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Non-Core Game Glitch Discussion / Re: Mystery Dungeon remake topic
« on: April 11, 2020, 05:14:53 pm »
2. Play time display error: One person got 999:59:59 on the day they bought it, and another person's play time decreased to less than an hour from 34 hours.
Thanks for bumping this topic I'm subscribed to - since I have reliable (trusted 2nd hand) proof of this one :)

This friend of mine got hit by this issue some time between unlocking Magma Cavern and defeating Rayquaza, when he noticed the time maxing out; he estimated his actual play time as "9 hours, plus 4/5 in the dojo, plus forgetting it on for some time"...
...two days later (2020-3-14), after catching Articuno and Moltres he went for Zapdos, and soon after that he noticed the timer had gone down to 2h51m!

* unrelated to the above, at that time I sent him a photo I found on reddit of yet another glitch, attached to this post!
I remember too unrelated (but might be worth stressing) how the spoof Wi-Fi servers were made
It turned out the "Nintendo" Wi-Fi Connection was invented, designed, and ran (hence the closure) by GameSpy, who was an authority in PC online gaming and reused parts of the protocol, therefore helping clone the main servers$ (responsible for finding players*);

they operated over HTTPS but simply editing the rom (or the copy in ram, as DS games don't run directly from the gamecard) to remove that S was sufficient to make them connect without encryption, which in turn was very convenient for documenting as much of the protocol as possible as well as connecting to the clones;

nds-constrain't came later, when it was further discovered that the DS games accepted any server certificate signed by Nintendo regardless of whether said certificate has the privilege of being valid for or whatever (in fact what's commonly used is one of the per-console certificates used to login to the Wii Shop!)

* turns out the friend system is mostly handled remotely, so on Wiimmfi you can optionally choose (for certain games) to set the server to handle friend requests unilaterally (ie only the other players need to add you)

$ this excludes the GTS, networked Battle Tower, Plaza Minigames, etc - they are being cloned by the "Pokemo Classic Network", which the Wiimmfi DNS also provides access to!

For this reason, you already could(/can) get any Pokemon in Generation IV with an Internet connection
The GTS did indeed not use encryption in the first place, so it was perhaps the first thing to be cloned well before the first rumors of the WFC closing - and what that service (or was it a program you ran on your PC?) did was transferring .pkm files from and to the game :)
Non-Core Game Glitch Discussion / Mystery Dungeon remake topic
« on: March 08, 2020, 02:26:27 pm »
You thought they learned from the SW/SH + exFAT autosave fiasco?  ::)
Video Games Discussion / Re: Tetris
« on: March 06, 2020, 05:52:13 pm »
Someone called?

My favorites, as games, are the NES Tengen one and its arcade original, TGM3 (actually its unofficial DS clone), and the two DS ones (Nintendo's and Tetris Party Deluxe) :)
Oh, I forgot the Brick Game version  ;D

But the best music is found in the former, in Tetris Worlds (GBA/Xbox/GC/PS2), in BPS's NES version, and the GB classic!

the Hard Drop community's wiki
Can't recommend that enough - most pages are hard to read lists of specific facts, and not all of them either, but what's there is generally correct and often the most practical place to read about it (like this site, amirite?)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Australian Crystal has hidden text changes?
« on: February 21, 2020, 05:20:59 pm »
Unless it was for an April Fools or similar, as the "phony" tag has me wonder.
If you mean the ".PHONY", it's a special command that declares the following targets as non-files:

Makefile targets are those section headers in the format "target: dependencies" followed by programs to be executed to generate a file called literally "target" as written in that header;
we can see soon afterwards "crystal-au: pokecrystal-au.gbc" with no commands afterwards, effectively making the request to build "crystal-au" a synonym for building "pokecrystal-au.gbc";
that doesn't require declaring "crystal-au" as "PHONY" as long as a file called "crystal-au" doesn't exist (which this Makefile won't create, but could exist for any reason) - declaring it as PHONY excludes it from this assumption that it ought to result in a file called "crystal-au" :)
Pokémon Discussion / Re: Pokémon Gold/Silver/Crystal in South America
« on: January 25, 2020, 07:11:41 am »

"Jogo desenvolvido em inglès" :)

No-Intro still has it undumped but, given historical precedent (like the complete lack of Portuguese outside manuals in multilingual DS games) I'm now over 90% sure it's just the regular English version

Interestingly, the back cover doesn't have the disclaimer "reading skills required to properly experience this game" :D
Generation I Glitch Discussion / Re: Glitches on actual hardware
« on: January 25, 2020, 06:11:44 am »
As said (and assuming an original game), there are no permanent effects that would survive removing the battery for a while;

viceversa, there are glitches caused by bad hardware (internal damage or loose connections of the rom/ram/mapper, magnified by the (perfectly valid) use of gamecard memory as an expansion of the console's) - see :)
Generally speaking, you'd need to reserve more space (by adding more "db"/"ds"/"d-whatever" opcodes in the right place) - this will of course make all the labels and comments referring to memory addresses that come afterwards misleading, even though the assembler won't care* since they're just names with no intrinsic meaning, as well as to edit any code with fixed maximum string lengths to change said limit

