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Author Topic: Using and Abusing the ZZAZZ glitch...  (Read 1538 times)

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Using and Abusing the ZZAZZ glitch...
« on: January 11, 2008, 04:11:39 pm »
I've been messing around a bit with the ZZAZZ glitch, and found a couple of non-documented interesting stuff:

1- My line up used to be Haunter-Golbat-Wigglytuff-Dodrio. Now, it's Bulbasaur-Bulbasaur-Wiglytuff-Bulbasaur-Dodrio (the last Dodrio doesn't seem to be anything; just something a messed-up game would do to confuse somebody. It's not really important, but I never saw anything like this documented, so...).

     - I noticed my name was now ZZHZZAZZ, and my trainer image was totally scrambled. The glitch, however, did not seem to have really changed my hall of fame (as it was already glitchy, this might be unimportant, but I didn't notice any major changes).

2- I Bottomed Up a TM. For some reason, the game went berserk. Two glitched up dialogue boxes appeared, followed by the "Waiting..." sign. A few seconds later, the game went pitch black. TOTALLY black. The black didn't seem to go away, so I just turned the game off, back on, and did the glitch again. My game data was intact. Weird-o.

3- I did it again, now with a different TM. It happened again. So it wasn't just random stuff. Coolness.

4- I did the glitch yet again. Gave two Rare Candies to each one of the beasts. They evolved to Venusaur, and their healthbars (which had been overstretched), went back to normal (except to that annoying Dodrio...). Nice.

5- I killed all 4 of them, and went straight back to the Pokécenter.

6- I deposited them, and the weird Dodrio was now the Cancel button in the box (similar to how it happens in the Q glitch. Or not), withdrew other pokémon (WITHOUT changing any boxes), and withdrew them again. The weird Dodrio was now gone, and my party seemed totally normal (except for the fact that I had 4 Exploding Venusaurs at level 155). My Trainer Stats were now normal (apart from the fact that I was called ZZHZZAZZ). I tried to give a TM to one of them. It worked now. Coolness.

I might update this text if I find anything else. Please notice that messing around with the ZZAZZ glitch might seriously harm your game, so don't do this at home, and don't leave it near children. And do not attempt to do it while driving. Nor drinking. Nor both. I'm not responsible to any damage to your game data. Or your game. Or your face. Whatever.

By the way, I DO have yellow...
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Re: Using and Abusing the ZZAZZ glitch...
« Reply #1 on: February 08, 2008, 07:35:04 pm »
I've had odd stuff happen sometimes when I've tried to teach Pokemon new moves. While I've never gotten the "Waiting" message, I have gotten a huge dialogue box with nothing but nonsense text that made the sound slowly turn off and froze the game (TMTRAINER Effect?)

Just open your eyes and see that




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Re: Using and Abusing the ZZAZZ glitch...
« Reply #2 on: February 09, 2008, 02:19:52 pm »
If it were in battle it would be the TMTRAINER effect.
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Re: Using and Abusing the ZZAZZ glitch...
« Reply #3 on: April 01, 2008, 09:35:09 am »
It is quite weird, indeed. But then, when the pok?mons got stable, I could teach new moves as I whiched, which means that the glitchy-data-which-gets-everything-messed-up-and-may-delete-your-game is in the glitchy pok?mon...
Or it may be that annoying dodrio...
Well, whatever...