soon as Tails reaches this part of the level the game warps him back to station square. This is because the game thinks the cutscene involving him being rescued by Sonic has been triggered and thus sends him back to Station Square.

Knuckles in Emerald Coast:
This glitch requires the Hamburger statue mentioned above. You'll see this in the video. You basically use it to push knuckles through the barrier. Like before, entering Windy and Ripply doesn't work right and you end up warping into the abyss outside of the level. This happens because the game has no starting point data for characters other than Sonic.

Unlike Tails, you die. On your next life you spawn bouncing on the spring floating here and forced to look on as the real level taunts you from a distance, just too far away to glide to. The only way out is to exit the level, reset the game, or lose all your lives.

Amy Rose in Emerald Coast:

The method in the video above requires hammer jump. There's also the hamburger statue method described above for Knuckles which works as well. The part of the level with the whale is a little tricky to get past. If you stop at the right place, you can hammer jump over the trigger to activate the whale and thus get to windy and ripply. This is the only way to get past the whale. (it's shown in the video)

Speed Overwrite Glitch:

To do this, simply jump on a speed up item while another speed up item is active. This will allow you to permanently keep your previous speed increase. This happens because the game stores your old speed in another spot of the code. When the speed shoe ends, it loads the previous speed value. However, you can take advantage of this in the game by getting a speed shoe after having one active at the same time. It writes the speed of the first speed shoe into that same spot of code, overwriting your original speed.

Thus, you can retain this speed throughout the level. This works in Sonic Adventure 2 as well but is more abusable in Sonic adventure 1/DX.  The best place to do this would be the first part of Speed Highway as Sonic as there are three speed shoes in this entire level and you can potentially reach the others before time runs out on the previous one.


Tails in Casinopolis Early Glitch:
Do the glitch to get tails into Emerald coast but don't head for emerald coast. instead head towards the casino area warp of the hotel by flying to it. Be careful not to fall. Once there, you can proceed to Casinopolis. Beat the level and you'll be stuck in the casino area forever. You'll need to start a new save if you want to play through the game properly as Tails. Go to trial mode and you'll see that Tails is selectable. However, he'll either go to the first level of the last character viewed or played as last. Tails will go to their first level. Generally, this will result in Tails falling to his death instantly (at least when the last character was Big the cat or Amy anyway as Twinkle Park is kinda buggy in this regard.) When E-102 Gamma was the last character, Tails will be able to play the third part of Final Egg. It will use Sonic's layout however. Note that you'll need to complete the first level of the respective character in story mode to be able to access them in trial mode.

Likewise, if sonic is the last character, Tails will be able to enter Emerald Coast. Choosing tails will allow him to play his proper first level. (he'll still be stuck though technically as the story was broken)

Choosing Tails again after beating any level or losing all your lives without looking at another character will result in him being sent into the Hedgehog Hammer subgame as it's the first map listed internally (Stage00) You can't play Hedgehog hammer and the room is closed off so this level has no point. It's not the actual room on the egg carrier, but a duplicate instead. Unlike most other levels characters can't access normally, Tails can actually complete Final Egg.

Knuckles In Casinopolis Early:
Similar to the above. Completing it before completing speed highway will break the story and cause Knuckles to be stranded in the past forever. Like before, you can also use this to get knuckles into levels he shouldn't be in. Including Windy Valley three if tails was the last character looked at. You can also get Knuckles into Final Egg 3 as well doing this and he can explore it more since he can climb walls. Unlike most other levels characters can't normally access, Knuckles can complete Windy Valley and Final Egg.

What you've saw so far is only the tip of the iceberg my friends. There are a lot more glitches to cover in this game. Right now though, I'm sleepy. Also, as promised, here's those  gamecube set files for you pc version players:

Credit to MainMemory for taking the time to get these for PC players to use.
Video Games Discussion / Re: Xbox ONE
« on: June 15, 2013, 11:54:37 pm »
I told them on Twitter:
"Hey Xbox do us a favor and take your terms of use and shove them as far as possible up your ass. You money hungry bastards."

