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I tried to access color test mode in JPN version (not EN).
But I can't understand  how to access this debug, does anyone know the way?

I would be grateful if you could give detailed instructions.
Thank you.
Whenever I’ve had a DS cartridge that the console doesn’t detect, I’ve found that cleaning the cartridge contacts using a cotton swab dipped in isopropyl alcohol fixes it.

I’m sorry to hear that your mother doesn’t respect your possessions.
(Excuse any poor English, it isn't my mother tongue, and i am also autistic. please try to be polite)
I have a 3DS XL console and (previously) also all three non remake gen 4 games. They wouldn't register as cartridges to the console and I am scared that my console has a problem. I didn't know where to turn except here (I am a massive fan!) and i wish to know how to fix this. They simply show up as the cartridge slot being empty. I do not have a copy of HG/SS to try, nor do I have a regular DS to attempt this on. My mother (I am a teenager not a basement dweller) has already thrown them away in a blind rage, so i wish to know if it would've been possible for these to be fixed or worth buying new ones. Thank you.
I'm coming back to this after some time. I was wandering if it is possible to make a code that would reset progress in-game. I already made my own codes to rebattle gyms (and the trainers that are in the gyms) because I had gamesharks codes to work with from the start, but I was thinking more of a way to simply reset trainer flags so that you can battle them again. I have a pretty old savefile that I don't want to erase, so that plus resetting gyms would basically make the game completely replayable ( I don't really care about event-linked trainers such as rocket hideout and lavander tower ones). Does someone have a clue?
It works and it didn't seem to glitch AFAIK.

I made a small chart to summarize what I understood. Basically, each bit of the byte translates as such:
I don’t think bits 4 and 5 are used for anything. So if you want all the other values to be 0, you could keep 16, 32, or 48 of the item.
Hi !

I'm new here. I've lurked online trying different things with the VC Pokemon Red version, and I stumbled here many times since. Confinement gives me plenty of time to geek around. :)

I'm currently playing around with the «[texture]J.        x[weird triangle]9» (see attachment) to try and toss the right amount to keep both "0 frame per character" *and* Battle Animations. So far, I've only managed to glitch screen "brightness", get it real dark, inverted, very pale, etc. I froze the game many times, and it's been hilarious, but it's not functional.

Does anyone understand this and could explain of I can find out how to toss the right amount?


On this page (, I understand part of the functioning, but it seems to be missing bits #4-5-6, no?

Item 28 quantity   wOptions   D355   D354   The options visible in the Options menu.

Bits 0-3 correspond to text speed, with their value amounting to the amount of frames between each character printed to the screen; 5 corresponds to the "Slow" option, 3 to the "Medium" option, and 1 to the "Fast" option. Bit 6 corresponds to the Battle Style: it is 0 when the style is set to Shift, and 1 when set to Set. Bit 7 corresponds to Battle Animations; however, it is 0 when Battle Animations are on, and 1 when they are off.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Re: RNG Plays Pokemon
« Last post by J92R on May 19, 2020, 08:30:23 am »
So, I know its been a while, but any word on this? I unfortunately lost the hacked RNG rom because my phone broke, so been trying to implement this into the game, but now I don't have the gameshark code to activate it. Mind you, I don't know squat about disassembly, so if anyone has a patch for this, I'd greatly appreciate it, since hex editing Crystal_'s code in, doesn't actually do anything.
$74 ("Pokedex Entries 193-251") Following that is $CD, which is beyond the end of the ROM so I'm unsure how that works, but apparently there is a design flaw in the code anyway.
Looking at the code, it seems like $74 is actually for 193-256. The $CD could never be read due to this instruction:

(it's actually just an "and $03" which can never result in $04, which would be needed for the $CD to be used)

Also, even if $CD could be reached, it would just result in standard invalid bank switch behavior, the upper bit being ignored so it bank switches to $4D.
General Discussion / Re: The dream thread
« Last post by Bert on May 18, 2020, 05:45:23 pm »
Earlier this week I dreamed I was playing Sanic Adventure 2: Battle. I was fighting the Biolizard. After defeating it, it used the Chaos Emeralds to enter its super state. Its body became more brachiosaurus-like, and the Eclipse Cannon, instead of being rammed up its ass, instead connected to its life support system's power source. This allowed it to shoot laser beams from its mouth instead of thin air. Then Super Sanic and Super Edgehog killed him.

Speaking of things that didn't kill themselves, I also had a dream I was in my final year of high school and Jeffrey Epstein was my math teacher. He ranted about common core and then took everyone on a field trip to the moon.
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