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Hmm. Maybe grabbing a PKM file of the intended Rotom and the Meditite might help? Maybe we could compare the bytes. The difference in their index numbers is also 0xAC(?)
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Rotom = Meditite (Pomeg Glitch, Platinum)
« Last post by map233224 on March 21, 2020, 02:29:25 am »
Alright, this will need to be updated once we get more information on the subject, but here's the current situation :

It has been theorized that the Pomeg Glitch in Diamond, Pearl & Platinum (or more broadly speaking, having 6 Pokémon knocked out in your party) will allow you to encounter and catch any Pokémon species when encountering Rotom (and potentially other stationary Pokémon, but this is the easiest one to access in the game).

Here's the current setup for Pokémon Platinum (US) :

• TID = 0x8888 and SID = 0x422A (obtained with seed 0x9B061572)

Now you need to get a party of 6 knocked out Pokémon, a consequence of the GEN 4 Pomeg Glitch. The fastest way to setup the Pomeg Glitch from a fresh save is to manip this specific Golduck by tweaking on the Surf tiles of Route 205 just left of Eterna City :

• Hit seed 0xA8040757 and frame 45 (method J, surfing) to encounter a Lv 39 Golduck (PID = 0x994714D8).

Once you've hit the seed, you do left-right on your Bike and use Honey (flee the Lv 30 female Psyduck), then left-right 14 times, use Honey and catch the Lv 39 male Golduck. This Golduck is a beast so you should beat Fantina and Barry quite easily.

• Once your 5 other Pokémon are KO, put Golduck in front and use 4 HP Up, then get down to 1 HP (Poison Sting from a wild Wurmple in Eterna Forest is the fastest), use 3 Pomeg Berry and use a Rare Candy. It is very important that you do not gain any HP EVs before doing these steps.

You can buy HP Ups from the Veilstone Department Store, and reset for Pomeg Berry at the Berry Master's house on Route 208 (every time you get a Pomeg Berry, save, set the time to 23:59, get back in game, save and talk to him when the time hits 00:00, reset if you don't get a Pomeg Berry).

Now you need to manipulate Rotom in Old Chateau.

• Rotom's PID = 0x09E07196 (seed 0x66010338, frame 1, method J stationary)
• ASLR = 0x0227116C (more on how to manip this in the future)

Now, if you've done all of this correctly, you will encounter a Lv 221 female Meditite, which you can perfectly catch (it will even trigger its Pokédex entry if you've never caught one).

The Proof of Concept video :

This Meditite has Scrappy (which it really shouldn't have lol), 44 Ribbons, 4 glitch moves, the Fateful Encounter flag and is sent back to level 100 once caught. You can breed it, and it is thought to be more interesting to get a Lv 1 (or at least a low level) Pokémon, so that the Day Care will get rid of its glitch moves after a bit of biking around, knowing that they pretty much always crash the game when interacting with them.

The community is actively researching the process behind the generation of such Pokémon, in the hopes that we can manipulate entirely what we get (species, held items, abilities, moves, etc...). I hope we break these games soon !
Hmm sad it seems you can't transfer Eggs up through the generations (with Wi-Fi Connection Poke Transfer). Gen IV however, ACE is becoming more of a thing. (with Retire glitch). I remember too unrelated (but might be worth stressing) how the spoof Wi-Fi servers were made (DNS exploit? I think Cryo documented it very early then it got copied. You can do it with Mario Kart DS too, etc.) From how I was aware though, you can now only do it with Action Replay, but someone called Jaybug I believe found an exploit extending the original. For this reason, you already could(/can) get any Pokemon in Generation IV with an Internet connection. I wonder though if Gen IV glitch mon have been sent that way.

Actually with a DS flash card and Poke Transfer hack that would work, but in that case, it would probably be better to use Action Replay/external device. As for Gen VI, then there are the 3DS vulnerabilities, and another luckytyphlosion (bless ‹3) theorised you can probably do something with infrared as GSC BW use it. When my laptop is back (as projects kill my sleep and my mum loves me too much) I'll pass it on to Shonumi, who is emulating the obscure.