I don't care about my Twitter account anyway. I hardly use it lol.
Video Games Discussion / Re: Xbox ONE
« on: June 15, 2013, 11:43:44 pm »
If I get one for my birthday or christmas in the following years, I'll probably destory it with my wedge hammer and record a video of it just to show what I think of Microsoft.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Sonic Adventure Autodemo
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:49:26 pm »
Yes they are. 

Also, that PsychoJason guy has more autodemo videos:

Emerald Coast as Sonic:
Also ignore the water thing where it looks like the water level's rising. It's an issue with the emulator he's using and not actually part of the game.

Final Egg as Sonic:
Features a duck enemy that was dropped from the final. presumably it doesn't have textures due to the auto demo's clusterfuck assets. It throws smaller ducks at you.

Speed Highway: At Dawn

The stage features different objects and textures and some layout differences from the final. Many of which which are seen in old pre-release scans.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: Sonic Adventure Autodemo
« on: June 14, 2013, 10:20:59 pm »
Oh hey, it's a Glisp. Welcome back.

I laughed way too hard at the Chao Shredder. And at Amy crashing for every single reason, I guess that makes her completely useless (just like in the released version of the game. Zing!). And at the robot humping the tree.

So, some questions out of bored curiosity: Did the game freeze when the player went through the elevator void, or just fell for eternity? And what do the numbers mean from when the robot picked up the Chao?

Okay for your first question:
Eternal falling. Yeah, you just keep falling. It happens in the final as well if you manage to some how get out of the stages' death zones, this includes Chao Gardens. I'm guessing in the autodemo, the level doesn't have any.

As for the second question:
E-102 Gamma's lock on system was locking on things it shouldn't. The numbers indicate how many targets he's locked on at once just like in the final. It seems his lock on system is a little buggy in the autodemo when dealing with Chao. In the final, it doesn't even bother to lock onto them or the little animals.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Sonic Adventure Autodemo
« on: June 14, 2013, 06:21:11 pm »
So a guy named Orengefox on Sonic Retro managed to obtain a Sonic Adventure prototype of sorts. It's an autodemo. As the name suggests it runs demos and normally, that's all it can do. However, now it's possible to use cheat engine codes to gain control and access the other levels.

Many of the levels don't work due to missing textures or other things. One of the levels that's contained on the disc is surprisingly an untextured version of prototype windy valley. For those of you who don't know, Windy Valley was changed into its current iteration sometime in development. Originally, it looked much different. There was also a Chao Garden that used similar textures and things. It's on this disc too untextured. It was also discovered that this Chao garden is nothing more than a section of prototype windy valley that was copy pasted into its own level file.  The disc also contains 3 test levels. There's many other treats as well. You can read more about it on the forums in the General sonic discussion section. I'm not sure if I'm allowed to post a link to the topic or not due to the ROM image/ISO being in the topic. if I am, I'll post it

One of the more hilarious other aspects of the game is the "Chao Shredder" It's the Dreamcast Chao Transporter but it doesn't have transporting features implemented. The Station Square Chao Garden is fully playable and Chao behavior is kinda different.

You can see that stuff here:
As for me, I'm currently in the process of porting over the prototype version of Icecap to Sonic Adventure DX PC. MainMemory has been helping me as well. 
Forum Announcements / Re: Name Changes
« on: June 14, 2013, 06:07:05 pm »
Dark Eternal Champion -> Glisp
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: September 28, 2012, 12:52:11 pm »
It's still September though... =/
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: September 28, 2012, 10:57:11 am »
I don't know what Voldernauts are but you didn't answer my question. Of course, thanks to CJ Miller, whom is pissed you kicked him out for whatever reason told me where the channel was.
General Discussion / Re: The Member's Guide to Topiclessness
« on: September 21, 2012, 12:25:28 am »
Do we have an IRC channel anymore? The old infinitybar and crap no longer are active (either that or they're closed down.)
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