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Author Topic: Missingno. in Yellow  (Read 9529 times)

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Re: Missingno. in Yellow
« Reply #15 on: January 18, 2013, 09:14:10 am »
Yellow Missingno. has NEGATIVE growth rate (something like reverse medium-slow growth rate, with L1 positive and higher levels negative). It needs less exp at higher levels than at lower levels, so it always levels 'up' to level 1 whenever it gets any experience.

Explanation for video:
As your Missingno. was freshly caught as a L7 non-hybrid, it has 16xxxxxx exp points. After a battle, it immediately went down to L1 as it didn't have the required experience for L2. Then you tossed it in a box and it somehow changed into a Missingno./Rhydon hybrid with POSITIVE slow growth rate. It had 16774208 (-3008) exp at that time and needed 3018 exp for L2 (10 exp). It then gained 33 exp in a battle shown in the video, so it should have 16774241 (-2975) exp, and as it was considered a Rhydon, its exp capped at 1250000, so it required 15527226 (-1249990) exp to level up.
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Guess where this is?

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Re: Missingno. in Yellow
« Reply #16 on: January 21, 2013, 12:59:10 pm »
I wish I would've been recording when I first caught it because now I can't remember if it was funny (glitching up the pokemon screen and stuff) right when I caught it or if it was ever 'normal'. thanks for the explanation.
now, I tried finding female symbol using a Nidoking and the gambler on route 8. I tried about five times and got a crash every time. (female symbol would come on and a low noise then crash) I tried a few different things,
-encountering different dittos
-talking to different people/things, walking into places before re-entering route 8
-moving pokemon around in my party and PC
This caused a few changes; red lines verses unknown-op code but still always ended in crash.

Then I tried on route 24, this time I got him first try, no problems. I was using savestates btw, so the past encounters could not have been effecting future ones.
I’ve also seen videos of people catching female symbol from route 24 numerous times (without crashes). I’ll do more testing, but idk, this doesn’t seem like chance or coincidence. I’m inclined to believe something effects whether your game will crash or not.

also; catching female symbol then giving it a nickname causes the "ash migrating" sequence after the battle ends. But not giving it a nickname does not. Also (again, probably already known but) after catching it Your character appears slightly too far to the right when walking vertically. This is fixed when you fly.

btw, after checking my PC right before re-entering route 8 I get the message: "Why? Why??" does someone on route 8 say that? I don't remember..
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Re: Missingno. in Yellow
« Reply #17 on: March 23, 2020, 02:35:03 pm »
RE: ♀ . (C1)   ; I wonder if you can corrupt C109 with it? (based on
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