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I know I should not normally post on a 4 month or older tread, but since it is stickied, I dont think it will change much. Is there any uptade about the Decamark list? The links are broken and the Newo program link is also dead.  I would like to know if semeone still have his program? Thanks in advance
Game Genie madness in the SNES and Sega Genesis port of Mortal Kombat for those interesed! I made both video

Super Nintendo Mortal Kombat 1

Sega Genesis Mortal Kombat 1

General Discussion / Re: Good to see this place alive!
« on: July 07, 2013, 01:17:23 pm »
Im also quite happy to find out that glitch city is still present. I first registered back in 2006 and now being 20 year old thing have little changed, still enjoying and glitching when I can
I never knew that they were a Gameshark code equivalent to the mew trick, thanks alot for that! But the video goal was to show every trainer sprite stored in the HEX list you could fight and not necessary all possible roster, but it might be a interesing route to take, but a MUCH LONGER one too!.

Im also aware of the ditto attack stage default is 07 and that can load different rosters, such as the three one for Prof.Oak (I remember long ago to have fought him with one of his non glitched roster, but It was already known at that time). For the rest, its always nice to have more and more knoweldge about Generation 1.

hello people! I would like to present you some video I made about the Glitch Trainers. I never saw semeone showing each glitch trainer in a video so I did my own. I did those video just for fun purpose. It show every Glitch Trainers from HEX C8 to FF with the help of the gameshark code. If you want to see a specific HEX value, just check the description of each video!






in Japanese GREEN

Tell me what you think of that and enjoy! If semeone can upload that to the wiki It would be greatly appreciated!
Change the level of the pokémon on the first slot of the party (All Foreign version of blue and red except japanese)

Wild Modifier (All Foreign version of blue and red except japanese)

Infinite Money (All Foreign version of blue and red except japanese)

Buy Anything at first slot (All Foreign version of blue and red except japanese)
Im going to do a complete research on a single HEX (HEX D2) in all version of pokémon red/blue and pokemon green, when it will be ready ill post it. The goal of the research is

1. To get info on the english version of HEX D2 (Thought research were already done)
2. Get info on the french version
3. Get info on the spanish/portugese version
4. Get info on the german version of HEX D2
5. Get info on the italian version (I could not verify if the glitches are exactly the same as the spanish/portugese counterpart)
6. Get info on the japanese blue version of HEX D2
7. Get info on the japanese green version of HEX D2

 The info ill add on each section will be as the follow
1.Basic Information
2.Pokédex screenshot/Summary Screenshot
3.Game Location
4. Base Stat on a average
5. Move
6. TM Move
7. Type Effectiveness
8. Evolution
9. Picture Gallery and/or video if there is special thing with the glitch
10. Notes and other informations

In the same manner , ill have to create a table of pokémon move for traduction purpose

NOTE: Ive choosen HEX D2 at random if semeone asked themselve why I choose that one specifically
Video Games Discussion / Re: Cartridge Tilting!
« on: December 22, 2012, 03:59:42 pm »
on Goldeneye 64, the game glitch in a very hilarous way

The following video explain pretty much many of the possible effect  (NOTE: this is not my video)

General Discussion / Re: Reunion Thread
« on: December 22, 2012, 03:51:12 pm »
I first subscribed here because this forum was (and still) about something that I loved as a kid, and I still do today at age 20 when I have time. I was active in 2006, a little some years ago and I recently did another comeback. Between all of those, its the school, real life friend changes, getting a job, starting a new passion of game collecting, thought ill never forget that I like to be a Glitcholog

These day, like Bert, im taking computer systems course (and also informatic and networking classes that goes with).
I know that in the bulbapedia wiki, on each move page, they translate it to all known language of the game at the bottom of the page, but it would be neat to have each move in different langage side by side. I could try to do this at least for the French/English while you could do the same for the spanish/english or the german/english

I will try today to study the Slot 00 in pokémon version bleue on an emulator (Even thought im from Quebec, Canada, they only sell the english USA version there)

Ill give you a shot of what 'M in the french version looks like probaly tonight. (even thought you already did some research, ill just add some extra information like the what happen when you fight him and its starting move)

Right now, before posting that, I tried the Gameshark Code 0100DDFC (French version of the pokemon capture modifier) to attempt catching 'M, and the game freeze everytime.
I found a way to catch him, at least. I just enter a pokemon battle (with gameshark off) and before throwing a pokeball I turn the gameshark code on. Im pretty sure this will work for every glitch that crash the game on encounter. After catching it, the pokédex showed up and caused me a UpCode error from the emulator. (I tried again and this do not crash). Like in the english version, 'M turn into a rhydon, so you need to catch him again.

I usually take alot of pictures and notes when studying glitches.

'M Starting Move in French Blue
Caught at level 0
Ultimawashi (Mega Kick)
Pistolet a O (Water Gun)
Pique (Sky Attack)
Pistolet a O (Water Gun)

EDIT2: Just a funny note : Ive never seen that in the english games, but if you try to encounter Glitch (HEX D3) the game will never enter the battle screen despite the music playing and the game get stuck (but never freeze). I would need a pokemon in the first party slot modifier, but I can't find it for the french version

EDIT3: Ive noticed a pattern here, as soon as you attempt encountering a glitched trainer or any glitch over C8, this will cause the game to stuck. Ive attempted to fight some glitch Between C1 and C8 and most of them do not crash and can be fought like a normal wild battle
It is possible to fight a Glitched Trainer version of Jessie & James in the yellow version? (Using Gameshark for pokemon encounter over C8) or its a special exception that the game put on the rocket class?
General Discussion / Re: Skype Usernames
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:47:48 pm »
Glitchologteam is my current name for now (and on skype), Darkness_LordII is such a old name...

Beware of my english however, its not a high quality thing

May be fun if we could create a group to talk about glitches in the pokemon games
General Discussion / Re: let's just get something straight
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:45:04 pm »
(side note)
i got 2 black pokemon days ago
Pokémon Glitch Discussion / Re: World's stupidest question
« on: December 21, 2012, 04:38:14 pm »
To catch a glitch pokemon C8 and beyond on a real system with gameshark

1. Turn on the gameshark code
2. Get into a wild pokemon battle
3. Right before having the black screen that transitionate between the overworld and battle screen, turn off the gameshark (This will cause the glitch pokemon to be without the trainer and take the form of the pokemon that it was supposed to be encounterd temporaly). This trick will never cause the game to crash except FA-FF (this can happen)
4. Before catching or defeating the glitch, turn the gameshark code back on.
5. The pokemon you will catch (unless converted into RHYDON) will be the glitch pokemon (there is no fusing, you will really catch the glitch pokemon like C7 and below)

This take some pratice, but its actually very easy to do.

Ive always wondered how pokemon trainer were coded in the game. Why going over C8 will make appear the trainer and the glitched pokemon, do they share the same slot or are ''fused'' into one? So far ive never seen a Glitch Trainer in the form of Yellow Jessie & James or Ash. If anyone has a picture or a video of a Glitched Jessie & James trainer, I would appreciate it
This is interesing, foreign version change some of the game code itself, which in turn cause the glitches to be sightly different. I could try to go back in the pokemon glitch scene and check out the french version of pokemon blue/red and yellow (since I can speak french natively). I think the hardest part would be to convert the move name into english word (which is not as easy as it sounds)
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