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Author Topic: Spyro 3 Glitches: Project Caspar  (Read 1116 times)

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Spyro 3 Glitches: Project Caspar
« on: December 16, 2007, 01:36:39 pm »
I discovered 2 glitches for the game a while ago. Well, kinda 3. I will post a glitch thats not mine, but is important.
Glitch 1: Fly underwater in Mushroom Speedway
It helps to be in Time Attack Mode (aka you got the Egg)
Right when you start Time Attack, turn right and go past the big mushroom with the butterflies.  Fly onto the ground infront of you. There should be a Mushroom on that piece of land. Go behind it and you'll see a blue triangle behind the 'shroom. This missing Polygon is just big enough for Spyro to fit through. Jump into it. Spyro will either hover for a second and fall through, or just hover. If he hovers, press X to get out. (but you have to tilt the control stick too) If he falls through, Press X as soon as possible so you don't die c:

I'll post more glitches if this one goes well.


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Re: Spyro 3 Glitches: Project Caspar
« Reply #1 on: December 18, 2007, 03:08:59 pm »
I tested this, but did not work on my game(this is for Year of the Dragon.) Nevertheless, I must say that Enter the Dragonfly was insanely glitchy(at one point all the arms of the ninja dudes in the dojo area turned into long black polygons.), but I've heard it was fine for other people  :???:.Post more if you find any, and test this for yourself.