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ARDS is notoriously screwy... makes me think they were made really shittily.
"Yes, without a doubt"
I wonder how many flashcards were sold or borrowed to repair them - I personally know of 6 incidents :)
Introductions / Re: New Lab Member
« on: July 13, 2019, 02:22:28 pm »
Hi! Too bad you're 4 years older than me, because otherwise your full name and approximate location (of the university, the same I'm in) would match someone who was with me in elementary school :D
Pokémon Discussion / Re: The battery in the Gen 1 games
« on: July 09, 2019, 07:47:02 am »
Therefore, the battery is only drained while the Game Boy is *not* powered on. How much the game is played may later the battery's life significantly.
Incorrect. I've never seen one that actually stops pulling from the battery when plugged in and receiving power via the console. It usually just ends up hooking them up in parallel, so it just draws amperage from both.

The 8-pin "MM1261" chip (I don't remember the digits) is supposed to switch SRAM/mapper power between battery and console depending on the availability of the latter (as well as forcing write protection to be enabled when not on external power); this is in contrast to the NES model of simply having both sources in parallel (after a diode to prevent charging)!

Of course there's no such thing as a truly infinite impedance voltmeter, so Parzival is not technically wrong either... :)
I thought I had replied half a year ago... at least it's still in the first page (4th from the top, specifically) :P

So, I did some experiments, and figured out the game engine basically works on a mode and sub-mode system - by changing those values, I found the bonus select screen: :)
1- Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets (PS1) - was too bad of a player as a kid to go beyond 60% or so, later (with the help of a friend) found out that the disc was too scratched to load a couple of levels after that point, ultimately replayed & finished it on an emulator a couple of years ago...

2- Pokemon Crystal - allegedly lost it, found it a long time later glued to the floor by some adhesive and very smelly substance, at which point (well, after planing off that stuff on the back) it only booted to a light blue screen (comparable to the background of the gender selection screen) - probably a bad mapper

3- Super Mario Bros 3 (heee) (GBA) - save chip went bad and pulled down the entire bus, so I brutally removed it, resulting in a game that's unplayable (as many people who tried to emulate it know, it requires its Flash 128K to even start) but certainly dumpable, so I did that and now play it occasionally on my Ezflash 3in1 (I actually kept the shell, sanded down the insided, superglued the electronics of the Lite-sized flashcard inside to make it fit in an original DS, and added in green marker "in 1" to the "Super Mario 3" logo  ;D )

Pokémon Discussion / Re: Gen 2 Save
« on: December 11, 2018, 08:07:12 am »
They did indeed use CR2025s instead of CR1616s, though :)
Now you know what I did in the past 20 hours outside of eating and sleeping...

Worth mentioning that a future version of PkHeX will have editing support for them! :)
Has anyone ever explained why battling 'M (and others) causes the infamous "battle graphics are cut into stripes and said stripes flipped and swapped"?

What about permanently making a route laggy/outright crashing if the Trainer-Fly glitch is performed, the game is saved (by changing boxes) and reloaded, then the 2nd trainer is picked from the same route?
The only listing on ebay is a GBA one from Isreal and other websites are american...
eBay (and their then subsidiary Paypal, and Visa) have been lobbied by certain megacorps to punish sellers of modchips and flashcards, sorry (at least those openly claiming to do so - my favourite seller accepts them with a generic "order number X" payment description)

It's a shame that the in-game adjustment isn't avaliable... From what I understand it is activated through a mystery gift. Could we theoretically create a e-reader card to unlock the event? However, this wouldn't help me as we're talking about the PAL region...
Sure it could, in fact I think the first time this feature was discovered was the leak of the Ruby debug version which includes simulated e-cards to send to another game!
(Pokemon e-cards are locked to the language of the game, of course they can be edited, then again it's still the same issue of needing a GBA flashcard/GBA-PC link cable/save dumper/e-reader+high resolution printer+e-card data to image converter, do they even exist?)

Other than this, would it be possible to write a custom time to the game through the use of ACE?
It should, but someone who isn't me would need to actually write that code with the help of the disassembly :)
That said, I still need help on fixing this, I really don't want to restart my save and, as far as I know, flashcarts have been outlawed here in the UK. Any suggestions?

The ban, from the sources I have, appears to 1- only apply to the "R4" brand, 2- on the blatantly false assumption that their only purpose is running pirated software (although most DSi-compatible flashcards do indeed come with copyright-infringing firmware preinstalled, being the only way for them to run - so ironically the original R4 is more legal than current alternatives), and 3- only applies to selling or trading - so buying for your personal use is fine even on paper, so frankly I would just give them the V and just order flashcards online from a reputable seller, like nds-card...

