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Author Topic: Superglitch strikes again  (Read 885 times)

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Superglitch strikes again
« on: March 05, 2007, 07:19:14 am »
Where to begin... I'm surprised more people haven't been playing around with this glitch... it's ridiculous! It seems like every time you do it, something different happens...

It also seems to behave differently in different environments. I was fiddling around with it on VBA at first. What I was trying to do was get the "Deposit scrolling glitch", or whatever the heck you really call it, so I could access the "Pokemon" beyond slot 6.

It took a strange combination of viewing the Pokemon's stats (superglitch attack "BE" equipped) out of battle, viewing the attack menu, using the attack once, then entering another battle. I'm annoyed that I didn't save any of the exact steps... but I was trying things at random since it wasn't working at first, and didn't think to do that. This is rather bad, since the game is really picky about what you do to activate the glitch... including whether you press A or B to cycle through the glitch menus.

It finally did the strange poison/burn/freeze glitch, where it gives "boosted exp" when the opponent dies (after draining an abnormally long bar), and causes several monsters to level up in a chaotic fashion. I was even lucky enough that none of them evolved, which seems to end the game.

After that was all said and done, I played around for a bit. My name was a huge row of glitch blocks, longer than the screen could display. I also couldn't access my Pokemon menu... which seems to be a stumbling block for the experiment. I eventually got the idea that if you deposit the 6 normal monsters in the party, you can actually access the Pokemon menu normally (you can even scroll down past 6). I did this, and managed to get a Mewtwo out of the deal, amongst other things.

My big idea was that, since your file is ROYALLY screwed once you initiate this glitch, perhaps I could get into the trade booth and send some glitch monsters over. This brings me to my other story...

I mentioned that the Superglitch behaves differently under different environments. That's because when I sent a fresh, unglitched savefile over to TGB Dual, something vastly different happened when I performed the glitch again.

I'm almost positive that I hit the B button when I opened the attack menu, and the string of letters and numbers appeared as a scroll box. When I did, the game immediately crashed. When I started it up again.... I saw some very weird stuff. The Pokemon would scroll by as they usually did, except now they were partially corrupted in a "Missingno. like" fashion.

What was so interesting was the way that they were corrupted. The individual tiles of each Pokemon were often stretched and skewed in a bizzare fashion, and many of the tiles were pallet-swapped. In other instances, there'd be an "echo" of the Pokemon image "lagging" behind it by a few pixels. In still others, and this is by far the weirdest, the entire image of the Pokemon would be replicated several times over, and crammed into a smaller space taking up about 2 by 2 tiles each.

And while sometimes the game would display "The save file was destroyed!" message at the continue screen... if you wait for the right moment at the title screen before hitting the button, you can actually bypass that error and start the game. The game itself is also extremely glitchy in a similar fashion. The terrain sometimes behaves like the glitch city... and at random, the game will just vaporize itself instantly and crash if you walk around.

While I don't have any save files from my first experiment on VBA (I did, but they got wiped)... I do have a battery file, Snapshot, and several screenshots of the mutant Pokemon glitches. I'm attaching one that I'd have to say is the freakiest out of all of them... although perhaps not the weirdest. I will post the rest later after I have converted them to jpgs and edited them.
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Re: Superglitch strikes again
« Reply #1 on: March 05, 2007, 08:04:30 am »
Well, here it is. All the pictures I took, the battery file, and the TGB snapshot.

Thoughts on the matter:

-It seems to me that this facet of the superglitch debunks the idea that the glitch tiles represent a "partially deleted Pokemon". You can clearly see the processes that the Pokemon images go through to become fully glitched.

-If the image of a single Pokemon can be squished into 2 by 2 tiles, it could be that each individual tile of certain glitch Pokemon are heavily squashed images of existing Pokemon.
HEY, that's mine!


Why'd you do that!?

cause it was his...