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Forum Discussion / Re: Help with regaining my Original Account
« on: November 15, 2018, 02:12:19 pm »

Yeah, i still don't get any email, same that happened when i tried to request a password change. very strange :0
Forum Discussion / Help with regaining my Original Account
« on: November 15, 2018, 12:37:21 pm »

I've had trouble with Login for my account the last two months, My guess is that there could've been some issues either with some upgrade of the website or that i requested to change my username from HPoké_Coloradohugge to only coloradoghugge earlier some year ago (I did notice during the time me and Evie we're working on the entries for the international glitch pokémon pages that my own userpage displayed the wrong username too, so maybe there's some issue that is related to this idk).

Anyways, I also tried to press the "i forgot my password" button, but it doesn't even send a link to my email even though it says it did. infact, i had to use my alt. email adress just to make this temporary account since the forums doesn't let two users profiles be created with the same e-mail adress.

Could some admin maybe help me regain access to my account maybe?, and is there some way i can prove that it's me somehow? I'd rather have my actual account back than using a new one. If i get my real one back this one could be deleted.

Thanks in advance, feel free to email me: or simply reply to this tread

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