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What religion do you believe in? Do not trash other people's beliefs.

Flying Spaghetti Monsterism
I'm an atheist.
I'm agnostic.
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Author Topic: Religion  (Read 21920 times)

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Re: Religion
« Reply #75 on: February 19, 2019, 10:53:50 am »
I'm atheist Buddhist now if that makes sense. Find anarchy to be yourself unless you don't want to.
Not many people get that Buddhism is mainly a set of ideals, and isn't necessarily a religion in itself. Even atheists can be Buddhist due to that, so that's not weird.

i'm also on keybase and bitchute but i don't have nifty buttons for those. Bitchute isn't ready yet, but will be eventually.


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Re: Religion
« Reply #76 on: February 19, 2019, 07:25:18 pm »
I don't believe in organized religion myself, though I do believe that there is a Heaven and Hell and I also believe in reincarnation. Yes that probably seems a bit strange now doesn't it? But I feel that people get sent to the afterlife, and can by request get reincarnated if they felt that they haven't fulfilled a goal in their other life. Because I believe in reincarnation, I also believe in past life recollection. I don't believe that it's a hoax, how would people know specific events if they never once read about it or experienced it in their current life? But I also believe in the paranormal, those spirits that are left to walk in the living world but cannot be seen by the living, I believe they're just lost and can't figure out where to go.


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Re: Religion
« Reply #77 on: September 10, 2019, 03:24:00 pm »
There are "necessarily true things", though, because otherwise nobody in the world would have spent all this time discussing them, as we're both doing now. The question is whether they're clear, and to me religion and spirituality are there to fill the gap that science and technology continue to leave (and arguably how trustworthy those may be to begin with; you might not get any government funding or publicity for all your hard work if it concludes something certain people don't want to hear...). In that sense religion and spirituality are very much the same, but I consider "religion" to be associating yourself firmly with a specific long-standing tradition and "spirituality" to be coming up with your own. Seeing as your own tradition could already be a long-standing one, though, you can see the vagueness in differentiating the two already.

Embracing evil may seem hard because it would feel by definition, they aren't compatible - but it doesn't mean by embracing bad you become a bad person - for instance, in accepting some things are beyond our ability to love it liberates us, and makes concepts like death, pain easier to accept; because you respect they are part of the world you were born in, even if you don't fully integrate with it.
I'll accept the existence of a shark, but sure won't choose to get near one or let it bite me. Basically what you said.
Held aloft, as if by hands, their thoughts remain adrift
Torn asunder, broken bands
A void, a dream, a rift

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Re: Religion
« Reply #78 on: February 07, 2020, 12:19:08 pm »
Eh, agnostic simply because too many religions have really pissed me off and I see no reason to throw my beliefs behind something I don't control. Respectively, I've seen to many atheist's be full out ass holes by trying to convert people to there empty void of nothingness. Best remove myself from the bickering and go agnostic.
Although, just to add to the confusion, I go to a catholic school. I also love it there. No nuns smacking kids with rulers. Much more liberal Catholic school. Not actually tied to the local church at all.

Pretty much me too. I go to a catholic school and I am really confused. Do I pick one, stick with Catholicism? Christianity? Buddhism? FSMism? Agnosticism? The 4957293739 I haven't heard of?

Don't worry, the greatest commandment is "Love thy God" (the abstractivity in this; if God is spirit means you need to have some spirituality or maybe if not Christian, another religion, I'm not a priest so can't say though, or ritual even if it's like playing Pokémon, science counts too) - the different branches like Catholicism, Protestantism or anyone who identifies as a Christian or is for it ("anyone who is with me is not against me") followed by "Love thy neighbour love thyself". The idea is that by accepting the good in everyone (apart from pride, sloth, envy, jealousy, and the commandments, also to not get too greedy) but you try not to judge them which you get Jesus to heal) you can live forever - but it's from my understanding meant to be an "every day religion"; basically to always treat each other with unconditional love/respect and to also not resist evil against you but to open their hearts. (I'm culturally like a woman but accept that my sex is still male) Living forever is also abstract; because death is not death you simply go to another spiritual place (Bible believes in heavens, hells, others might say reincarnation, and more).
« Last Edit: February 07, 2020, 12:29:01 pm by Evie (retired from head adminship) »

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Forgiveness. I feel that the more people pray to our greatest source/God/mathematical equality for world peace, the more and more it manifests into reality (until our next spiritual death).

Thank you Nyapon for this lovely artwork. :3


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Re: Religion
« Reply #79 on: February 11, 2020, 12:10:47 pm »
Atheist here. Been disappointed too many times by events in my and other people's lives to the point that I just can't accept the existence of a superior being whose role should be looking upon us.

There's another theory that makes more sense, at least imo: the universe has always existed, and always will; at some point, it starts collapsing on itself due to gravity, and when it's as condensed as it can (there's a hard limit to matter density), then it bounces back, and starts anew.

The universe exists because it can, and there has never been any creation -- it has always existed, and always will.
Infinity's a pretty cool concept :D

As an High School Physics student and possibly University Physics student too, I find the Big Bounce cosmological model as possibly one of the most coherent models out there. The two main flaws of such a model are that
1) A singularity of infinite density is not possible, but the problem could be avoided if we consider Repulsive Gravity a possibility

2) The universe is currently in an expansive phase and the theories about how the "crunch" should start are pretty bad, tbh. Yet, a possibility is that the crunch could happen once a Big Freeze takes place.
For those who didn't study Physics, a Big Freeze is a cosmological model in which the entropy reaches its maximum value. If that happens, energy would be distrubuted evenly in the whole universe, with an impossibilty of non-conservative transformations, bringing the whole universe in a state of paralysis (or, as the name says, "freeze"). Once the universe is "frozen", what would happen is that the Poincaré Recurrence Theorem ensures us that a system, after "a sufficently long but finite time(about eNumber of particles seconds)", the system will be in the same state on which it started, effectively getting us back to the starting point allowing us for another bounce start.