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Author Topic: Glitch Wars Explanation & Evolution  (Read 3175 times)

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Glitch Wars Explanation & Evolution
« on: December 08, 2007, 12:09:40 am »
This is an intro I used when I posted the site on a Pokemon glitch forum back in 2005. I rediscovered it and annotated it to illustrate the revisions made to the plot and concept between then and now. It could serve both to explain wtf is going on and to highlight the evolution of the series over the years (Yes, it took me years to come up with this crap)

(Title was originally "The War Continues" but that sounded too dorkish)
This is meh fanfic. It's about a 30+ year old guy named Abwayax and a 1000+ year old phoenix (named The Phoenix, obviously) (Note: The character Argo Phoenix used to be an actual phoenix) who are members of a secret organization. Teh exciting, isn't it? *sarcasm*
Anyway, this organization, called the Pokemon/Glitch Police (or PGP) (Note''' Name was changed to Pokemon/Glitch Patrol in 2007 I presume), keeps the peace in a world ravaged by two criminal teams. The first, Team Normal, seeks to destroy all Glitches (single-cellular organisms who created an empire long ago and are the evolutionary precursors of normal people and Pokemon), led by a Council, which is led (currently) by a woman called Fran. The second is the Glitch Protection Syndicate, which on the front protects Glitches from the acts of Team Normal and other anti-Glitchists. Behind that front, however, is an organization dedicated to taking over the world and re-establishing the ancient Glitch Empire. GPS' leader, Jacred, is supposedly the direct descendant of the Glitch Emperor himself.
Note: The following contains spoilers that would reveal what happens in the 3rd Glitch Zone book (which I also wrote), but to heck with Glitch Zone, I've dropped it. Go guess what Red does. So take this spoiler instead, so you're up to date.
Four years before this story (which takes place in 1997), a boy named Red was inducted into the PGP (The PGP's neophyte practices were disowned long ago). Team Normal attempted to destroy Glitch City with several bombs, in what they called Plan Extermination. Extermination was thwarted by Agent ?|agents ? and Nob, however we had paid a price.
The PGP was previously led by a Council, much like Team Normal's. The council was staffed by highly intelligent Pokemon (Note: The Council was changed to humans in 2007, although they keep the Pokemon names as codenames) (who spoke English BTW): Brent (Note: Given the full name of Brent Duke in the revision) (the leader, a Machamp), Veronica (Note: Named Veronica Duke, is now Brent's sister) (Brent's wife, vice leader, another Machamp), Kendra (Note: Kendra Vermillion) (a Raichu), Lance (Note: Lance Voll) (a Ponyta), Beth (Note: Beth Farland) (a Poliwhirl), Ryan (Note: Ryan Marsh) (a Psyduck), and Ethel (Note: Ethel Williams) (the only human (Note: See above for humanity notes), a wise Sage). During Plan Extermination, Team Normal sent freelance assassin Owen, a similarly intelligent Raticate (Note: Owen Baker is not a Raticate in the revision), to assassinate the Council members. In all the chaos that ensued, only Kendra and Ethel escaped. Their whereabouts are unknown.
Agent ? has since taken leadership of PGP.
For four years since, nothing happened (Note: Not true, in fact, when I get around to it I'll write about what happened in that time period). We assumed Glitch Protection Syndicate and Team Normal were each readying another plan. We were right. They had waited for years, assuming we'd get bored or something. Then, at September 1997, Glitch Protection Syndicate made the first move.
(Note: The story is narrated in the first person)
Intro from TGS2:
First of all... This story is cool (Note: Not really... lol j/k). Really cool. If you don't read it, you'll probably go through the rest of your life feeling... empty. Like you missed a big opportunity. Well, this is it. Adventures of Abwayax and Phoenix, the sensational adventures (Note: Excessive use of hyperbole to attempt to goad passers-by into reading a shitty fanfic) of secret agents Abwayax, 34 (Note: 32 in the revision), and The Phoenix, 1000 (Note: Argo Phoenix is a 19-year-old boy in the revision). They are members of a secret underground group known as the Pokemon/Glitch Police (or PGP) (Note: Pokemon/Glitch Patrol in the revision), who keep the peace in this time of tension and conflict.
