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Author Topic: Free CreepyPasta  (Read 886 times)

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Free CreepyPasta
« on: August 13, 2013, 04:29:42 pm »
If you have an account, you can copy paste, edit it whatever. I'm too lazy to make one so meh.


You know it's funny how life changes paths... I used to work in a children's hospital for those who had psychological needs. In all my years, I've worked with many young children, some who were suicidal, suffered heavy trauma, and even some who hallucinated. One day we had a new admittance, who was brought to us by the authorities. They said she was found talking to the corpse of her mother when they found her. Since meeting her, I haven't been the same.

For legal reasons, I can't give you her name, or where she lived, and technically I'm not even supposed to even be mentioning any of this.

It's been 10 years since I quit that job, and since then things never felt right. She was always talking about her mom, and how she 'woke' up. She drew a lot of pictures of her mom, but depicting her as this grotesque figure. She loved drawing those pictures, each one was a little more unsettling than the last. She kept saying she'd see her mommy wake up again, but we tried our best to explain that she's gone. She honestly believed that her mom was just napping and that she will wake up again. On the first week she arrived I asked her to tell me what happened before she got admitted there. She said she'd prefer to write it down, so I obliged and gave her a pencil and some paper. She said she didn't know where to start, so I told her to start from that morning. She first said she'd start with the "boogieman." I didn't know how to respond so I just let her do it. The first page was short, and seemed to be about a confusion with her mom about "boogie" and "booger", but the rest of the pages, were like something out of a novel. This kid wrote almost that entire day with the exception of our food breaks and manditory group sessions.

I managed to get a hold of a copy of all the pages, but the one I'm displaying has been edited with fake names to keep the confidentiality of the people mentioned. I also touched up some of the spelling and grammar, as it was pretty hard to decipher.

"My mommy once told me that there was a boogie in my nose, so then I found a book about boogie, and found out that there is a boogie man! I didn't know the boogie man was in my nose, so I tried to dig it out but it didn't work. I was so angry that I started scratching inside my nose, because I didn't want to have anybody inside of me. I kept scratching till my nose had red stuff come out. My face hurt and I looked for mommy, but she was gone.

I ran outside to Mr. Jones' house to help me, but Mr. Jones was taking a nap in ketchup on the chair in his back yard. I saw a shadow inside his house, and I thought it was his friend playing playing with him, so i went inside to say hi. When I got inside I heard somebody run into Mr. Jones' basement, where we used to play docter. I tried to find the lights because it was almost completely dark, but I fell down the stairs and collapsed on the floor. I looked up to see the person I was following was convered in ketchup. He grabbed me by my hair and slammed me into a wall. My head hurt from the pain, and he kept slamming my head. I hurt so much, and I was crying. The man dragged me deeper inside the basement and then he turned on a flashlight and took me to mommy. Mommy's arms and legs weren't on her, and she was crying. The man said "You see your mommy? You wont ever see her again" and he took out a gun. "Mommy screamed "no" but the man shot her chest, and mommy fell down, but she didn't get back up like in the cartoons I watch. The man laughed and threw me on mommy, and then he pointed the gun at me. I was scared, and I wanted my mommy back. He asked me if I heard about the boogie man, and I nodded, and he pushed the gun to my face. He started laughing again, and said "Well kid, I am the boogie man. I like to watch kids like you suffer, like I had to. I will make you wish you were dead like your mommy!", and he grabbed Mr. Jones' ax. I screamed as loud as I could, and I got up and tried to run. The boogie man ran and grabbed my arm, and he raised the ax. Something made a big crashing noise, and the man threw me on the ground and told me to stay there. He closed the basement door and locked it, and I tried to open it, but I couldn't. I was scared, so I looked for mommy, so i could wake her up. I ran to the spot she was last and she wasn't there. I looked all over, calling her name but she didn't answer.

I heard a scream, and the boogie man came back and slammed the door closed. He held the door closed, because something was banging at the door. He yelled at me to find him something to help block the door, but I couldn't move. The door opened and the boogie man fell. My mommy was there and her arms and legs looked like spaghetti noodles with tomato sauce. I was scared of mommy, she wasn't pretty like she was. Her lips were gone and she had teeth like a monster. The boogie man didn't like her either, he looked at me and yelled "do something you stupid b***h", but I was scared so I ran and hid. The boogie man tried shooting her, but mommy didn't fall down that time. The boogie man threw his gun at her and yelled "what do you want you fucking monster?" She had a scary voice, and let out a loud scream. Mommy grabbed the boogie man and took his arms off. I was scared so I closed my eyes this time, I didn't want to see anymore. It got quiet, but I kept my eyes shut, and then I opened them. The boogie man was gone, and mommy was back where she was, but she had her normal arms and legs back. I tried to wake her up, but she was very tired. That's when I heard the policeman come. He found me and took me away from mommy, he told me that I will be ok."

When I first read what she wrote, I didn't know what to think. We talked it over in a staff meeting, and almost all of us agreed she's just delusional from all the trauma from that incident, and that the rest was made up, or was in her head. I passed it off as the most logical thing, but something inside me didn't feel right. Later, I risked my job, and I requested the police report, and learned that the murderer addressed in her story was found in pieces. I also took note to report the "Mr. Jones" for possible child molestation, but since he was found deceased as addressed in the story, the police said there's nothing they can do, even if it was found to be true. With that lingering in my mind, I didn't know what how to react. I couldn't report this in a staff meeting, but I knew deep down that this wasn't just some delusional little girl... I started attending therapy, and quit the job almost soon after. I don't know what happened to the girl to this day, but somehow, I think she still waits for her mom to come back.