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Author Topic: Pokemon Glitch Olympics (currently beta may be unable to update this much)  (Read 1696 times)

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Pokemon Glitchethlon is a glitch pokemon racing game with several cups, including the R/B cup, yellow cup, G/S cup 3rd Gen cups and 4th gen cups however at the present moment I have only worked on 'M as a playerable character and I have not yet made the credits so after the end of the first cup you cannot continue to play.

I have made it with Gamemaker 7 and I don't understand the GML scripting language very well so the coding is quite simple and I may have made an excessive amounts of rooms meaning that the executable is currently 14MB even though I have hardly made anything but so far I find it quite enjoyable.

It incorporates sound effects from SSBB and the Pokethlon music themes in HG/SS here are some screenshots:

Download link here:
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