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Author Topic: Yami's Pokemon Yellow (GBA) Progress.  (Read 691 times)

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Yami's Pokemon Yellow (GBA) Progress.
« on: February 08, 2008, 03:43:05 pm »
Okay, here, I'll be posting/talking about, YM on my cartridge, Yellow, and how he and my game are doing.
I caught it, during the Mew Trick, of some sort, and he didn't crash me, that time. He may crash, but all you have to so is, have the sound on, the music will fade, and the screen will be black, but just wait. And he'll appear, sooner later. Try and weaken him, to a red HP level, and make sure he's either paralyzed/asleep, and throw whatever you got at him, until he is caught, but best to stock up on Pokeballs, or whatever you're using, and make sure you have a very strong Pokemon. He'll appear at lvl 7, and when you catch him, he'll still be 7, or did what mine did, drop to lvl 1. You can check on his stats, he'll appear well his party icon, does change, to all sorts of weird things. Once you've looked at his stats, when you go into battle, you're sprite will be scrambled, and when you fight a trainer, he/she will be facing the other way, and will their Pokemon. if a Pokemon uses Tackle, Growl, or anything, that'll lower your stats, or charges at you, like Tackle, that Pokemon will be scrambled, as well. Yellow MissingNo. has no "dangerous" effects, not that I've had. My Pokemon Yellow, is very very old, I've had it the day Pokemon Yellow was released into the UK. And that was a long time ago. I currently am raising Primeape. My Pikachu, is on my Red/Stadium. Also when you defeat a Trainer, his or her sprite, will be come scrambled.

Here's my YM Stats:
Nickname: Ketsuban
lvl: 1
Lvl when first caught: 7
Type1/Normal Type/2[block]99
OT/Melody (It's a name, from the girl Melody, from the Pokemon 2000 Moive.)
Attacks: Pay Day, Water Gun.
Status: Okay.
EXP Points: 136684
EXP Points until lvl 2: 640390.
Cry: Rhydon.

Right now, I'm currently heading, towards, Fuchsia City. Also YM, has no sprite when you look at his stats, but he has a yellow-red sprite when he's sent out into battle. I plan on, taking Yellow MissingNo. to the Elite Four, and see what he can do there. Well, not let him, battle, I mean what he does to the HoF. I would take photos, but my scanner, doesn't seem to respond to my computer, but it's fine on my other.
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