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Hi, I finally remembered to record two sirviving savestates demonstrating glitches (technically, I have a third one, but it just has me stuck in a pokecentre, unable to move from the place, only rotate...doubt it is interesting).
Both of these are a result of select button switches again and again.
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« Last post by Bert on Today at 03:32:43 pm »
needs more oldbies


This title is granted to those who were on Glitch City Laboratories' previous incarnations at or before 2005.

Lmao the only oldbies who are even active anymore are admins and mods.

Make me one for shits and giggles.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Arbitrary Code for Hidden Power DVs
« Last post by Miku on Today at 11:17:08 am »
Hi everyone,

This is my first message here. Not my first time, as I've known and occasionally read this forum since RBY were released on VC a little over two years ago.

I know how to use the w sm glitch item in Yellow. I've used it countless times to obtain max DV Pokémon, to clone items and to change Mew's OT/ID information to GF/22796, which is the event Mew that was distributed a couple years ago.

However, I've done all those code executions following instructions made by others. I don't understand what the items correspond to in terms of code etc. I assume that there are a lot of folks here that know how specific arbitrary code is created, so could some one please generate a code / item list for Yellow's w sm item that would be similar to the max DV code?

The video I used as my guide was this:

So basically I assume the setup would be exactly the same as it is in that video, but the item list would be different. Also, it would be awesome if the code only changes the DVs and does not max out stat experience. (I really don't like soft-resetting e.g. Zapdos for a week or so just to get a Hidden Power spread, but I wouldn't mind training one legitimately.) If it isn't possible to generate a code that doesn't max out stat experience, it's fine, but I would just prefer it to just affect the DVs.

I'm looking for the following DV spreads:

7 / 14 / 13 / 15 / 15 (Hidden Power Water)
15 / 15 / 13 / 15 / 15 (Hidden Power Ice)
7 / 14 / 15 / 15 / 15 (Hidden Power Electric)
3 / 14 / 14 / 15 / 15 (Hidden Power Grass)

The Hidden Power spreads are mainly for the Kanto's legendary birds, as I would like to use them in Crystal's Battle Tower.
This is another nice non-freezing glitch map in English Gold/Silver.

By sheer coincidence as well, you may be placed on tile above a Surf tile when you get there. You can use a rod in this spot and encounter Pokémon over Level 200 (Umbreon and Hypno), Bulbasaur, ????? and possibly more Pokémon as well.

To access this glitch map, go to Cherrygrove City Pokémon Center (important, other Pokémon Centers can freeze) and enter GameShark codes 01DA00DA, 010001DA. You will be placed in the glitch map.

Now face the tile one tile below you and use a rod to get Pokémon.

I haven't explored this area with walk through walls yet though, which might be interesting.

This is like a map hibiki ganaha found with wild Celebi.

The map plays the Vermilion City music and is at a glitched location in Kanto on Pokégear map.


More finds!

Good Rod:
Jigglypuff, Corsola, Staryu

Old Rod:
????? (FF), Ho-Oh, Jolteon

Also try saving and resetting. I've had different effects happen depending on where you were standing including non-freezes.
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Re: Custom maps?
« Last post by Princess Torchic ❤ on Today at 06:12:33 am »
Bank IDs wrap around.

Ah OK. Thanks :)
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« Last post by Sasara on Today at 05:05:27 am »
needs more oldbies
Something nice for y'all. Complete your pokedex (251 seen, 251 caught, and no glitched entries etc)

   item 3: X accuracy x 227
   item 4: TM28 x 6
   item 5: Ether x 62
   item 6: master ball x 61
   item 7: Dire hit x 189
   item 8: TM11 x 61
   item 9: TM23 x 119
   item 10: X special x 20
   item 11: pokeball x 184
   item 12: TM04 x 35
   item 13: TM23 x 46
   item 14: Brightpowder x54
   item 15: poke ball x 52
   item 16: X speed x 46
   item 17: Metal Powder x 54
   item 18: poke ball x 52
   item 19: X speed x 201
   item 20: nugget x 195
   item 21: Max revive x 214

Code: [Select]

ld hl,dbe3
ld b,3f
ld a,01
dec a
inc l
cp l
jp z,d63d
ld (hl),a
dec (hl)
inc d
dec b
cp b
jp nz,d623
ld l,03
ld (hl),05
inc (hl)
inc (hl)
ld l,23
ld (hl),05
inc (hl)
inc (hl)
;increase h if l rolls over (first conditional jump)
inc h
jp d628
add 1 to id of item 1 (early game viable version)
Uses stored items starting from stored item 3. Requires Quagsire with Sleep talk as first move and holding protein.

