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Author Topic: The Adventures of the Pichu Brothers, Episode 2!  (Read 1076 times)

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The Adventures of the Pichu Brothers, Episode 2!
« on: October 15, 2013, 04:56:55 pm »


Zak’s alarm clock went off. It was 9:00am, the usual time he gets up.


The hero was so startled by his alarm that he blurted something completely random, and jumped out of bed, eyeing the room for intruders. When he properly woke up, he realized nobody was there.

He switched the alarm off and went downstairs. He rode the guardrail as if it were a ramp, and did a front flip when reaching the bottom, and landed perfectly fine on his feet. Zak then rushed over to the kitchen to join his brother for breakfast.


G’morning to you, too.

Zak walked over to the fridge and opened it; cold air greeted him as he looked inside. It was somewhat refreshing, since the summer so far had been rather hot. He reached into the bread bag and pulled out two slices, then walked over to the toaster and slipped them inside, pushing the tab down afterwards.

He grabbed a coffee mug from a cupboard and returned to the fridge. He grabbed a jug of fruit punch and poured himself a glass. Spike gave him a strange look as he did so.

Why are you pouring fruit punch into a coffee mug?

I don’t see why I shouldn’t.  I feel like an upper-class snob, all sophistimacated and stuffs.

Zak put the mug on the table. Ding! His toast was ready, so he went and grabbed it. He took a knife from a drawer and spread butter and peanut butter on the slices of toast, put them on a plate, and went to join his brother at the kitchen table.

Well, I should probably warn you to stay away from water for a little while.

Zak took a bite of his toast.


A piece of food flew from Zak’s mouth and landed on his brother’s face. Spike grunted and wiped the toast away.

First off, chew with your mouth closed. Second, apparently the town’s water supply has become infected with something. Nobody’s really sure what’s in it, but it appears as a sickly yellow color. Here, it was just being discussed on the news.

Spike flipped on the small TV in the kitchen, and Kricketot and Cyndaquil were sitting at their desks.

This just in: I’m hardcore.

And now onto the real story: Residents of PokéTown are advised to stay from water. Something has infected it, giving it a sickly yellow color. Of course, Spike already explained this. And now, here’s Mudkip with the weather.


Thanks, Mudkip. And now this!

Y’know, this looks like a job for…

He ran into the living room, and returned wearing his blue goggles and blue cape. He jumped up onto the kitchen table.


Not this again…

Yes, this again! I wouldn’t have donned this costume if it weren’t for the fact that this is completely serious.

Just because we stopped Pidgeotto doesn’t mean we can stop the poisoning of the water. Although… I know I can’t stop you, since you’ve got your mind dead-set on this. I may not want to, but I’ll help you investigate.

Awesome! Get yer costume, and let’s go!

Spike opened the closet and donned his green mask and green twin-tailed scarf, becoming Pichu-Boy. They went outside and stood on the front porch, contemplating what they should do next.

Now, we’ll probably need to go into the reservoir or some such, but that would be…underground.

Sounds good.

Now, how would we get there?

Poliwrath deals with the sewage and stuff, so he might know.

Too bad he lives on the opposite side of town. At least it only took us twenty minutes to reach Bidoof’s farm. Unless we take a Flygon bus, we’re screwed.

Very well, then! Flygon it is!

Spike sighed while Zak led him to the bus stop just down the road. Upon arriving, they saw a green, circular sign that had a white ‘F’ on it. Zak tapped the sign, and the flapping of wings was heard.

A Flygon descended from the sky and landed in front of the brothers. The dragon was very majestic looking in appearance, despite being known for living in the desert.

Thank you for choosing Flygon Express, the number one transportation unit in all of the world! Where would you like to go today?

Zak and Spike hopped on Flygon’s back. Zak sat in the front, so his brother took a seat behind him.

To Poliwrath’s home, please!

Flygon began to flap his diamond-shaped wings.

All aboard, for Poliwrath’s house!

Flygon ascended to the sky and turned right, making his way to Poliwrath’s home. Although it would normally take the brothers three hours to reach him by foot, Flygon took a mere ten minutes. The ride was unbelievable fast and relaxing, a reputation Flygon enjoyed keeping up.

They soon arrived at Poliwrath’s house, made out of brick. It was quite unimpressive, but provided excellent shelter when storms hit the town. Zak and Spike dismounted Flygon, who flew away. The brothers walked up Poliwrath’s driveway, and Zak knocked on the door. Poliwrath opened it soon after.

‘Ello, ‘ello, what’ve we got here?

Good sir, we are in dire need of your help.

Erm, right. What with?

Well, you most certainly know that the town’s water supply has been contaminated. We were thinking that the source would be in the reservoir, which you have access to.

Poliwrath grabbed a key and walked out the door with the brothers.

I know exactly where you’re goin’ with this. We’ll need to take a Flygon bus to get there.

