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Game Genie madness in the SNES and Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat for those interesed! I made both video

Super Nintendo Mortal Kombat 1

Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat 1

hello people! I would like to present you some video I made about the Glitch Trainers. I never saw semeone showing each glitch trainer in a video so I did my own. I did those video just for fun purpose. It show every Glitch Trainers from HEX C8 to FF with the help of the gameshark code. If you want to see a specific HEX value, just check the description of each video!






in Japanese GREEN

Tell me what you think of that and enjoy! If semeone can upload that to the wiki It would be greatly appreciated!
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Question about gameshark encounter code
« on: October 28, 2010, 12:43:45 pm »
long ago ive saw an video about a guy catching a glitch with Prof Oak. Sprite

here the video :

Do any one of you know what the gameshark code he used? (Because even after I asked him that, he never answered)
(I would like to test glitches and mix them to produce glitches like Prof Oak.)
Thanks Alot
Hello there people! I would like to show you my all my video about mortal kombat glitches for the SNES
All the video were glitched by a Game Genie

Here are 2 video about random glitches done with random game genie code, unfortunatly I didn't note all the game genie code used for these

Part 2 of random glitches

Here a video that show a green version of Goro that is not played by a CPU. For those who don't know who is Goro, he is the boss you fight before Shang Tsung, the final boss. Instead of fighting Reptile, the ingame green ninja hidden, I play a mix of both character.

I have 2 video of glitches done with Shang Tsung, the final boss of the original Mortal Kombat

Those are my most important video about that subject, but there is other video about minor glitch in the game as well

I just wonder if it happened to any of you

Here a minor one

When anybody or myself send a Voltorb or an Electrode on Pokémon Stadium Game Boy Tower, the music hang for a couple of second and then restart (This do not happen in pokémon blue or red except if I don't remember it)

Here another small one, unrelated to the glitched string of event

Each time Im checking my Box of glitched pokémon on my Pokémon Red, pokémon stadium get slow and take at least 1 minute to come back to the normal speed and be able to check that box of glitches. Pokémon Stadium 2 do not have this issues (Since it transform all those glitch into Ditto)

All happened during a gameplay session

I started a new game of my pokémon blue, the last game was full of glitches and was used for testing purpose
I did this on the nintendo 64 pokémon stadium
Everything went fine until Gary asked me to battle, he was not saying is usual sentence but instead random letter and glitch (without glitch sound thought)
After this, no glitch happened until I fought a Lass after Pewter City Gym. When she saw me, the music was playing in a very high pitched tone.
In Mt.Moon, ive encountered a Zubat with a scrambled cry's.
After the Mt.Moon, I was about to encounter a pokémon in the grass near cerulean city and the game blackout and was stuck with a ''Saving'' message on the TV Screen.

Those glitches happened only once. After cleaning all the stuff, those glitch never happened again.
Here my therory about that
My Nintendo 64 has a problem (Dirty connector)
Corrupted last game of pokemon blue took over (This is what I call permanent effects of glitches)
Dirty Transfer pak or Pokémon Stadium Game

I don't think this some kind of new glitches but I wanted to share it with ya

Extra info on Glitch (E7) (NOTE: Sorry if I do alot of faults or typo, it is because im not english)

By doing the Gameshark code 07E7D7CF, you will encounter a glitched male Cooltrainer that will send out this glitch (Known as HI.). To bypass the Trainer encounter, you need to start the game with the gameshark code off and turn it on when you are about to enter a wild Pokémon battle
As you can see on Pic 1, the pokédex entry of this glitch is almost glitch free!. It displays 0 error and the game sometime crash after (but not always).
On Pic 2 and 3, you can see his stats at level 17 and his start move.
Note: You can see that HI . Type is Blank/Normal (Interesing?)
Note: (Not Pictured) I have caught a level 2 HI . and it has the same base move as this one)
On Pic 4, 5 and 6, we can see HI . evolution at level 11. It Evolve into a 3TRAINERPOKÉ with a strange pokédex number (176 when it is supposed to be 000). This 3TRAINERPOKÉ do exactly acts as the normal 000 does.
On Pic 8 and 9, you can see his stats at Level 100 and Level 255
On Pic 10, you can see HI . fighting a Diglett. I have caught a level 255 HI . and one of his move is a Super Glitch move named AA(glitch glitch). Without this move thought, HI . is not dangerous at all. This move either crash the game, do the TM Trainer effect or some rare other effect.
On Pic 11, we can see one of the rare effects, when I have level up an HI . to level 205, the game reset with very Odd colors
Note : This do not happen on a Real Game Boy or the Nintendo 64 Pokemon Stadium 1 and 2 because the game simply crash.
On Pic 12, we can see the famous Super Glitch Moves that HI . learn without the game crashing.
EDIT: I forgot to mention that when HI . is learning the move, the music fade out and we heard the alarming sound when your pokemon's HP bar is low and the game could randomly crash or let me make learn HI . the move
Other Information
Learned Moves
0 Skull Bash
0 Flash
0 Constrict
0 Waterfall
205 Super Glitch (AA(glitch glitch))

