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Author Topic: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions  (Read 5221 times)

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GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« on: February 22, 2013, 01:34:03 am »
WELL it's been a long time since I've been here.

I don't know much about what's happened since then, if anything, but I do know one thing, which is that the data which make up the GlitchDex are still the same old data collected (painstakingly) years ago.

This is really a shame, and I feel like it's my fault, because just about 3 and a half years ago I posted exactly (to the best of my knowledge) how to get the data for learned moves and evolutions of RBY glitch (and nonglitch) pokemon out of the rom itself. This, if done right, should be more accurate and comprehensive than data collected by hand. Despite doing this reverse engineering, though, I never actually implemented the process I described, at least not any more than what I could do manually. But obviously only an automated program could really read through all that data and put it in readable form.

I'm attaching files which should list all the learned moves and evolutions of all pokemon, based on my roms of blue and yellow.

Some notes:
- There is a small but respectable discrepancy in the learned moves data based on my output, as compared to the data in the GlitchDex. As far as I know the GlitchDex data were collected experimentally and so some moves are missing: for example a pokemon won't be asked to learn Tackle if it already knows Tackle. This accounts for many of the discrepancies. Other discrepancies are present. Hey YOU - look for a discrepancy and try it out experimentally in the real game. TEST IT. Experimental evidence always trumps the model.

- Starting moves are not listed in my table. Learned moves and evolutions are stored separately from a pokemon's starting moves and other data. That other data is already well-understood anyway.

- Yes, glitch pokemon have "stone" evolutions too. I only ever tested one glitch "stone" evolution - in my Pokemon Blue rom with glitch pokemon hex:CF, which evolves into Gengar at or above level 6 using Moon Stone. However, using the moon stone item didn't work, for other reasons I'm sure. The evolve without a stone glitch did. This is probably true for all glitch evolutions which are supposed to use evolution items. Obviously if the list says a glitch pokemon evolves "by item TM05", using TM05 in-game is not actually going to work. You need to use the pokemon with the corresponding hex in the evolve without a stone glitch.

- I have never tested any of the trade evolutions for glitch pokemon in my list - there is a fair chance they don't work, but you never know. TEST IT.

- The data for glitch pokemon could potentially be different between Red and Blue in some subtle ways (!): they're read from areas of the rom that this data isn't supposed to be read from, and so it could contain version-specific data. I'll try to look into it soon, though no guarantees.

- There may be other ways in which the data I generated does not accurately reflect reality. If I haven't mentioned it enough, please, if you're still doing this stuff, test and see if the data are correct.

Happy exploring.

Evie the Bird Mother 🌸 ☽

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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #1 on: February 22, 2013, 08:00:47 am »
Great work, and welcome back to the forums!

It seems that at least some of the trade and stone evolutions don't work, though I've only tried a few glitch Pokémon, like Y:192 and Y:210.
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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #2 on: February 22, 2013, 11:15:14 pm »
Oh cool, it's echinodermata and he's back with cool stuff.

RB:C0's trade evolutions don't work.  I'm sure there's one that can evolve through trading though.
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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #3 on: February 22, 2013, 11:19:38 pm »
Is there any glitch that can simulate trading? Maybe that could work.

EDIT: The item evolution works for RB:201.
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Guess where this is?


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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #4 on: February 23, 2013, 01:07:18 pm »
Try doing this on other language R/[G]/B/Y roms, using whatever offsets needed (i guess you'd have to find them!)

EDIT: wait, maybe you're doing this manually?! i thought you'd coded something which would output the data in those text files given a rom and the two offsets required..
« Last Edit: February 23, 2013, 01:13:26 pm by Wack0 »
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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #5 on: February 24, 2013, 03:51:07 am »
Yeah I coded something. It definitely could work with other language roms; vaguely speaking, you can find the appropriate offset of the internal lookup table by searching the rom for the data for Rhydon and going a certain number of bytes before that. Then you can generate the data, making sure to check against experimental data for at least one normal pokemon, at least one glitch pokemon, and the pokemon with hex:0 - if it turns out correct, great, if not, you got more work to do.

I ran the data for my red version rom. There are some differences from blue - mostly minor, but hex:d8 (dec:216) is completely different between red and blue. The current GlitchDex data follows the red version. Semi-manually generated:
Code: [Select]
Glitch Pokemon hex:c9
Red: Lvl 33 TM24; Blue: Lvl 33 TM25

Glitch Pokemon hex:d4
Red: Lvl 92 Smog; Blue: Lvl 92 Sludge
Red: Lvl 94 Haze; Blue: Lvl 94 Reflect
Red: Lvl 95 Wing Attack; Blue: Lvl 95 Whirlwind

Glitch Pokemon hex:d5
Red: Lvl 32 Dragon Rage; Blue: Lvl 32 Submission
Red: [nothing]; Blue: Lvl 76 Thunderbolt