Item 3: poke ball x 38
Item 4: TM 23 x 04
Item 5: Fresh Water x 23
Item 6: X speed x 04
Item 7: TM10 x any

Code: [Select]
dec b
ld h,d6
inc b
ld l,17
inc (hl), inc b

lots of filler but this way you don't require anything you can't easily get early game (use torchicken's get all tms and hms code, or the modified 255x version, first for the tms).

The best thing about this is it's easy to change to decrement, or to change to item 1 quantity. To make it decrement boxed item 1's id by 1, change x speed to x special. To make it increment item 1 quantity, make it Fresh Water x 24. To make it decrement item 1's quantity, do both. Note you can use this to get pretty much any item setup you will need, ever (withdraw all but 1 of item in slow 1, decrement twice, withdraw all but amount you need) However, I'd use it to get certain things and then do a more efficient setup once you had what you  needed for said more efficient setup.

For example:

Write to any byte in memory by Wack0, ported by Azarokkusu

Same Quagsire setup here.

Item 3: Full Heal x XX ; XX = higher byte of address you're going to write to
Item 4: Fresh Water x XX ; XX = lower byte of address you're going to write to
Item 5: PP up x XX ; XX is value you want to write
Item 6: Focus Band x 201

Code: [Select]
ld h,xx
ld l,xx
ld a,xx
ld (hl),a

You could do 1 less item with coin case x (value you want to write) but then you can't see what that value is because key items.

Here's a sprawling code to set the quantity of all your items in your items and balls pockets to 0 AND all your hms and tms to a quantity of 255. Note you can't have 0 of a tm in your tm pocket or it doesn't show up, but you CAN have 0 of a tm in your box. This is due to it storing inventory TMs only as quantities, but box items as ID and quantity. Also, getting ? (id $0) is incredibly easy if you already underflowed your ball pocket, but is also doable with the above code.

Same Quagsire setup again

   item 3: X accuracy x 183
   item 4: TM22 x 6
   item 5: repel x 62
   item 6: master ball x 61
   item 7: dire hit x 44
   item 8: ? x 119
   item 9:poke ball x 184
   item 10: TM04 x 35
   item 11: TM23 x 0
   item 12: X accuracy x 252
   item 13: TM 22 x 6
   item 14: Awakening x 184
   item 15: dire hit x 44
   item 16: ? x 119
   item 17:poke ball x 184    
   item 18: TM04 x 51
   item 19: TM23 x 0
   item 20: X accuracy x 125
   item 21: TM 22 x 6
   item 22: X special x 4
   item 23: great ball x 04
   item 24: great ball x 184
   item 25: dire hit x 119
   item 26: X special x 5
   item 27: ? x 184
   item 28: TM04 x 71
   item 29: tm23 x 201

Note the tm04s here are the normal one ($c2), not the one that does nothing ($c3).

Code: [Select]
ld hl,d5b7
ld b,14
ld a,01
dec a
inc l
inc l
ld (hl),a
dec b
cp b
jp nz,d623
ld hl,d5fc
ld b,0c
cp b
inc l
inc l
ld (hl),a
dec b
cp b
jp nz,d633
ld hl,d57d
ld b,35
inc b
inc b
inc b
inc b
cp b
inc l
ld (hl),a
dec (hl)
dec b
cp b
jp nz,d647

The nops can be replaced with inc d, dec c etc etc (since we don't use c, d etc) but I used nop simply because 1 it's easy to get high amounts of ? and 2. I wasn't sure if I'd have to re-write the number of items in each inventory since I had a problem with that earlier where it wrote FF to the bytes you initially set hl to in each setup phase. However that problem is gone now.
I'll hit up C2 tomorrow, but it's most likely the same as C1's issues.
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