Quote from: MrBean (popular Mario Kart DS person)
Hey guys! Thanks to a new bug in Nintendo's implementation of SSL (called "nds-constraint") as discovered by shutterbug2000, it is now possible to play Nintendo DS games online via custom server (Wiimmfi in this case) without modifying your DS, or needing a cheating device or a flashcart! Literally the only instruction is to enter the DNS listed above in your connection settings, and you are good to go!

Generation VII Glitch Discussion / Re: Damage rollover
« Last post by Evie the Bird Mother 🌸 ☽ on March 20, 2020, 10:27:35 am »
Hi SadisticMystic, how does this relate to Gen 4-? Thanks. In Gen 3 you can heal Pokemon with Water Spout/Eruption using Pomeg Pokemon with high HP.
(bumping, not sure what to add though other than a question, sorry) Has anyone recorded this yet? I wonder if you can use it to cheat other games too. Is there an inverse kind lf GBA GameCube exploit? This could mean Action Replay is not needed. Perhaps a bad Gen 3 Pokemon that bypasses Colosseum/XD's legality checking (i.e. Some Bonsly can be traded both ways/other are seemingly rejected). I wonder why that is, as I was able to trade Bonsly Decamark to XD at some point. Also if there is a RS/FRLG/E/XD/Colo trade menu glitch maybe that would work i.e. there might be a way if Bonsly/Munchlax Decamark summaries can cause ACE?
Since meticulous TheZZAZZGlitch's and Metarkrai's initial documentation, this topic has gone further. Lesser known heroes here are people like Merrp and Startoria with Merrp kindly posting new information here. (ACE has also been worked on via Game Boy Advance-GameCube cable, though that class of ACE is a different one). Discuss :)

You can find a several people on YouTube who do Gen 3 ACE, and documentation can be found on Japanese blogs, sometimes 2ch.
Shared by my Bulbapedia friend SnorlaxMonster. It involves Own Tempo and the Confusion status. It might be on their list of glitches. It also occurs in Gen 4 and Sword/Shield according to SnorlaxMonster. From how I gathered it only affected one turn?. SadisticMystic may know more, Edit: Found it there possibly; SnorlaxMonster also explained the glitch to me on Discord. SnorlaxMonster's channel has the SW/SH video.

Quote from: Bulbapedia history
If a Pokémon with a status condition that has an Ability that cures that status condition (e.g. a paralyzed Pokémon with Limber) is sent into battle as one of the lead Pokémon or to replace a fainted Pokémon, or gains that Ability due to Trace, it will not be cured of its status condition until after a Pokémon takes its turn (uses a move, switches out, etc.). However, it will be immediately cured of the status condition if it is switched in to replace a switched out Pokémon.

Likewise, if a Pokémon with Trace is confused due to obtaining it from Baton Pass, if it gains Own Tempo via Trace it will not be cured of confusion until after a Pokémon takes its turn (uses a move, switches out, etc.).

I'm making a compilation video of the base (underlying) glitch.
Pokémon Discussion / Pokemon Facts thread
« Last post by Evie the Bird Mother 🌸 ☽ on March 20, 2020, 08:21:38 am »
Sent from my phone. Post any Pokemon facts here you find interesting (with non glitches in mind but glitches too if you like. I learned a lot about gym leaders here thanks HoopsandHipHop.
The only Trainer escape maps possible (so far) are the ones in MetascriptDex; typically via script 01 of that map (note: 01 may be unlisted on that dex because it is kind of in limbo between glitch and intended mechanism). For example, script 1 in Route 3 works, script 1 in other maps like the towns and cities do not (they have no trainers. I think the game expects a write to D059 as a trainer/one of the reason the whole glitch technique works.) Bwill11 is right in that you can alter map data; these include 'metascripts'; a type of global map script that has more permanence than D36E scripts. Additionally, depending on the location of the first FF I wonder if depositing the item incremented something else, possibly Cinnabar Island's meta script. (alluding to 99 item stack glitch)
Polls / Re: Favourite game out of these
« Last post by Evie the Bird Mother 🌸 ☽ on March 19, 2020, 11:19:05 am »
I like Action 52 NO ARIES NO!!
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