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I Was cloning pokemon in the crystal virtual consol and ended up getting a bad clone that turned into a kingdra. I ended up withdrawing it and putting it in the day care to stabilize it, but when i checked my boxes I found that my box 1 said it had 0 pokemon in it when it actually had 20. I withdrew a pokemon from it and then all the pokemon ended up disappearing. A glitched symbol appeared where it says how many pokemon are in the box. I filled the box with pokemon and they would glitch out (the names of the pokemon becoming my characters name, and getting shorter by one letter every time i added an extra pokemon). I kept filling the box with pokemon, thinking it might fix itself once its full again. However, after filling it up with pokemon, it is still glitched. Nothing shows up in the box when i look inside it, but it still has the glitched symbol where it says how many pokemon are in the box. also when i try putting pokemon in it, it restarts the game in gameboy mode for some reason.

The point is, i was wondering if there is any way to reset the box to having 0 pokemon it it, as i can't seem to find a way to fix this.

EDIT: would it be possible to possibly reset the box with ACE? Like maybe set all the values to 00 to completely empty it/reset it? Or is it more complicated than that? If there is a way to possibly undo it with ACE that would be good to know, as then I can continue to play through the game till I can perform the ACE needed to fix it.
I just did walk through walls past the guard and beat the gym.
Before this happened I saved a save state, so I was able to save the game normally.
Judging from the save this looks to be from a randomized ROM which could change some things as well, so the more details the better we can determine how it happened exactly.
Yep. I want a repro method, because only a save isn't useful.
I have uploaded a video on this, mostly bad egg, but got a few cool things.
Would the codes listed here work for Crystal? Or would they need to be rewritten?
I think he is asking what steps you took in order to get this save? Did you do anything special or did it just occur during normal gameplay?
Hey, So I am working on setting up ACE in crystal, but it doesn't seem like there are a lot of codes for crystal at the moment. There are 2 codes I liked to use in GS that were really helpful: One that maxes out Stat Exp and DVs, and another that made pokemon shiny. I was wondering If someone could help make some codes that would do the same thing in crystal. the codes i used are as follows:

Ideally I'd like a Box name/Item code that would let me max out the stat exp for each stat while also changing the ivs to whatever i'd like. However a crystal version of the 2 codes I linked would also be very helpful as well. I don't know much about gen 1 or 2 ACE, or coding for that matter, so I can't write the code myself atm. Any help with either coming up with a new code or translating these codes would be very much appreciated!
I just saved by myself. I made a save state before this even occured and saved my game.
I didn't know it would end like that.
Assuming that's ACE, how did you obtain this save ?
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