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Author Topic: Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands  (Read 2932 times)

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Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands
« on: June 08, 2007, 01:12:52 pm »
#glitchcity has always had a bot named Slartibartfast. Before that, #superglitch had Devastar, but the idea's basically the same. Slartibartfast is a bot - a computer program designed to perform specific functions. The name of Slartibartfast is derived from the name of Slartibartfast, a secondary character from the Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy trilogy of five books.

So what the f**k does it do?
Slartibartfast keeps track of channel privileges and the user list at the bottom of the forum index. It ties your IRC nick in with your forum account. To identify yourself to Slartibartfast and make it recognize you, use the command:
  • /msg Slartibartfast identify <login name> <forum password>
This is very similar to the NickServ identify command. Additionally, if your nick is the same as your login name, you can omit the login name parameter.

Once you identify yourself to Slartibartfast, you will be set the appropriate usermodes (admin, op, half-op, voice). If you leave and then rejoin, Slartibartfast will remember you (however, if you quit, it will log you out). Additionally, your nick on the "Users On IRC" list will be hyperlinked to your forum profile.

Addendum: Now all users who identify themselves get automatically voiced.

NOTE: If your forum username has a space in it, you need to enclose it within spaces. So no
  • /msg Slartibartfast identify Person with Spaces MyPassword300
  • /msg Slartibartfast identify Person_with_Spaces MyPassword300
it must be
  • /msg Slartibartfast identify "Person with Spaces" MyPassword300

Privileged users can modify the auth list through the forum's Groups interface. Admins are allowed to modify the Op and Halfop lists, while the Voice list can be managed by mostly anyone in the above groups:

  • /msg Slartibartfast is identified <nick>
IS IDENTIFIED checks to see if a given user has identified himself to Slartibartfast yet. This was originally written to assist fivequestionmarks in authenticating users for proposed enhancements to the greeting function.

Commands only available to bot operators
(note: the bot operators list looks something like this)
Code: [Select]
@bot_operators = @(1);
  • /msg Slartibartfast say <channel> <text>
Makes Slartibartfast say some text on a channel.
  • /msg Slartibartfast action <channel> <text>
Makes Slartibartfast action some text on a channel.
  • /msg Slartibartfast join <channel>
Makes Slartibartfast join a channel.
  • /msg Slartibartfast part <channel>
Makes Slartibartfast part a channel.
  • /msg Slartibartfast mode <channel> <modes>
Makes Slartibartfast set modes on a channel.
  • /msg Slartibartfast eval <code>
Makes Slartibartfast evaluate some Sleep code (Sleep is the language used to script Slartibartfast). Note that the print function sends text directly to the output console and not back to you, use msg("<nickname>","<text>") instead for the desired effect. If it is feasible, a weaker version of EVAL (limited to single statements and without any state-modifying code) may be made for the general public.

Slartibartfast may, in the future, support further IRC-forum integration.

At this time, Slartibartfast no longer supports the !attack command (if you don't know what it is, it doesn't concern you)
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Also adrianmalacoda or kuschelyagi in some places.


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Re: Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands
« Reply #1 on: June 08, 2007, 02:17:17 pm »
Would it be feasible to have Slartibartfast do IRC notification of new posts and topics? I've seen it done with other bots, albeit with custom board software...

It's not an immediate need or anything, but it would be a very nice feature to have.


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Re: Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands
« Reply #2 on: June 08, 2007, 03:01:41 pm »
It would be quite feasible and I'm sure I could add it after fixing up the basic routines, which seem to be a bit buggy at the moment.
A. Malacoda,


Also adrianmalacoda or kuschelyagi in some places.


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Re: Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands
« Reply #3 on: June 13, 2007, 10:11:33 pm »
Slartibartfast now properly recognizes +h,+a, and +q (modes that the PircBot framework on which it is based do not support).

Additionally, now it +q's itself on join, and (should) auto-reconnect when it disconnects. This means I don't have to manually op it all the time.

edit: taken from S2beta's IRC network, this might be what Slartibartfast will be capable of in the future:
Welcome to the future.

If you're reading this, it'd because you're a n00b, and you need to learn TEH NEW IRC

Scarlet IRC solutions provides a multitude of ways that you and your peers can use
the collaborative medium known as real-time chat.  lolz.

So heres a picture:

[YOU] <--your iSP--> [IRC SERVER] <--really complex s**t--> [S2BETA FORUMS]

So here are the major changes:

    1.  You can login to your forum account from IRC.  You do this with:
        /LOGIN [<profile name> <password>]
        Your 'profile name' is a dot (.) followed by your forum login name
        without any spaces.  For example, ".shade" or ".doctorivorobotnik".
        Whenever i talk about your 'profile name' in the future, i will be
        talking about this. 
        Once you've logged on, any command that requires "profile name" can
        be replaced with "." and it will refer to your current profile.
        If you've logged in successfully, you'll see something like:
            * .tweaker You are successfully logged in.
            * .tweaker Last login was 1day 18hrs 52mins 22secs ago from tweaker[user@host]
            * .tweaker Fetching your profile information from the beta server...
            *** s2beta sets mode: +t

