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Art / Re: Bert's Little Shop of Horrors
« Last post by Pokedude on March 13, 2018, 11:05:24 am »
Here are some ideas for you Bert!
____________________________________________________________________________________Clefable+ Gengar
Lucario+ Zoroark
Onix+ Cloyster  ( Just thought it would be funny)
Pichu+ Pikachu+ Raichu+ Plusle+ Minun+ Pachirisu+ Emolga+ Dedenne
____________________________________________________________________________________Please do these Bert!
Art / Re: Bert's Little Shop of Horrors
« Last post by Pokedude on March 13, 2018, 10:54:05 am »
Quote from: ドナルド・マクドナルド link=topic=6923.msg195091#msg195091 dat
I think the voltorbs should be at the bottom side by side, both supporting the diglett.
I know your trying to make a mans stuff but you don't need that. Just get a Onix. I think its stupid that people think Onix is like that.
a diglett and two voltorbs.

Lol okie dokie. How's this?
Great Bert! LOL! Nice way to show home his creation!
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Pokemon that should be real!
« Last post by Pokedude on March 13, 2018, 10:38:24 am »
Can somebody move this to Creative Moments, Art? I figured there would be more people interested in this there.
Writing / Re: Free CreepyPasta
« Last post by Pokedude on March 13, 2018, 10:26:15 am »
Good one Bert! I personally found this amusing. It totally brightened up my day! d :XD: b
This looks fun! Ok so this is not a Pokedex entry but more of an idea for glitchmon. So what if glitchmon were not pokemon at all but humans probably from Team Rocket who tried to infuse themselves with the energy of other pokemon but instead ended up distorting themselves. Is this a possibly good idea or a bad one? Just a thought.
Cool! Thanks SatoMew! I should see if any of the unused cries would fit my  Fakemon. I love the mystery of glitchmon.
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Best way to get glitch Pokemon in Japanese Red?
« Last post by MewFlare on March 13, 2018, 09:33:43 am »
According to my research, the old man glitch does not work in Red/Green and the Mew glitch will only get me Pokemon with the index numbers 190-199 (provided they don't crash or freeze upon encounter), any reliable method to get the glitches with index numbers 200-255? Of course there's the fossil conversion glitch, but that may be quite tedious to do with 55 Pokemon (not to mention I've got a few questions about that whole process). I don't have any Japanese Generation 2 games, so the Johto guard glitch is out. Also, I'd like to mention that I am on cartridge. No emulators for me :/

I'd like to do research on glitch Pokemon in the Japanese games, document my findings, and possibly add them to the "international" portion of the GlitchDex since that section is tiny right now. Of course, what I find may not be consistent with what others may find but every little bit helps, no? :) If anyone wants me to share my research notes in the future, feel free to let me know.
Corruption induced by Bad Clone unterminated names are based on hard-to-predict things (somewhat similarly to Cooltrainer corruptions); mostly the content of buffers. You might not have any issues with your game, but then someday you play with your Bad Clone and your game start freezing  ;)

Also you appear to be confusing two Bad Clones characteristics here. Every Bad Clone has an unterminated name, but this characteristic has no utility in G/S because the game doesn't read that name :( Any glitch that relies on the unterminated name (Crystal-only glitches, then), such as the original Bad Clone Trick, Bad Clone ACE, etc. can be performed with any Bad Clone because ALL Bad Clones have unterminated names. Aside from this, we can distinguish two classes of Bad Clones:
- Incomplete Bad Clones, which is a normal clone but with some missing data (at least an unterminated name, but it can also be lvl0, has no ID, no moves, etc.)
- Full Bad Clones, which always are unstable hybrids of the Pokémon used for cloning and the absence of Pokémon - as a result every single data from this Pokémon, including its Pokédex number, is missing; and if this Bad Clone is given to the Daycare, it will stabilize into Glitch Pokémon hex:00.
The only distinguishable marker between Incomplete and Full BCs is the Pokédex number in the profile. The fact that it is lvl 0, female and stuff is not sufficient - if the Pokédex number is not 0, the Pokémon won't turn into a Glitch Pokémon hex:00  :)

Having a Full Bad Clone is not important for Crystal glitches relying on unterminated name, because this is a different thing that is shared by every Bad Clone. However, if you intend to use a glitch that requires a Glitch Pokémon hex:00 (such as the modern Bad Clone Trick) then you will need a Full Bad Clone.

It is important to note that this is rarely done in Crystal because using unterminated name-based glitches are as powerful as Glitch Pokémon hex:00-based glitches; but using the aforementioned corruption in Crystal, you can turn any Incomplete Bad Clone into an hybrid, which gives him the possibility to turn into a Glitch Pokémon hex:00 and enjoy any glitch anyway without having to specifically generate a Full Bad Clone  ;D. To that extent, Crystal is a good game for Bad Cloning.

In G/S, Bad Clone's unterminated name is displayed as "empty", resulting in the game not reading it, and therefore it doesn't cause any harm. In Crystal versions however, Bad Clone's unterminated name, when displayed (as a bunch of "?" because of some obscure subprogram), keep being read until eventually finding the end of the name (known as a "terminator" - an ingame character which is supposed to end a name but in this case is absent).

This eventually corrupts pretty much everything in the way to the next terminator and can result in freezes or Pokémon box or party corruptions. It is the basis for many glitches, because if you save/reset just before opening the PC box containing the Bad Clone, you can manage to corrupt the sprites of the other Pokémon in this box into Kingdra (because the buffer for Pokémon sprite gets corrupted by the Bad Clone's name) and this allows you to transform these Pokémon into another Pokémon (based on its moves for example) - it's called the Bad Clone Trick.

Another clever use of the Bad Clone is to view a Max Elixer in the Bag (WITHOUT SELECTING IT) before opening a PC Box containing a Bad Clone, which results (if correctly done) in arbitrary code execution.

The more things you do before opening a box or party with a Bad Clone inside, the more chances you have it will cross a terminator instantly and won't corrupt anything. The safest way to keep you Bad Clone quiet is to save/reset in front of a PC, view a Ice Berry in your bag and then open the PC Box containing the Bad Clone. This process will insert a terminator right after the unterminated name.

If you intend to use the Bad Clone for glitching purpose, maybe in the future, keep that clone around in an unused box until you're ready. If you don't wan't to, I advise you to release it asap.

The Totodile's name doesn't corrupt the boxes when I open the PC, everything, including the Cyndaquil with Totodile's old nickname is unchanged. Nothing else happens even if I reset, the game crashes if it levels up though as far as I know.

But I'm guessing this Totodile is a completely bad clone then, right? It seems a little odd because it wasn't at lv. 0 nor female when I withdrew it; it has the exact same stats, moves, exp., gender and lv. when I last put it in the box. Its nickname and OT are the only things that changed.  :-\
General Discussion / Re: The Glitchy Thread of Topiclessness (#3)
« Last post by Hālian on March 13, 2018, 04:41:32 am »
Just got 4 foils in an Ixalan set draft. Currently 0-1 of 5 games as of posting.
Yes hello I play Magic: The Gathering too :D
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