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Generation I Glitch Discussion / Glitched NPCs?
« on: December 26, 2009, 06:01:01 am »
I've noticed alot documented on Glitch City and it's varients, but I've never seen anything documented on glitched NPCs.

I've heard a 9th gym mentioned a few times with glitched trainers inside in Red. I've also heard about the ''No windows available for popping" dialogue hidden inside a glitched NPC in Crystal.

What other glitched NPCs have people found in this mysterious area of the game?
Video Game Glitches Discussion / Age of Time Glitches
« on: March 20, 2009, 07:37:15 am »
You may have been wondering where I have been all this time? Well I've been doing glitches on this MMO game called Age of time. It is very glitchy.

Animation and speed glitches/tricks:

Twisted animations = Hold either A or D and jump. While in the air press either the following: V + A + S or V + A + L. You will either lounge or sit in a wierd position!

Superslow = Press the ? button (left of 1) and type the following: $movementspeed=0.1; You will move very slowly!

Reversed controls = Same as above only it's: $movementspeed=0/0;

Game dynamics:

Daytime = Press the ? button (left of 1) and type the following: clientcmdsyncstarttime(0); It will instantly be day!

Nighttime = Same as above but the command is: clientcmdsyncstarttime(1500000);

Player and Item related:

Flying glitch = You will need the hook. Go to the shop and get up into the rafters. Walk slowly to the edge of one of the pices of wood and sit. Equip your hook and press f8. Turn the camera COMPLETELY round so you can see the face of your player. Left click and you will shoot your hook and be suspended in midair. Unequip your hook and wait till the line disapears. Voila! (NOTE: this doesnt actully make you be able to fly anywhere, you will just be floating in midair untill you move.)

Arena glitch/infinite health and no enemy spawns = You will need a horse. Ride up to the arena and park the horse LENGTHWAYS in the black area (it doesnt have to be lengthways, it just helps though). Get off and check you can enter the arena. Walk sideways facing the horse into the arena and as soon as you begin to tele, press E twice and get on and off the horse. This can be tricky. Youll notice that you cant move but you can control the horse (ghostrider lol!) Get someone to sit on the horse and youll be able to move. Press f2 and it will say your in the arena when your not! No enemys will spawn near you. Enemys CAN hurt you but other players cant (basically infinite health to player attacks, including spells!) PLEASE NOTE: Entering any area that is labelled (has a name at the top of the screen) will disable the glitch. Examples are: Port Town, Swamp, Log challenge, Woods, The arena itself and so on.

Shop glitch = You will need fiber. Do the 'shop entrance glitch'. Plant fiber in the black area and stand on it. When it has grown for about 10min hold jump. Wait for it to grow more and youll go through to the shop model. Work your way to the main building model. PLEASE NOTE: You have to suicide to get out!

Shop entrance glitch = Go in the shop. Walk out the entrance sideways SLOWLY. It may take a few trys but eventully you will be in the black area where you tele into the shop.

Hi Marshal! = You will need fiber. Plant the fiber underneath Marshall's cage in the jail area and stand on it. Wait for it to grow about 10min then hold jump. Eventually youll go threw the ceiling and into her cage.

Get into Bakery/Armoury = This glitch will allow you to get into the bakery in Port Town. This will also work with the armory. plant a fiber at the side of it, then run at it on a horse. Log out and in to dismount under the low roof. ~Credit to Jetz~

Hook onto the air = Stand ontop of the arena (or anywhere thats flat and you can use spells), shoot your hook straight upwards. Quickly face directly down, jump and shoot your ball spell over and over untill you have a fair bit of height. The hook should fall and hit you, it will then allow you to swing around in the air. ~Credit to Jetz~

Get swallowed by a wall = Stand on the wooden thing in the policestation where you get the law guide. Shoot your NORMAL hook towards the ramp down. You will lay on your back diagonally. Press V+S+E to sleep and you will be sucked into a wall! Wait for the hook to snap and you will be hidden.

Spawn monsters in Port Town = You need 3 people. Label the people 1, 2 and 3. Get 1 to buy a horse and use it in the Wilderness. Number 3 must commit suicide. Let number 2 pick up number 3 and sit on the p****enger side of the horse. Drive the horse from the wilderness to port town (notice that 1 and 2's screen will say Port Town but 3's won't). Because the server thinks 3 is in the wilderness, monsters will spawn in Port Town.