The PGP itself was founded a while back (I think sometime in 1991 (Note: 1990 in the revision. Kinda weird because later on the intro states that the organization was founded in 1992)) by a wise Sage named Ethel, who had somehow forseen the need for a peace-keeping group. She was able to find a number of helpers: intelligent Pokemon (Note: Humans in the revision, who use Pokemon names as codenames) who shared her ideals: Brent (a Machamp), Veronica (another Machamp, Brent's wife), Kendra (a Raichu), Beth (a Poliwhirl), Lance (a Ponyta), and Ryan (a Psyduck). These unusual Pokemon and Ethel together formed a Council, with Brent at the head. For three years, this Council surveilled Pokemon trainers around the world who they thought would be good additions to their team. When the time came, they asked them. They all said yes... back then, it was said the Council (Beth especially) had extremely powerful techniques of persuasion (and no, we're not talking torture (or hypnosis either) here). I was one of those selected... in fact, here's the list of Original Members:
* Me (Note: Given the full name of Abwayax Kauchaomai in the revision; formerly, he was known as "Professor Glitch" and his (assumed) last name was thus "Glitch") (a Scientist, later promoted to Agent)
* ? (a Super Agent/Gym Leader (Note: The Glitch Mountain League idea is for the most part dropped and does not recur in the storyline with the exception of Prelude to Total War#Book_3:7_Return_to_the_Glitch_Zone_.282002.29|3:5))
* STPkBP (a Super Agent/Inspector)
* Nob (Note: Given the full name of Nob Macmillian in the revision) (an Agent/Juggler)
* Old Man Garrett (Note: Full name Garrett Osborn) (an Agent)
* Dr. Quinn (Note: Full name Quinn Quagmire) (a Scientist)
* Doug (Note: Full name Doug Nickelback) (an Agent/Gentleman, best friend of Alfred)
* Alfred (Note: Full name Alfred Finnigan) (an Agent/Gentleman, best friend of Doug)
* Lewis (Note: Full name Lewis Falcon) (a Teacher)
* Jo (Note: Full name Jo Kirill) (an Agent/Burglar, twin of Zoe)
* Zoe (Note: Full name Zoe Kirill) (an Agent/Burglar, twin of Jo)
This was essentially the staff of PGP during THE GLITCH ZONE (my other fanfic), plus a few students.
PGP members have several ranks:
* Council: obviously, the leaders
* Super Agent (Note: Agent Superior in the revision): another leadership rank, relayed info/missions from Council to rest and made battle plans
* Inspector: I dunno what these guys did... I think they inspected/supervised the headquarters and other members to make sure they were working
* Agent: did the dirty work
* Scientist: stayed safe in the lab, analyzing Glitches, ancient runes, and other things
* Teacher: taught classes in PGP Academy
* Graduate: those who graduated PGP Academy (which was tough, let me tell you) and occasionally got Agent or Scientist intern work
* Student: someone taking classes at PGP Academy
As I said, the times back then were full of conflic and tension. Especially between two demographics: the Glitches, and the Normals:
(Note: "Normal" does not refer to the Pokemon type Normal, but to non-glitched)
Glitches: Single-celled organisms covered in data who used to rule the world. In ancient times, they were a mighty Empire who used Humans and Normal Pokemon as slaves until the Human rebellion leader slayed the Glitch Emperor. At that moment, Glitches were driven off the newly-claimed Human land and slowly forgotten... The ancient Glitch ruins may still exist somewhere...
They found their way to an alternate dimension and established a world of their own, with no Humans or unglitched beings to bother them. Glitch City is the Capital of this new world. They also forgot the former Human slaves over time...
Humans and Normal Pokemon (The Unglitched): Evolutionary descendants of Glitches (Note: In the early drafts, this was a widely known fact, however, in the revised version the Humans' evolutionary line is unknown and one of the things that is unveiled near the end of the plot). When first found by the Glitch Emperor, they were deemed a slave race and put to work for thousands of years. Ancient Normality did not like this, so they striked back. When the Glitch Emperor was slain, the Glitches fled, out of the Normal eye for thousands of years... The Normals continued to build their world.
