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Author Topic: Pocket Monsters Midori Hacking Guide  (Read 2151 times)

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Raven Freak

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Pocket Monsters Midori Hacking Guide
« on: January 04, 2013, 12:54:54 am »
So when I get bored with documenting glitches I tend to hack. However usually i'm hacking Sonic 2 8-bit, but I started documenting offsets in Midori version, seeing how it's my favorite Gen 1 game. (Green happens to be my favorite color. :P) This is a very small list, it's late and I'm tired. Though i'll continue digging through the ROM later, it seems this game hasn't been documented that much. (But of course the data has been shifted in RBY compared to G/R so it doesn't surprise me this game hasn't been touched much.) Here's the small guide I have so far, perhaps it'll get more people to hack Green and Red. :)
Code: [Select]
Midori Hacking Guide
Written By Raven Freak
*Note: You'll need basic knowledge of hex editing to understand this guide. You'll also need a Hex editor and a copy
of Pocket Monsters Midori (NOT the translated version, as I didn't check that hack.)*
Pokemon Base Stats Offset starts at $38000.
Moltres Event data is located at offset $526CE
Mewtwo's event data is located at offset $46C51
Each event offset contains this data:
[Overworld Sprite Index Number][Y][X][Animation (if any)][Direction sprite is facing][TextStringNr][PkmnNr][Lvl]
Looking at Mewtwo's data in a hex editor looks like this:
05 0E 09 FF D0 41 83 46
05 is the overworld sprite index number (Rhydon looking sprite in this case), 0E, 09 are the sprite's coordinates in the map,
FF is the animation number (which is null since it doesn't have any animations signed to it), D0 is the direction the sprite is facing
(in this case forward d1, backwards d2: left, d3: right), next is the text string number, which is 41,
then it's Mewtwo's id number, and finally it's level which equals out to be 70 once $46 is converted from hex to decimal.
This will at least allow someone to make a tiny hack at the moment. Now you can catch a level 255 Mewtwo without a gameshark/using glitches if you change that last byte to $FF. :V