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Author Topic: Re: ItemDexJP/B:000 theory  (Read 135 times)

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Re: ItemDexJP/B:000 theory
« on: December 19, 2018, 11:02:08 am »
Thank you for your lovely thorough reply Epsilon.

Yes, I had tested item 0x63 before and got the same results as you; item 0x63 was the only potential LOL glitch compatible item not executing a writable memory region.

About there being no need of a screen data saving glitch item (for 0x00/0x63 LG), this may not be true; as in the English games a copy of the screen without the Start menu being open is saved into memory once opening the menu. The purpose of the screen data saving glitch item (e.g. EN 9F) is to save what is on the menu into memory rather than from the overworld.

Hopefully we can find away to avoid the freeze when the item is used in battle. ✿

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Thank you Nyapon for this lovely artwork. :3