The two worlds lived seperate until 1971 (Note: This date is presumably now in the late 1930s.), when a Portal opened up near the Beach of Cinnabar. The first Glitches known to modern man, MissingNO. and 'M, came through this Portal. In 1976 the first Glitch was found by Man, and rumors flew (Note: Changed to 1943. Fun fact: Garrett is presumed to be the first Human who encountered MissingNo). Some said it was a computer virus; others said it was a clone gone wrong (Apparently, to this day the "clone" rumor is prevalent.).
Relations opened up between the two Worlds in 1979. While the existence of Glitches were kept secret from the general population (except for the rumors), people came to suspect the government was hiding something. These Glitch-hunters found Glitch City sometime in the early '80s (Note: 1965 in the revised version). When the existence of a new world of glitches was revealed, Normal glitch scientists were ecstatic, and the general public finally learned of glitches.
And then came a phenomenon well known to humanity: intolerance. Ku Klux Klan-like groups formed for the sole purpose of going into Glitch City and wreaking havoc. These mini-Klans eventually gave way to a new group: Team Normal.
Team Normal was first established in 1987 (Note: 1986 in the revision). Its sole purpose is to destroy all Glitches. They believe Glitches are damage-causing virus-parasites and that the only thing they deserve is extinction. The founder of Team Normal was a woman named Fran (Note: Fran Willow). Along with her high-school buddies Caroline (Note: Caroline Bright), Carol (Note: Carol Lindberg), Irene (Note: Irene Johnson), Brenda (Note: Brenda Oliver), and Cassie (Note: Cassie Goering), she founded Team Normal and garnered lots of support among the Kanto people. She got many members. Among her members: Berke the Birdkeeper (Note: Berke Richardson), who enjoys collecting Flying Pokemon and lynching 'Ms (Note: No 'Ms were harmed in the making of this story), Hope the Skier (Note: Hope Smith), Hope's boyfriend Huey (Note: Huey MacDonald), and a whole gamut of Skiers and SnowBoarders who followed Hope (Note: These secondary Team Normal characters are not used in the later stories, although canonically they still exist - perhaps like the various Rockets that don't make many appearances throughout the cartoon series).
Protective Glitches created another organization to protect themselves: Glitch Protection Syndicate (GPS). While, in 1986 (Note: 1988 in the revision), it started out as a legitimate operation, the leader, Jacred (supposedly a direct descendant of the legendary Glitch Emperor) became obsessed with re-establishing his royal family's empire. Key members: Executive, a high-ranking administrator; PokePC, a powerful Glitch trainer; and Clefable, an expert on PokeWTrainers.
In 1989 the first big battle between the two groups occured. In Victory Road, the Battle of Victory Road (what else?) was tough. Many Pokemon were near death. Fortunately, no deaths occured (on either side).
Sage Ethel, worried about the Battle of Victory Road, got PGP together in 1992 (Note: 1990 in the revision). In 1993 (Note: actually should read 1994 due to a misreading of 1:2, which happens a year after 1:1, which happens in 1993), Team Normal's next big attack happened.
Team Normal planned to infilitrate Glitch City and detonate a bunch of bombs. Fortunately, we were able to stop them. But we suffered losses: During Plan Extermination, Team Normal sent freelance assassin Owen to assassinate all the Council members. In all the chaos that ensued, only Kendra and Ethel were able to escape. Their wereabouts are still unknown. STPkBP was also killed during a Team Normal siege of our HQ.
Four years later... this happens. What happened during those four years? Nothing (Note: Again, simply not true.) . How odd. o_O


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Re: Glitch Wars Explanation & Evolution
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2008, 06:11:05 am »
What the f**k does that video have to do with this topic?



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Re: Glitch Wars Explanation & Evolution
« Reply #3 on: August 27, 2008, 07:11:27 pm »
It doesn't.

*WOM +10*