* this is assuming all code has been converted from hardcoded pointers to using symbolic names - else it WILL fail and quite hard :)
Video Games Discussion / Re: Tomodachi Life Mii QR codes
« on: September 20, 2019, 08:35:19 am »
A little late but I had to turn on my N3DS, reinstall the game and the save just for this :P
The way I see it, collapsible sections serve the same function as a table of content. [...] TVTropes [...] [notes]
Oh right, it's been so many years since I visited their website (vastly preferred the unofficial Android client "Lampshade", now broken) that I forgot they have an "open all" button - I'd be more than fine with that (or a preference to just disable them); and the "inline long comment" use also seems reasonable!

Too long of a post delving into different points!! :P

Fully agree that the current (vertically centered) bullet points are an eyesore as is the trashy strolling - and while we're talking about theme edits, yes a bigger visual difference between heading levels woild be better both in general and for my next point;

Not a big fan of hard-stuffing "core" content into click-to-expand blocks (but I find reasonable the Wikipedia/Bulbapedia system of folding each ==h2 heading== section into its own collapsible element on mobile themes);

I don't see how the "different personalities" in your example would be conflicting - surely there can be sections for a beginner-friendly explaination, one for a technical one*, an "academical" use, and examples of results/applications - plus of course* notes on the discovery, historical use, etc?
(The ones marked * are my personal interests, by the way :) )

An example could be an hypothetical edit of the old man glitch to remove duplication of the information found at "Left-facing shore tile glitch", splitting off the "traditional Missingno glitch" to a separate article (with historical notes, but referring to the two glitches it combines for further information), while providing a link to this new page as application examples?

As for hexadecimal style, could it be possible to have some markup/template around a number that the server would process into an user-selectable style, like with dates? (My personal choice would be "nothing at all if it's obvious from context, like having letters in it or being in an appropriate table column, anything goes if it needs to be called out")

Although I am faced with a technical problem right now: It seems that the items on the Glossary page are not anchored (i.e. a "[[#count byte|count byte]]" would not jump to the corresponding item), and I would have to do it manually like this or this. Is there a better way, or is there an advantage in using explicit anchors for every term that I'm not seeing?
I don't have an answer about the cause, but I think the automatic heading-to-anchor system of mediawiki is problematic - it unsurprisingly breaks down when a title is edited, it fails when a title is repeated multiple times (as seen in our "text errors" page), ... so I'd say that you can't go wrong by doing it manually :)
Pokémon Discussion / Lorelei's dolls on Four Island
« on: July 27, 2019, 05:58:05 pm »
Another fairly under-known feature of FR/LG (but not so much, compared to some others) is that the hall of fame entry count, ranging 0 to 999, is not just for bragging rights in having a high numbers - it's also used for unlocking one of the three stickers in the house in the middle of Four Island (which in turn are for bragging rights), as well as for adding more dolls to Lorelei's house (which in turn are for bragging rights)  ;D

Unlike with the former, which can be figured out by reading the giving character's script and making an educated guess knowing the three counters for which you can earn achievements, independently figuring out the appearance of the dolls is a matter of trial and error (as of the current state of the disassembly), since adding the dolls* is done by a mysterious predefined function according to the most comprehensive list called in the map script...

* not too unsurprisingly, they're not removed even if the number of HoF entries is somehow reduced afterwards

...but after figuring out the location of said counter, it's a simple matter of experimentation to come to the conclusion that one doll out of 9 is added every 20 victories in sequential order, and that they're handled like regular disappearing objects but in reverse (ie by managing a low-numbered flag, which number matches the object's "Person ID")!

I thought I had already read about this on Bulbapedia, but surprisingly it's not actually there as of today - indeed my intention to document this feature was due to a request and not even one of the first random passerby; I wonder why I vaguely remember that fact, then?
Well, I finally got to try it out myself (got the suspicion while I was distracted by other things when I posted this topic), and it turns out that indeed the item isn't checked... but I also noticed you can't deposit balls or key items in FR/LG either in the first place ;D

It still stands out a bit, since the double check (item+flag) is implemented for the boat tickets, the flute, ...
Could someone try whether the lift can be used even if the key is deposited or otherwise removed?
It seems that the game only checks for a flag set while attempting to pick it up!
ARDS is notoriously screwy... makes me think they were made really shittily.
"Yes, without a doubt"
I wonder how many flashcards were sold or borrowed to repair them - I personally know of 6 incidents :)
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