Glitch Pokemon hex:d8
Lvl 3 Tackle
Lvl 4 TM50
Lvl 6 Sand Attack
Lvl 7 Tackle
Lvl 15 Pay Day
Lvl 18 Pay Day
Lvl 24 Glitch move hex:c2
Lvl 28 Tackle
Lvl 31 Thunderpunch
Lvl 32 TM05
Lvl 33 Disable
Lvl 35 Vicegrip
Lvl 36 Pay Day
Lvl 38 TM09
Lvl 40 Mega Punch
Lvl 41 Take Down
Lvl 44 TM15
Lvl 45 TM15
Lvl 46 TM15
Lvl 48 TM15
Lvl 51 TM50
Lvl 53 Aurora Beam
Lvl 54 TM15
Lvl 55 TM03
Lvl 60 Fire Punch
Lvl 61 Aurora Beam
Lvl 62 Doubleslap
Lvl 69 TM05
Lvl 70 TM18
Lvl 71 Horn Drill
Lvl 77 Pay Day
Lvl 86 TM23
Lvl 87 Growl
Lvl 90 TM53
Lvl 92 TM29
Lvl 94 TM03
Lvl 95 Glitch move hex:af
Lvl 96 Glitch move hex:b4
Lvl 97 TM38
Lvl 98 Tackle
Lvl 100 Pay Day
Lvl 101 Thunderpunch
Lvl 107 TM05
Lvl 125 Light Screen
Lvl 126 Mega Drain
Lvl 136 Recover
Lvl 139 Low Kick
Lvl 140 Glitch move hex:c3
Lvl 158 Glitch move hex:c2
Lvl 167 Glitch move hex:c2
Lvl 175 TM34
Lvl 181 Mega Punch
Lvl 194 Bite
Lvl 195 TM14
Lvl 196 Hyper Fang
Lvl 197 TM07
Lvl 202 TM35
Lvl 203 Strength
Lvl 204 TM31
Lvl 205 Drill Peck
Lvl 207 TM05
Lvl 208 Glitch move hex:a7
Lvl 209 Tackle
Lvl 214 Flamethrower
Lvl 215 Fire Blast
Lvl 230 Double Kick
Lvl 234 Psybeam
Lvl 235 Glitch move hex:a7
Lvl 240 Glitch move hex:b4
Lvl 250 Disable
Lvl 253 Supersonic
Lvl 255 TM34

Lvl 80 by level up into Glitch Pokemon hex:d1

Lvl 1 TM34
Lvl 3 TM50
Lvl 5 Glitch move hex:c1
Lvl 6 Glitch move hex:c3
Lvl 7 Aurora Beam
Lvl 8 Double Kick
Lvl 9 Aurora Beam
Lvl 18 Tackle
Lvl 22 TM03
Lvl 24 Wrap
Lvl 25 Aurora Beam
Lvl 26 TM15
Lvl 31 TM54
Lvl 32 Fire Punch
Lvl 33 Horn Drill
Lvl 36 Aurora Beam
Lvl 40 TM13
Lvl 41 TM13
Lvl 42 TM13
Lvl 44 Pay Day
Lvl 53 Horn Drill
Lvl 55 Glitch move hex:b0
Lvl 62 Comet Punch
Lvl 71 TM50
Lvl 75 TM04
Lvl 81 TM50
Lvl 82 TM05
Lvl 87 TM50
Lvl 89 TM08
Lvl 94 TM11
Lvl 96 TM05
Lvl 98 TM50
Lvl 103 TM11
Lvl 109 Aurora Beam
Lvl 111 Poison Sting
Lvl 127 Poison Sting
Lvl 131 Pay Day
Lvl 132 Horn Drill
Lvl 167 Glitch move hex:c2
Lvl 175 TM34
Lvl 180 TM03
Lvl 184 Poison Sting
Lvl 193 Aurora Beam
Lvl 195 Glitch move hex:a6
Lvl 202 TM55
Lvl 203 TM54
Lvl 204 Poison Sting
Lvl 205 TM06
Lvl 211 TM34
Lvl 213 Glitch move hex:a7
Lvl 214 Tackle
Lvl 215 TM03
Lvl 218 Water Gun
Lvl 234 Absorb
Lvl 245 TM50
Lvl 250 Psychic
Lvl 254 Mega Drain
Lvl 255 TM34

Lvl 80 by level up into Glitch Pokemon hex:d1

Glitch Pokemon hex:dd
Red: Lvl 32 Dragon Rage; Blue: Lvl 32 Submission
Red: [nothing]; Blue: Lvl 76 Thunderbolt

Glitch Pokemon hex:f8
Red: Lvl 32 Dragon Rage; Blue: Lvl 32 Submission
Red: [nothing]; Blue: Lvl 76 Thunderbolt
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Re: GlitchDex revisited: learned moves/evolutions
« Reply #6 on: March 10, 2013, 01:18:30 am »
Excellent work! The data in the GlitchDex is mostly stuff that I (and other site admins and helpers) compiled throughout the years from 2005 to 2007 by doing manual experimentation such as you described. We've come a long way since then and a lot of that old data definitely has holes and discrepancies. I'll see to it that this data is added to the GlitchDex when I have time to do so.

Welcome back!