Traditional GBA flashcards used an external programmer, which are probably very cheap by now, and most of which can read and write retail games; however they typically require WinXP or older and a real parallel port (most parallel to USB adapters are specifically for use with printers), plus they're rather rare... check out

A variant on those programmers used a PC to GBA link cable and the download play feature; but it would be the most limited way (though a clock-setting program should be able to fit in memory)!

The fourth option not listed on the website you linked, is sending a mystery gift e-card that enables the clock reset feature... but it still has the fundamental issue of needing a way to run homebrew or other save dumpers.
Generation IV Glitch Discussion / Re: Trading with Korean games
« on: July 10, 2017, 03:48:49 pm »
The Korean version can't be connected locally with the Italian ones, for one...

After cheating to have the league marked as beat and a full Pokedex (The men blocking Pal Park disappeared, and I think I can select "go recatch the ones I transferred"), doesn't seem to be enough to have Leafgreen (I) detected!
There's also Wimmfi but no one really uses it for Gen4\5 games...

As far as I know, Wiimmfi (with a strong anti-cheating philosophy) is the most popular Wii service, while Altwfc is the leader of the DS scene ( only runs GTS and battle video hosting; altwfc runs the main Gamespy (friend list) service and Mystery gift)
Video Games Discussion / Re: New 3DS-only games on Old 3DS?
« on: July 03, 2017, 05:39:18 pm »
A little late? (hey it's still on the first page...)

They crash at the boot logo (if launching them from the regular Home launcher - which needs CFW to disable the otherwise forced card update, and this is why N3DS-exclusive games still bundle O3DS updates), or on a red screen if using Hans

For a number of possible reasons depending on your system's status: kernel too old for the version required by the title's header/exheader; N3DS exclusives using Secure3 or Secure4 encryption, not whose keys are not implemented* on O3DS; (unproven) plainly screwing up when the system tries to select the higher memory maps and/or CPU speeds :)

* Some parts of a title, including the header (which itself selects encryption keys), the icon/banner (the former specifies N3DS exclusiveness as far as the (9.0+?) launcher is concerned, minor "contents" such as the manual - all use more simplified encryption than the one selected in the header for the main application)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: RBY to be released on the 3DS Virtual Console
« on: February 27, 2016, 04:16:53 pm »
Also, I have no idea which patch file corresponds to which version, though I'm assuming the seventh letter (D, E, F, I, J, or S) of the filename indicates the language.
Yes, the names of the patches refer to the filename of the rom, which in turn reflects the product code:
Dmgapai0.i59.patch is Italian Red, the gray bars on the sides of the label of the original game say "DMG-APAI-ITA"; the final 0 is probably version (as it's usually 0 or 1, and for reference my Silver says DMG-AAXI-ITA-1 which would mean it's 1.1)

Finally, when you see mode = 1 in the patch file, those are changes to the ROM itself, and those changes are viewable in an emulator like BGB, or even real hardware if you have a flashcart like Everdrive GB (I know this based on other VC games that I have dumped, such as Donkey Kong Land 2). mode = 2 might involve changes to the ROM itself as well, but I'm not sure. mode = 3 appears to be related to changes to the emulator, such as blurring or whatever. I'm not sure what the other mode values do.

Hopefully, someone with more free time than me can figure the rest of this stuff out...

There is a "documentation" of "mode" right in the patch file, but it's so incomplete it's useless!
The blurring effects, though, have conditionally-activated outright video filtering related options, no crazy opcode magic :)
First the paying Pokébank to transfer Pokémon
Homebrew does, what Nintendon't...

I wonder how the emulator actually communicates with the 3DS hardware to display this menu. Is this menu something completely new, made only for the purposes of this game, or is it just a normal link cable interface for Virtual Console releases? Is there any VC title (besides the Pokemon games) that uses Link Cable features?
Before Pokemon, only NES games (and only a few) had multiplayer (and the 2nd console acted as a controller with screen mirroring).
You can actually find the strings for NES multiplayer ("the game will reset and savestates disabled" more or less), as the official emulator for 3DS is supposed to be unified for each emulated platform (of course features like GB/C multiplayer or Turbografx emulation were added in later builds!)

Similiarly, secure value (anti-save-backup) and lack of savestates were hacked into a regular VC emulator.

As Wack0 said, GB/C multiplayer requires deliberate integration with the game.

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