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Author Topic: Why do people like glitches?  (Read 3306 times)

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Re: Why do people like glitches?
« Reply #15 on: May 15, 2007, 12:17:42 am »
4.  I don't have the source in front of me, so I still don't know.
Could we run the damn thing through a disassembler or something? That's what the Sonic guys do to find out stuff like that.
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Re: Why do people like glitches?
« Reply #16 on: May 15, 2007, 06:26:12 pm »
4.  I don't have the source in front of me, so I still don't know.
Could we run the damn thing through a disassembler or something? That's what the Sonic guys do to find out stuff like that.
We could, but it wouldn't work right in that it would interpret data as coding, and thus give invalid opcodes at times and such. Another option is to use a debugger, which will be more precise. Disassembling is just so time-consuming, which is why only a few games have been reverse-engineered that way (several Sonic games and the original Metroid are the only ones I know of that have been completely disassembled).

I've done some disassembling of Crystal myself, but not much. It certainly helps, though, that I have a huge list of data offsets that I've compiled so I have a good idea of where data ends and coding begins.


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Re: Why do people like glitches?
« Reply #17 on: June 02, 2007, 10:25:25 am »
you know, I've never really thought about it that much. but I guess why people like glitches is because of the sense of mystery that the subject of glitches bring. it's like you've completly beaten the game and it had become boring, but then you discover the vast realm of glitches, and it suddenly becomes interesting again. why is this so? it's that sense of mystery that bring a feeling of excitement to that person. and it's that  sense of knowladge of a little-known mystery that gives the person a feeling of joy. and I think that being able to do or have that is not supposed to happen or be there gives people a feeling of enjoyment of the fact that this glitch is doing something that does not normally occur. though there are people who fear that something outside the normal programming is a very bad thing. normally yes, there are some side-effects that aren't excatly a good thing, but not enough to erase your entire game. these people that fear glitches, seem to think that the opposite is true. and yet others look to other games for glitches, seeing if they exist in other games. and yet the realm of glitches is far greater that any one can comprend. the glitches aren't restricted to just a few games, there could be hundreds of games with glitches awaiting the day that they would be found. and so I say: "Glitches take many forms, shapes, and sizes. so keep and open eye in whatever game you play, 'cause the future of glitches is bright, and no game is glitch-proof."
[ and these are my thoughts on glitches, though if you ask me it seems more like an observation, but that's beside the point. and I can remember the first glitch I ever discovered (though somebody else showed me how to do it ) was the Glitch City and Missingno. when I first discovered this, I thought is was the coolest thing I'd ever seen. a few years later I had an AR and quite offenly relied on it. and one of those cheat codes corrupted the daycare center in Emerald and I had two bad eggs that had an egg(I was VERY shocked about this) and procedded to hatch it. it hatched into a lv.25 egg and knew thunderpunch and when I gave it a rare candy, it instantly shot up to lv.100(and shockingly enough it could battle, but not in a battle frontier building. you know it's wierd to see an egg battle). so I decided to search the web to see if this had happened to anyone else. and when I discovered this website, and the vast abount of glitches that reside in the game, I decided I was going to study glitches and there various effects. I wonder what I'd be doing now if that person had never shown me that glitch] (whew, that was a lot of typing)
so true,so true.
not even D/P is glitchproof;D
no game is glitch proof.