Throw people under anywhere = Suicide then get someone to pick you up. Respawn but dont move, you should still be in the death animation. Without moving, get out your sword and hold it down untill fully charged then let go. You can move now. Get someone to baton someone else or kill someone else, pick up the body or corpse and throw them at the ground. They should fall through.

Use spells in the Ring = This is hard to do and to explain. You need a friend you can trust. Get them wanted and both of you go inside the Arena. Give them a hard hit with the baton then pick them up. As you walk out, spam action and stopAction (e and ctrl e, you dont need a script). If you time it right the person who is stunned will still be in the arena although it says they're in the wilderness. Now you have to do it with the ring entrance. If you muck it up you have to go back to the beginning so this glitch may take some time to do.
Emulation & ROM Hacking / I found beta music (Pokemon Red)
« on: October 25, 2008, 08:12:01 am »
Anyone heard this music before? In address C005 just enter 7E 7F 7E 7F etc for every digit that isnt 00. I'm quite happy with my finding. Also, depending on where you are the speed of the music and mood changes.

EDIT: Just found out it works best in Pewter City.
EDIT2: I also found out that it is right next to the Pokecenter music so maybe this was going to be the Mart music?
Generation I Glitch Discussion / I need alittle help.
« on: October 21, 2008, 09:41:02 am »
I watched a video on youtube of Pokemon Yellow Gameshark Glitches. In the video the pokemon's first move had no name and when he used it, it had random effects. Anybody know what code this is?
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Alternative Gameplay
« on: October 19, 2008, 04:16:02 am »
Here is the code:

List of things it does:

Hero's Bedroom: Plays Hall of Fame sequence then freezes.
Hero's House: TV makes funny looping sound. Mom makes gibberish sounds.
Outside: Instant freeze.
Gary's House: Sister turns into a PC. The Town Map on the table turns into a Radio.
Lab: Music plays, but you can't move.

Route 1
Outside: Depending on where you turn the GS switch on, NPCs will sometimes turn into Gary. Gary's music plays. Wild Pokemon appear like in a Cave but different music plays.

Viridian City
Outside: Pokemon center sign makes an ERROR. Mart Sign plays ending sequence then glitches. Some NPCs turn into Gary again. The Old man that blocks your way doesnt stop you. If you talk to him he says "5 ERROR." then turns into a Pokeball. Man outside Gym says "Ha? He ohay heh ha hoo ee haheh!"
Pokecenter: Freezes instantly.
Pokemart: Shop assistant says something from a trainer in Fuchsia Gym. Kid that speaks of the lack of potions says stuff about the Gym's walls. The other Guy also says dialog from a Gym Trainer.
Gym: Acts pretty much normally.
School: Girl says gibberish then freezes. Teacher says Koga's dialogue.
House1: Crashes emulator.

Route 2
Outside: Just like Route One although Rival music doesnt play. Don't try and pickup the objects with the code on. One plays Charmanders cry on a loop. The other makes a wierd glitchy cry, says "1 ERROR." then the music changes.
Route House: Freezes instantly.
House: Freezes instantly.
Forest House South: Freezes instantly.
Forest House North: Freezes instantly.
Inside the Forest: Plays an endless loop of sound making it impossible to move. If you turn the GS switch on at the same time as you talk to someone they will usually say "1 ERROR".

Pewter City
Outside: A message saying "Good Luck!" pops up twice, on the second time it doesnt disappear. Some people change into Rockets. If you turn the GS switch on JUST as you talk to someone they say some different things, usually glitchy sounds or ERRORs. If you do it while exiting the right of Pewter the gym guy changes sprite and the start menu pops up.
PokeCenter: Emulator crash.
PokeMart: No change at all.
South West House: Strange music plays and you freeze on the spot. If you activate the code just as you speak to the old man he says: 1 ERROR. The boy says: [glitchyblocks][yourname]Poke.
North East House: Plays the first bars of the "Rival sees you" music on a loop. Turn the code off and the music plays as normal. If you turn it on as soon as you press a on the old man he says: 'V'M?42pk'm then the pokemon the kid talks to runs away. The kid says: ............................[glitchyblocks][yourname]Poke. The pokemon says: 1 ERROR.
MuseumGroundFloor: The screen flashes and parts of the floor slide past. It's a pretty cool effect! Turn off the code and you are stuck in glitchy blocks. Walk through walls code messes it up even more. If you activate the code as soon as you talk to the old man no textbox appears and [glitchblock]2 ERROR. appears. I have to show you a pic of this! (Attatchment).
MuseumFirstFloor: Emulator crash.

