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Author Topic: G/S/C The Name Trick  (Read 977 times)

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G/S/C The Name Trick
« on: June 30, 2012, 11:25:53 am »
"The Name Trick" is an alternative to Paco81's Celebi Trick. It also uses overloading (The use of ????? (FF/255 or 00/000) to place more than six pokemon in your party) to shift your pokemon's data around. Paco81's glitch utilized the left shifting ability of overloading. This glitch replaces a pokemon's data structure (Specie, Held item, Moveset, OT ID, etc) with the data from it's name.

Data Structure First 10 bytes:
Held Item
Move 1
Move 2
Move 3
Move 4
XP Med

A pokemon's name, however, only contains 10 bytes of data but this still lets us modify what pokemon it is, it's item, and it's four moves. They will simply correspond to the hex of the characters/letters of the pokemon's name. This is where we realize a very big limitation to this glitch. Character's that can be put into your pokemon's name only span about 64 slots out of the 256 total slots. (refer to These 64 slots include the Generation I legendaries including mew. They also include the move sketch which can of course be used to learn any move.


Text Procedure:

•   An Egg
•   An FF in the daycare
•   Five pokemon you do not care about.
•   Possibly a good bit of money. (Clone half a dozen or so nuggets first)
•   A rare candy

1.   Nickname a pokemon. The first letter of its name will determine what pokemon it becomes. The second letter will determine the item it is holding. Letters/characters 3-6 will determine what moves the pokemon will have. The level of this pokemon should be one level lower than the desired end result. (refer to for hex conversions)

2.   Have in your party the nicknamed pokemon, the egg, and three other pokemon.

3.   Take out your FF.

4.   Form your party like this:
•   FF
•   A pokemon
•   The nicknamed pokemon
•   The egg
•   A pokemon
•   A pokemon

5.   Open your PC. Use “Move PKMN” to move a pokemon to your party.

6.   View your party. Your nicknamed pokemon is now an egg.

7.   Switch your seventh pokemon with your sixth.

8.   Switch your nicknamed pokemon/egg with the very first or top pokemon.

9.   Switch your nicknamed pokemon/egg with the very last or bottom pokemon.

10.   Switch it back with position four where it originally was.

11.   Put your FF into the daycare.

12.   Your bottom two pokemon will now appear to be FFs but they will revert into the original pokemon once each one is put into and taken out of the daycare. Go ahead and do this.

13.   While you have this egg attempting to deposit your pokemon with the PC will likely freeze the game. Even using “Move PKMN” will result in freezing. This is somehow due to the egg you’ve created. Once you hatch the egg this shouldn’t be a problem anymore.

14.   Hatch the egg. It should hatch into the pokemon you wanted, holding the item you wanted, with the moves you wanted. Everything about the newly hatched pokemon is glitch free except its experience points will be abnormally high. This will cause it to jump to level 100 if put in the daycare or used in battle.

15.   Use a rare candy on it. This will set its experience points to a normal level.

16.   Save your game. Open your PC. Using deposit release any pokemon with a glitch name or that is at level zero. (Your first Pokemon should be the only abnormal one and is essentially a "bad clone".) Your remaining pokemon (other than the one that was converted) will be hybrids of the pokemon that was below them. Putting them into and taking them out of the daycare will cause them to revert back to what they once were.


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Re: G/S/C The Name Trick
« Reply #1 on: January 25, 2013, 12:15:12 pm »
I'll try to verify this glitch when I have time (hopefully soon). This reminds me a lot of the Old Man glitch from Red and Blue. That, however, relied on your character's name in order to determine the species and level.