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Forum Discussion / Re: Hi I'm new
« Last post by Jchu on Yesterday at 06:09:46 pm »
Hi Jack :) Glad you joined! Maybe you'll make this place more fun for me again, lol.
Wrong thread, sorry.
Arbitrary Code Execution Discussion / Safe code for ace
« Last post by DocB on Yesterday at 04:51:22 pm »
What kind of instruction can be used just like a nop in an ace with the ws m?
Tere are some register that you can edit without any impact? There are some instructions that do nothing?
I noticed that
Code: [Select]
inc e could be pretty harmless but I didn't test it properly...
What about
Code: [Select]
ld b,b ?

Any help?
Forum Discussion / Hi I'm new
« Last post by Jackster on Yesterday at 04:03:35 pm »
Hi, I just joined.

I came here from The Secret Pikachu Hangout.

I like Pearlshipping and Dawn a lot. I even have my own forum dedicated to her:

I look forward to making friends here and posting with you all.
Weird, because i'm pretty sure i did everything right with the starting position, it does have some 50's at the end of the zone unless i missed something

Also i did change the first item in the bag to a ball in case it happens again, and there's quite a lot of boxes i never used in my game, however i don't really get what you're saying about my party, are you saying i should deposit all pokemons besides my Ditto and the pokemon with Fly ?

EDIT: Just realized the 50's are probably too low, hm... the thing is, i was trying to have a 45 as the pokemon species in order to have a MissingNo, since encountering him in french versions will freeze the game
Thank you dude, that's awesome
If someone like me already set the box in the slowpokesetup and play in the Eu non english version you just have to switch
Code: [Select]
Growlithe [0xDA87 = 0x21] with
Code: [Select]
kadabra [0xDA87 = 0x26]
If you need a disassembler (and a proper emulator), use BGB.
Opcode 0xE9 is `jp hl`, as per the most recent spec. `jp [hl]` is and old syntax, and `ld pc, hl` is another way to write it... but it's really stupid.

As for the offset, that's a specificity of EU versions, which have a +5 offset everywhere. Please refer to this post on our wiki for a EU-compatible box setup.

Thank you for the reply, I followed that bootstrap before post my question but i wrongly didn't put a 10th pokemon in the box so... :-[
Now it work pretty well but it's a pretty unconfortable setup in the 3Ds for me, there is a way to edit the slowbre setup to jump to 0xD326 (i don't know if this bootstrap do actually this because the disassmler hasn't debug function so no interrupt function...)
If you are using my sequential byte writer to write this you will need all the values as decimal, so I provided that here:
Another writer for writing consecutive bytes! Based off of Wack0's write to any byte code. This is for people like me who have trouble keeping track of their map coordinates (for the old coordinate based memory writer) or step count (for the newer step counter based memory writer) when writing a memory editor in. Here, you can see exactly what you are writing and the addresses you are writing to (ZZYY or, number of Carbos in slot 5, number of X Accuracy in slot 4) Only problem is that you can't increase the high byte automatically so you would still have to do so manually (I'd say it could be modified to automatically detect when to increase the high byte, but I haven't gotten around to it and it might require more items than we can hold normally meaning we'd have to underflow) however this doesn't matter if you're writing less than 256 bytes (eg writing either version of theZZAZZglitch's memory editor)

from slot 3

lemonade x XX
X accuracy x YY
Carbos x ZZ
pokeball x 119
Burn heal x 125
Fresh water x 234
Iron x 211
Lemonade x 0
TM34 x 35
TM 11 x 201

Code: [Select]
;write XX to ZZYY

ld a, XX ;lemonade x XX (amount writing). bytes: 3E XX
ld l, YY ;X Accuracy x YY (low byte of address). Bytes: 2E YY
ld h, ZZ ;Carbos x ZZ (high byte of address) Bytes: 26 ZZ
inc b  ; pokeball (padding) Bytes: 04
ld (hl), a ; quantity of pokeballs (119) Bytes: 77
inc c ; burn heal (padding) Bytes: 0C

;inc quantity of item 4 by 1, thus increasing the low byte to the next one in sequence
ld a,l ;quantity of burn heal (125) bytes: 7D
inc a ; fresh water bytes: 3C
ld ($d325),a ; quantity of fresh water (234), Iron x 211 bytes: EA 25 D3

;set quantity of item 3 to 0 to allow to get any amount!
ld a, 00 ; lemonade x 00 bytes: 3E 00
ld ($d323),a ;TM34 x 35, TM11. bytes: EA 23 D3
ret ; TM11 quantity (201) bytes: c9

Bytes (if you want to write them using a memory editor, say, in bgb)

3E xx 2e yy 26 zz 04 77 0c 7d 3c ea 25 d3 3e 00 ea 23 d3 c9

So to write ISSOtm's version of theZZAZZglitch's memory editor ( you'd start with

lemonade x 229 (229 = $E5, the byte to write at DB01)
X accuracy x 1
Carbos x 219
pokeball x 119
Burn heal x 125
Fresh water x 234
Iron x 211
Lemonade x 0
TM34 x 35
TM 11 x 201

use 8f, which would write the value, set the quantity of lemonades to 0 and increase the quantity of X accuracies by 1, to 2. Throw lemonades until you had 17 (hex 11), use 8f, etc etc.
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