When HI . (at any level) defeat a single Pokémon, it will level up automaticly to level 255 without learning the Super Glitch Move

When HI . defeat a Pokémon when he is level 255, he level down to 240 instead of levelling to 100

Fighting the Cooltrainer

He sends a sleeping level 0 HI . with almost infinite health and with move the glitch do not learn at all. On screenshot 7, you can see the enemy HI . using Softboiled that stuck the game because it lower and replenish HP infinite time. (Even by pressing the speed up button on the emulator for 1 min)

Video Game Glitches Discussion / Glitching the NES with the game Genie
« on: February 04, 2010, 04:26:51 pm »
Hello there people! As a comeback on this forum , I wanted to show you many footages of glitch done on a NES with the game genie. Like the game shark , the game genie is used to cheat but can cause glitch also. All these video but the first one were filmed on the emulator but was tested on the real hardware before.
PS: I am know as SuperDave341 in Youtube
The first video is the GG Code IKAAAE. This code was discoroved in super mario bros. for the NES and was a very popular one, causing ton and ton of glitch. I wanted to see what were the effet of this code on other NES Game
Part 2 of IKAAAE Video
Other glitch video using the game Genie
Mortal Kombat (Pirated Famicom Game By Yoko in 1995)
Heavy Barrell By Data East
Double Dragon 2 by Acclaim
S.C.A.T. By Natsume

Tell me what do you think about these glitch video : D

Video Game Glitches Discussion / Mortal Kombat SNES glitched to death
« on: January 05, 2009, 07:00:14 pm »
I don't know if its the right place but one day I was really boring and decided to do game genie code on my mortal kombat game. I found a website with all kind of weird game genie code and it gave that video.

Generation I Glitch Discussion / Female Symbol Glitch odd thing
« on: January 03, 2009, 04:15:49 pm »
Im back at doing glitch on my old pokemon red blue yellow and green (witch ive imported) and I wanted to recheck some of the glitch that scared me back.

Everyone who encountered The Female Symbol know that she can create crazy glitch and weird music but there is something weird on my pokemon yellow. When I attempt to fight female symbol with yellow glitch r' r' 4, its a normal fight , no glitch at all. It do it everytime with r' r' 4. Each time I try with dratini the female symbol cry is a fast music and its almost the same each time. And finnaly when I use the glitch 3TRAINERPOKE or my Venausaur the game ALWAYS FREEZE with a high pitch sound. I don'T know if its just random or there is actually a pattern depending of the pokemon.

Oh and I forgot to say that with the r'r 4 vs female symbol battle, the female symbol sprite was also always the same with the cry of raticate. And also I did all these fight in the grass area before entering the pokemon league , at cinnibar coast and at  viridian city

Edit: Ive tested with other pokemon and other area and oddly each time I fight the female symbol with the same pokemon she dont do the same thing , the game can freeze or a weird music can play.


I was using the french code to catch /()A (witch is ''a'' in french version)
When i saw him (Screen 1) It was really different from spanish and american version of a. I caught him and showed a glitchy pokedex (screen 2) and took me 10 second before i could continue. I caught another /()a because the other transformed to Rhydon (Rhynoferos). Sometime if you run from him the game freeze with a glitched music.
Checking his stat, it was normal. I decided to leveling up to 100 and i got these attack (Screen 3 and 4)

11-Rocket or ?.?DAVID?.?. POKE.?! (super Glitch)
12-Damocles( don't know equivalent)
13-Mimi-Queue (Tail Whip)
40-Rocket(super glitch)
55-DRES.(super Glitch)
77-Ultimapoing (Mega Punch)
80-?..(super Glitch)

I decided to caught a third /()a and i level him to 80 and instead of .... he learned a glitch move (screen 5) . IT WAS MY NAME !!!!

Now the game started to act weird in the fight. I was fighting another /()a and i kill it. The glitch level up to 1 and learn (screen7). After this i decided to fight another one and the game started to glitch like heck. I use this supre glitch move and on screen 8, my name was repetate a ton of time. Now that the screen was invaded of DAVID (my name) the game didn't freeze!. I was using random glitch move and randomly i was level 127 and the other glitch 57. Really weird! he was using a glitchy move on me and i was getting health of this glitch move and my bar was getting to big that i counl't die but the other was invinsible too. Finnaly, the glitch use a really weird move that kill me one hit K-O. The match was end because CARAPUCE (squirtle) was fainted. and Rhydon and the other glitch was fainted randomly... the game transported me to viridian and the game froze.

Way to froze with /()A

- Running from him (not always)
- Pokedex (did to me one time and do like wath .4 do when you see his pokedex)
- Doing this super glitchy battle.
- Make him learning the level 11 (not always)


Hello guys and girls

first i did a gameshark code 01C2D8CF to encounter him at pallet town (screen 1)

i saw THE MOST SPCIAL GLITCH EVER. !.4! i caught him immediatly and show me the pokedex (screen 2 ) witch make the game frzze with weird music and sound like...