Cerulean City
Outside: A blank text box popped up and the item found theme plays over and over. Eventually, glitchy symbols appear in the text box and the music sounds glitchy.
Pokemon Center: Emulator crash.
Gym: Game stops.
Bike Shop: Emulator crash.
Poke Mart: Emulator crash.
House next to Poke Center: Game freeze.
Northwest house: No change.
Robbed house: Game freeze.

Lavender Town
Outside: Screen scrolls, similar to the credits, but its not the credits. If the alternative gameplay code is turned off and walk through walls is turned on, you can navigate the city freely.
Pokemon Center: All text boxes are invisible. Can't talk to the person sitting on the couch or the PC.
Pokemon Tower 1F: Emulator crash.
Mr. Fuji's house: The seen by a trainer theme intro keeps starting over until you walk and talk to other people, where it will fully play as long as you do that. Pokemon in left side of the room says nothing, person closest to the door says 1 Error, person in right side of the room says 2 Error, other Pokemon gives off glitchy noises. The Town Map still works, and the item on the table makes a noise before saying 6 Error.
Southwest house: Music still plays, but you are unable to move.
Name Rater's house: Game freeze.
Poke Mart: Game freeze.

Vermilion City
Outside: Numerous effects when talking to other people, such as music change, color change, completely disappearing people, and game freezing.
Fishing Guru's house: Music still plays, but you are unable to move.
Pokemon Center: A text box saying 12 Error pops up, then glitchy sounds are played and the screen rapidly changes color. It does this for every step taken.
Pokemon Fan Club: Back left poster gives text that a Cinnabar scientist says, while the other poster says text that the poster in the back of the Cinnabar Lab's entryway says. The president's text plays many glitchy sounds before a glitch block appears on the far back end of the screen. His assistant has a blank text box that always has you click, as if there were more, even though there isn't. The Seel owner says 2 Error, while her Seel plays glitchy sounds before the game freezes. Finally, the Pikachu owner plays glitchy sounds before changing the music. Finally, his Pikachu says 3 Error.
House next to the Fan Club: Person inside plays glitchy sounds before displaying the number 3982295. The game stops afterwards.
Poke Mart: Emulator crash.
House south of Poke Mart: Talking to the bird Pokemon freezes the game, while talking to it's owner plays glitchy sounds before displaying glitchy symbols with 1 Error. He changes the music, as well. After talking to him, he will disappear. Talking to the letter on the table changes the music again after a series of glitchy sounds.
SS Anne port: No change.
SS Anne entry deck: Game freeze.

Celadon City
Outside: Music still plays, but you are unable to move.
Pokemon Center: Emulator crash.
Pokemon Mansion 1F: Game stops.
Department Store 1F: Emulator crash.
Exchange Center: Talking to the guy on the left side of the room says the message "[Player] gave the GOLD TEETH to the WARDEN! The WARDEN popped in his teeth." Talking to the other guy plays glitch sounds for a while before displaying glitchy text and changing the music multiple times. Talking to one of the booths results in glitchy sounds before freezing.
Game Corner 1F: Game freeze.
Resteraunt: Game takes serious lag time when walking, can't talk to anybody.
Building next to resteraunt: The sailor says []3 Error, the old man says 1 Error, and the Rocket becomes a Vending Machine. No joke.
Hotel: Will bring up the Start Menu. When you exit out of it, you walk down and it comes back up again. If you turn off the code, you walk through the wall and the game freezes.
Gym: Music still plays, but you are unable to move.