    2.    You can also logout of your forum account:
    3.  While you're logged in, your whois will contain lotsa info about you,
        including your login name, display name, post count, last post date,
        what type of member you are (Tech member, trial member, etc), your
        AIM/YIM/ICQ/MSN/Website info from your profile.
        If you'd also like to show your e-mail address, you can do
        /MODE . +p <-- Note that this is not a usermode, it is a 'profile mode' change.
    4.  By default, your usermode will be "+t", which means that you will
        recieve notifications when new forum topics appear for forums that you
        have access to.  You can turn this off with "/MODE <your nick> -t".
        +t notifications look like this:
        -(s2beta)- New topic in 'General discussion': 'Why is my weiner so small?' by
        Tweaker 23secs ago.
Registering nicknames and s**t:

    1.  While logged in, change to the nickname you want to register, and then do:
        /REGISTER <nickname>
    2.  Once your nickname is registered, no one can use it but you.  To use your
        registered nickname, either log in first (if you're already online), or do:
        /NICK <nickname> <forum password>
        which will also log you in at the same time.  If you want to use your registered
        nickname from the get-go, you can set your "connection password" in your IRC client
        to the forum password  (doesn't work for CGI::IRC peoplez).
    3.  To get rid of your registered nickname,  just do /drop <nickname>.
    4.  You don't need a registered nickname to be on auto-op lists, etc.. just a profile.
    5.  COOL s**t
        Someone can send you messages (/msg) to your registered nickname while you're offline,
        and it will go into your profile's "mailbox.".  This requires profile mode +f, which
        is on by default.  (You can turn this off with /pmode -f).
        You'll see any mail you have when you login:
            * .alexis You have new mail (103 messages from 1 source).
        And just do /MAIL to view your mailbox:
            * O Sazpaimon, 103 messages, 8mins 39secs ago [BUTTPIXPLZ]
        It will show you a line for each person you have mail from, starting with the type
        (O means offline messages), how many messages, when the last one was, and a short
        truncation of the first message.
        To read a person's mail, just do /MAIL <their nick> as it appears in the mailbox.       
        It will show up in a query window.  Reading mail also erases it.
    6.  MORE COOL s**t
        If you set profile mode +a (/pmode +a), any PM's you get while /away will also
        wind up in your mailbox.  They'll show up as type A.
    7.    SUPER COOL s**t
        You can manually send someone mail by doing /msg .their_profile_name.  It will
        show up in their mailbox as type M.
Channel s**t:

    You might see some weird s**t going on in the channel.  It's supposed to be there.
    The first thing you might notice is that ops (hitler) are able to set ops, halfops,
    and voice on s**t like masks (*!*@*, profile names (.Gen), and
    regular expressions (/^.*!.*@.*$/).  This is all part of the *AUTO-OP* system.
    Adding/removing s**t from auto-op/auto-hop/auto-voice looks just like you're opping
    hopping or voicing someone.  Observe:
        *** Tweaker sets mode:  +v .Gen
    That's him adding Gen's profile mask to auto-voice.  Anyone that logs into gen's profile
    (hopefully only Gen) and joins the channel will be voiced.
    You'll see that s**t in action when you see people setting modes on themselves as they
    join the channel:
        *** Tweaker has joined #s2beta
        *** Tweaker sets mode: +q Tweaker
    You'll also see some random s**t you've never seen before, like the channel talking on
    itself to tell people important s**t, but you don't need to worry about that.


    1.  The server automatically shoves your last logged in IP from the forums on your
    auto-allow list (/pmode +e).  If the IP you're IRC'ing from is on this list, you don't
    need the password when logging in (e.g. /LOGIN .name)

    2.  If #1 applies to you, and your nickname is the same as your username,
    (e.g. your nick is Gen and your profile is .Gen), then you only need to do /LOGIN
    (with nothing after it).  Easy as fucking pie.

Reference Sextion

    Profile Modes (/MODE .profile_name or /PMODE)
        +a        Forward messages I recieve while /away to my /mail box.
        +b mask    Adds a mask to your deny list.  Masks on that can't login to your profile.
        +e mask    Adds a mask to your auto-allow list.  Masks on that do not need your password
                to login.
        +f        Forward messages I recieve while offline to my /mail box.
        +p        Public e-mail address.
        +m        Don't let people send me mail by /msg .profile'ing me.
        +s mask    Adds a mask to your silence-copy list.  Masks here are copied to your /SILENCE
                list when you login.
        +u mode    Set this mode on me when I login.
        +k pass    Change your profile's password.  Don't use this because it will keep updating
                your password from the forums.  Change it there and then logout
                and back in (twice).
        +R        Don't accept mail from people that aren't logged in.

Fun fact: The above explanation uses the word "s**t" 12 times.
« Last Edit: June 13, 2007, 10:16:03 pm by Abwayax »
A. Malacoda,


Also adrianmalacoda or kuschelyagi in some places.


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Re: Slartibartfast Introduction - The New Bot and its Commands
« Reply #4 on: October 08, 2007, 11:28:20 pm »
Version 2.0a3 update
A. Malacoda,


Also adrianmalacoda or kuschelyagi in some places.