Sing Attack a low voice and a BIG VOICE (VERY VERY VERY FREAKED)
Coin sound ( freaky)
Music slow or really fast.

I reset and caught a magneton to have . 4 capture flag. After this i catch another . 4 (because i didn't save when i saw the pokedex) at level 4. By seeing his stat, two time (screen 3 and 4) it was glitchy.

I wanted to battle another .4 with my .4 but before i just call him AAA to make less freezing.

In the fight ( Screen 5, 6 , 7 , 8 ,9 , 10 and 11) Was really glitched. First in the attack choice. It was all blank or fully glitched. I did use SPEC attack and when the attack was finished a POKE apparead above .4 head.
Note. SPEC do GREATLY ROSE TO SPEED. The game started to be more glitched because when i was going to chosse my attack (screen 9) it was really glitched that i couldn't was attack i can see. After i chosse randomly an attack it did TRAINER MAGNET and .4 enemy was losing a huge bar of health. Finnaly he died and the game froze.

Now His TM MOVE (note: credit go to Abaywax for the TM move over level 100)

9 - TM05
18- TM05
19 - Surf
30 - TM09
44 - TM34
55 - Wing Attack
61 - Cut
62 - Karate Chop
70 - Flash
94 - TM11
97 - Super Glitch
109 - TM05
123 - Super Glitch
170 - Guillotine
184 - TM08
184 - TM34
195 - Super Glitch
205 - Minimize
208 - TM50
225 - TM01
234 - Super Glitch
240 - Super Glitch
240 - TM29
245 - TM50

I level him up to level 44 and he learn TM 34. When i was going to see his move the game did (screen 12) FREAKY!!!. And after . 4 Ramdomly Evoloved to a green kingler and a Glitch (screen 14) has evolved Kagaskahn and the game froze.


-Encounter him
-If you try to run and say ''CAN'T ESCAPE'' the game sometime freeze
-Learning any Super Glitch Move or Some of the Tm move
-Fighthing another .4 with your .4
-Catch him without having a magneton (pokedex)

Website Advertisement / my new forum
« on: May 13, 2006, 02:37:19 am »

hello this is my newest forum

Its about glitches you found in various game system

and i will put a new forum

popular game glitch

I don't remember the gameshark code

PkmnaPkmn..(male Symbol)..fPkmn info!(Screen 1)

I saw him with the hex D8 and it was a trainer that send PkmnaPkmn..(male Symbol)..fPkmn. You cannot see him has he freeze when we see the name.
But rarely i can hear the cry of a kabutops/snorlax

important note: This glitch did a temporally Corruption

----------- i info! (Screen 2)

I saw him with a gameshark code i don't remember. First you see a Black PROF OAK. and he send you this glitch. but like PkmnaPkmn , The game froze with a weird cry of kabutops/snorlax.

Important NOTE: This glitch rarely don't freeze and you can see that the glitch don't got sprite and when we see the health bar the game CRASHE

50 GLITCHY BLOCK INFO!(screen 3)

Nothing much to say
I don't remember the gameshark code. You saw him... the game froze.

Note: He sometime cut the music

()()'v info!(screen 4, 5 and 6)

With the hex E1, i found a glitchy Gary named P k m n. When he send ()()'v the game freeze automatic.
Sometime when the game freeze it like you were at the trading center and having a ton of 'M


Added Submissions / PkmnRPkmn , the . 4 brother !!
« on: May 05, 2006, 06:58:19 am »
I will present... . 4 BROTHER!

First i Encounter him with the gameshark code of 01D9D8CF on my blue emulation version and i catch him with steal other trainer pokemon (you can only do this on emulation) to catch this on gb version you need to encounter trainer that rarely have random glitch by mew trick or missigno surfing place


I did go to pallet town and i put the code and i encounter first a Dark Gambler (screen 1) and he send out .4 BROTHER ! (screen 2 and 3). Why i say this is the brother of .4? its because they got the same sprite except its darkner. i catch PkmnRpkmn. It show the pokedex (screen4) That rarely can freeze your game

After it turn to Rhydon. So you need to catch him another time

He is level 32 and even if he is level 100 he dont learn move (i dont know about 100 and higher)(screen 5 and 8 ) Its stat are very good and is defense is wonderful (screen 6) BUT he got really glitched move than freeze often. I level up him to 100 and see is stat again. And when i wanted to see his attack he gave me screen 9 and the game froze

Way to freeze the game with him

If you don't have another pokemon after your pokemon fainted. The game CRASHE

Pokedex (rarely)

Deposing him to the center

Fight with him

Seeing his stat

Pokemon pokedex number :234, just like . 4

Pkmnrpkmn got none of the special glitch and move of . 4 and is way impossible to fight with him. .4 and Pkmnrpkmn share only the sprite and the pokedex number BUT!!! . 4 pokdex crash the game but not him



note: credit me please
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