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Major Glitches
Trainer escape glitch
Old man trick
Celebi Egg trick
Select glitches (Japan)
SRAM glitch
CoolTrainer♀ corruption
LOL glitch
Rival LOL glitch
Super Glitch
ZZAZZ glitch
Pomeg data corruption glitch (Glitzer Popping)
Elite Four door glitch (Japan)
Pokémon merge glitch
Pokémon cloning
Time Capsule exploit
Arbitrary code execution
Coin Case glitches

Other Glitch Categories
Glitches by generation
Glitches between two generations
Japan-only/language specific glitches
Music glitches
Natural glitches
Non-core series glitches
Non-Pokémon glitches
Officially acknowledged glitches
Recurring glitches
Dead glitches

Pokémon GameShark codes
The Big HEX List
Glitch Pokémon cries
GB programming
Debugging features
Easter eggs
Error traps
Glitch areas
Glitch myths
Non-glitch exploits
Placeholder texts
Pokémon glitch terminology
Unused content and prerelease information

Useful Tools
8F Helper
GBz80 to Items
Old man trick name generator
PATH (Prama's Advanced Tweaking Heaven)
Save file editors
Special stat/Pokémon converter
Trainer escape Trainer Pokémon finder

Legendary Star Blob 2 (Hakuda)
Pokémon Speedruns wiki
PRAMA Initiative
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