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Non-Core Game Glitch Discussion / Mystery Dungeon remake topic
« on: March 08, 2020, 02:26:27 pm »
You thought they learned from the SW/SH + exFAT autosave fiasco?  ::)
Pokémon Discussion / Lorelei's dolls on Four Island
« on: July 27, 2019, 05:58:05 pm »
Another fairly under-known feature of FR/LG (but not so much, compared to some others) is that the hall of fame entry count, ranging 0 to 999, is not just for bragging rights in having a high numbers - it's also used for unlocking one of the three stickers in the house in the middle of Four Island (which in turn are for bragging rights), as well as for adding more dolls to Lorelei's house (which in turn are for bragging rights)  ;D

Unlike with the former, which can be figured out by reading the giving character's script and making an educated guess knowing the three counters for which you can earn achievements, independently figuring out the appearance of the dolls is a matter of trial and error (as of the current state of the disassembly), since adding the dolls* is done by a mysterious predefined function according to the most comprehensive list called in the map script...

* not too unsurprisingly, they're not removed even if the number of HoF entries is somehow reduced afterwards

...but after figuring out the location of said counter, it's a simple matter of experimentation to come to the conclusion that one doll out of 9 is added every 20 victories in sequential order, and that they're handled like regular disappearing objects but in reverse (ie by managing a low-numbered flag, which number matches the object's "Person ID")!

I thought I had already read about this on Bulbapedia, but surprisingly it's not actually there as of today - indeed my intention to document this feature was due to a request and not even one of the first random passerby; I wonder why I vaguely remember that fact, then?
Could someone try whether the lift can be used even if the key is deposited or otherwise removed?
It seems that the game only checks for a flag set while attempting to pick it up!
Now you know what I did in the past 20 hours outside of eating and sleeping...

Worth mentioning that a future version of PkHeX will have editing support for them! :)
Pokémon Discussion / Dragon Rage was not in RBY
« on: December 29, 2014, 04:36:07 pm »
or so the rightmost middle, as tinypic ignores the rotation bit picture's caption claims...

Source: Pokemon Crystal (I)
Pokémon Discussion / Nickname reset button in (at least) ORAS
« on: November 30, 2014, 12:01:51 pm »
It's amazing how many things we ignore unless they're explicitly shown to us...
...or, alternatively, how much do game manuals suck!
Generation I Glitch Discussion / [RBY?] Waking up with disabled move
« on: November 13, 2014, 10:24:13 am »
So today I was battling the Lass in the grass on route 3, the one with a Jigglypuff, and the battle went this way:

Jigglypuff VS Pidgey
<Sing makes Pidgey asleep for 3 turns
>I then attack for 3 turns with Gust, taking back a [normal attack - don't remember the exact name], a failed Sing, and another of that attack
>With 1 HP left, I switch
Jigglypuff VS Pikachu
<Sing (5 turns IIRC)
<In the meanwhile I also get Thunderbolt disabled
>and... the turn it wakes up (probably by coincidence), the narrator claims that Quick Attack became available again!
I won the battle using Pikachu and Squirtle afterwards with no other apparent weird effects.
Pokémon Discussion / Gen 1 implementation of tile collision data
« on: July 17, 2014, 01:19:45 pm »
This is a question I've been wondering on for years, but it came back into my mind after trying the save corruption glitch on Italian Yellow (which, tested with a name full of As and the rival's full of Js, must be reset quite a few frames after the yes/no box disappears... I got bored trying to reset after 4 attempts of adding 1 frame each time, loaded a state 2 frames in and immediately hit reset -- immediately being defined as the time to move my finger from F7 to F11 -- well, it worked) then switching team member 14 with 17.

After doing that you can't move anymore (unless you switch those "Pokèmon" back). Pressing Start shows you in the void.

Now, if we consider that swapping 14←→16 crashes the game (infamous vertical bars, then immediately turning to a white screen) as you close the menu* and that in Glitch City something similiar happens (what you see is not where you walk unless the menu is open), does this suggest the game holds the map data twice, actually rendering each tile at least twice (for appearance and attributes) instead of using a tileset database like you can see in EliteMap for Gen III games?
Given that these games store the Pokèmon number twice and mostly doesn't rely on a database for types, who knows...

*This actually contradicts how I understand the void is handled -- that is, the crash is caused by the act of wrapping around the coordinates and triggering an unset connection while actually having an "excessive" position doesn't cause crashes...
I've been a lurker here and on many other glitch sites for many years (since ~2002, when 256k ADSL was a luxury, everyone played some form of Game Boy during break times in elementary school that lasted 30 minutes in the morning and 1 hour in the afternoon, people asking to borrow my cable as it was the only one with the Color/Advance mode switch, we even managed to do 4-player berry blending in R/S, ... good times :D )

Anyway, yesterday I found a video highlighting this trainer in Viridian Forest who can be used to potentially catch a level 100 with no badges and the author forgot to mention he's a Yellow exclusive... but the novelty is what he did afterwards.

All tutorials I've read would claim that at this point the only unbeaten trainer outside Viridian Forest could be the optional battle with your rival. (What about the one in Brock's gym?)

The allegedly new finding is that while triggering the guy that drags you to the Pewter Gym does not immediately release the controls like the 2nd trainer would normally do, it's sufficient to trigger the battle with the Special-determined opponent!

This video I poorly made >< should have all the key details in the description including a link to the original video I mentioned, feel free to ask for any further details if you don't find it very clear :)
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