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Author Topic: Knuckles is Just Too Fast For His Own Good (Sonic 3 and Knuckles)  (Read 987 times)

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It's always awesome to be able to transform into Super Knuckles (or is it Hyper Knuckles?), but there's one thing I've noticed. Sometimes he just goes too fast, and it causes him to go through walls and floors, particularly in the zone that's halfway through the game (the one before the mushroom forest zone, I can't remember its name).

One thing that had happened to me multiple times is that I'll be going fast as Super Knuckles in the first stage, jump down to meet the multiple robot bosses waiting below...and go right through the floor and die ;<_<. I hate that.

The other time I've yet to repeat, but it was also near the end of the first stage. I was going fast as Super Knuckles, leapt up, went through a wall, and ended up in an odd glitch area with random pieces of stage floating about. I couldn't get out, though, so I died when the timer ran out.
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