Fuchsia City
Outside: Weird sounds play for a while and the music changes. You can still walk, but the game waits for the sounds to play before each step. If you pause the game, a text box will pop up behind the pause menu.
Pokemon Center: Nothing changed except you can't talk to the guy on the couch or the PC.
House next to gym: Nothing changed.
Gym: Nothing changed except you can't talk to the gym statues.
Safari Warden's house: Nothing changed.
Fishing guru's house: Talking to him changes the music and displays $44000000000030310313...... The music changes again after a sound plays and the game freezes.
Safari Zone Research House: Nothing changed.
Safari Zone Entry: Nothing changed.
Poke Mart: You and the woman NPC disappear and you can't move. However, you will be able to walk and you'll both reappear if you use a walk through walls code (if you have the alternative gameplay code on with the walk through walls code, you'll walk a step before disappearing again).

Cinnabar Island
Outside: Game freeze.
Pokemon Center: Nothing changed except you can't talk to the guy on the couch or the PC.
Poke Mart: Nothing changed.
Pokemon Lab: Nothing changed.
Pokemon House: Emulator crash.
Gym: Nothing changed.

Indigo Plateau
Outside: Game freeze.
Pokemon League entry: Game freeze.

Saffron City
Outside: Game freeze.
Pokemon Center: Music still plays, but you are unable to move.
Mr. Psychic's house: Game freeze.
Silph Co. 1F: Emulator crash.
House behind Silph Co.: Sounds play, then music changes. You are unable to move.
Poke Mart: Game freeze.
Gym: Game freeze.
Fighting Dojo: Game freeze.
Copycat's house: Nothing changed on 1F. Game stopped on 2F.

Seafoam Islands
Outside: Instant emulator crash, happens around Route 20.
Inside: Any entrance/exit takes you to the lab of death.
Falling though holes: This is sort of funny. You fall slowly, and your sprite is glitched.
Surfing: Emulator crash.
Other: Sometimes turning it on as soon as you are in the cave can make it crash.

Thanks to:
The Dumpster Out Back / Re: ??? Type Arceus
« on: October 19, 2008, 03:07:53 am »
Google *facepalm*

It IS programmed into the game but is impossible to obtain without cheating device. Hello ??? type Arceus...
Generation II Glitch Discussion / Glitched NPCs
« on: October 18, 2008, 05:34:49 am »
There are many glitched NPCs in the gold Glitch City. I seen about 3 so far, can anybody give me a list of where they are and how to find them? My favourite is the "No windows available for popping" one.
Pokémon Submissions / Link Cable Battle glitch.
« on: August 22, 2008, 07:26:05 am »
You need two copies of red/blue/yellow, two gameboys and a link cable. Get into a linked battle and use a move so that the other pokemon will faint. Now this is the hardest part: you need to time it correctly, you need to pull the link cable out of the gameboy that you want to glitch just as the Please Wait sign disappears. On the other gameboy (with the link still plugged in) it will still say please wait. On the glitches gameboy let the opponent faint then send out another pokemon. It is usually a high level glitch pokemon that is always Burnt (to hide the level probably). As soon as the please wait appears plug the cable back in. Now both the battles will be glitched.

I used to do this all the time with my friend Lee when i was younger. Fun times lol. For some reason he always sent out a glitched Snorlax!
Emulation & ROM Hacking / See Missingno.'s pokedex data.
« on: April 07, 2008, 08:08:07 am »
It's very simple really, stand anywhere in the game and goto address D059 in Memory Viewer. Type in the hex of the pokemon (in this case missingno.) then 02 + aload of random letters and numbers e.g the line could look like this: 15 02 78 47 35 28 59 90 47 36

It will instantly get you into a battle, the gym leader music will be playing and the pokemon will appear, you may also notice it will look like the Safari Zone only you'll have 0 balls. Just click ball and throw one for now, it will say you have 5 left (?) now throw a bait, rock, rock, bait, ball and you should catch it. If it's missingno. it will show the pokedex entry!! I've put in the attatchment his pokedex entry that i got (got he's heavy)
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Memory Viewer glitch.
« on: April 07, 2008, 07:28:12 am »
I was just typing random stuff in 9000 and i went over 9310 and this happened (check attatchment)
Emulation & ROM Hacking / Eurodance/pop beepy music
« on: April 07, 2008, 07:21:21 am »
I've attached a DMP file to the post. To insert into the game, goto Tools, Memory Viewer, Load. Choose the file then in the box put C005. Have fun!! (p.s. this is cool played in Route 1 and Professer oak's lab!!)

Almost forgot, this is for Pokemon Red.
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