As if on cue, the same Flygon returned to Poliwrath’s home.

Someone need a ride?

To the reservoir!

Very well! Hop on my back, and let’s go!

Zak, Spike, and Poliwrath took seats on Flygon’s back, and the dragonfly whisked them away to a giant waterfall at the edge of the town. Poliwrath led the brothers to a building no bigger than a shed. He took out his key and unlocked the door, then opened it.

Flygon, we’re gonna need you to stay here, if you don’t mind.

I don’t mind at all! I’m always happy to lend a hand!

Poliwrath gave a confirming nod, and let the brothers into the shed. The building was nothing more than four walls, a roof, and a stairway that went underground.

The stairs took them to a room with a large computer. The keyboard had dozens of keys on it, and various lights at the top. Several monitors were sitting on the wall, showing different parts of the reservoir.

In front of the computer was a purple cobra. Arbok, a poison-type Pokémon. The snake turned around the moment he heard Poliwrath’s footsteps.

Well, well, well. Look who it is.

What’re you up to this time, Arbok? Why have you poisoned the water?

You two know each other?

Poliwrath and I worked together, but he had to fire me because what I wanted to do with the reservoir was not what he wanted to do with it.

And that was?

I wanted to sell the water to outside sources and make a huge profit. Poliwrath, however, argued that this might allow those same outside sources to taint the water with chemicals or some such. When he let me go, I decided to simply poison the water myself, killing everyone in PokéTown, making millions after selling it. Ultimately, the tadpole’s xenophobia will do him in.

How badly did you poison the water?!

In its current state, it would do nothing but make people temporarily ill.

That’s despicable! You won’t get away with this!

Arbok sneered, and took a presumptuous tone.

HA! I’ve already garnered enough of my own sludge to render the water undrinkable and uninhabitable. You’re more than welcome to try and stop me…

Arbok pulled a lever on the keyboard down with the bottom of his tail.

But you’ll have to catch me first!

At an unprecedented speed, Arbok zoomed by the trio, blazing up the stairs. Zak wasted no time going after him, leaving Spike and Poliwrath behind.

Poliwrath looked at one of the leftmost screens, were he saw a gigantic barrel of sludge preparing to be tipped over.

Oh, no! If that barrel falls, the goop will spread through the water supply too quickly for us to stop it!

He walked over to the switch and pushed it upwards, stopping it from tipping.

That was thoroughly anticlimactic.

Arbok blazed through the door to the outside world, with Zak hot in his tail. The caped crusader changed his position so that he was just beside the cobra, and, when he saw the chance, tackled him into the water. Splash! The rapids propelled them towards the waterfall at an alarming speed, and it would take a miracle for them to survive going over it.

You fool! If we go over the waterfall, we’ll both die!

That’s a price I’m willing to pay to stop you, if it isn’t too expensive!

Arbok lunged for Zak and tried to bite him, but the electric mouse shuffled out of the way. Arbok swallowed the water, and rolled over to try and get Pichu-Man again. When Arbok was belly-up, Zak jumped onto his hood.

What are you doing?

Zak began delivering a flurry of punches upon Arbok’s face. Although weak, they were incredibly annoying to the snake.

Arbok snagged Zak with his long tail and flipped over onto his stomach, slamming his tail underwater and leaving it there, hoping to drown the hero. Zak was desperately struggling to break free of Arbok’s grip, but the only sure-fire way to do so (using Thunderbolt), would kill him as well.

Zak prepared to unleash all the electricity he could muster, willing to sacrifice himself for the greater good. Moments before he could do anything, Flygon flew down and lifted Arbok out of the water, saving Zak.

What the?! Hey, put me down! Where do you think you’re taking me?!

To jail, where you belong!

Zak looked up and saw his brother and Poliwrath on Flygon’s back. Arbok, unwilling to surrender, tightened his grip on Zak’s body, hoping to suffocate him.

Nobody attempts to kill my brother and get away with it!

Zak panicked and bit into Arbok’s tail with his tiny fangs, and the resulting ounce of pain freed Zak from his grip, and Spike leaned over just in time to grab his brother, saving him and pulling him up.

Thanks, bro!

Spike smiled back.

No problem.

Zak took some time to recover, remaining quite as Flygon flew towards the PokéTown jail. When he arrived, he landed at the front gates, where a Seviper and a Zangoose were standing guard. Flygon explained the situation, and the guards thanked everyone for their cooperation. The two guards took Arbok into custody, and Flygon flew away.

When the Pichu brothers returned home, Spike made Zak a bowl of tomato soup, something their mother used to make them feel better when they were ill.

So, how’re you feeling?

Well, aside from almost dying, I’d say that was a job well done.

Did your life flash before your eyes?

I’m not completely sure. Did we ever fight a Pidgeotto who was stealing food to feed her babies?

Uh, yeah, three days ago.

Oh, yeah. I forgot about that.

The End