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Author Topic: The Adventures of the Pichu Brothers, Episode 1: Crop Crisis!  (Read 2044 times)

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The Adventures of the Pichu Brothers, Episode 1: Crop Crisis!
« on: October 14, 2013, 03:54:11 pm »
It was another quiet day in PokéTown. The Starly were singing, the sun was shining, and there was a slight breeze in the air. It was a perfect day.

At the back of PokéTown, in a house atop a hill, lived the Pichu brothers. They’re twins, which makes identifying them complete hell for people.

Zak is the older brother. He lacks anything resembling common sense, and basically lives life as if it were a cartoon. Spike, on the other hand, is much smarter, to the point where he is the reason 2+2 equals 4 and 5. It’s nigh impossible to tell them apart, other than their voices. Even then, they impersonated each other fairly often. Zak was once driven to an existential crisis because of this, but it lasted about five minutes.

One morning, the brothers were watching the news. Zak was eating peanut butter on toast, his favorite meal. The news reporters were a Kricketot, a Cyndaquil, and a Mudkip served as the weatherman.

This just in: I’m awesome.

And now to the real story: A Pidgeotto has been destroying farmer Bidoof’s crops. The bird
grabs some with its talons, and then flies away.

Amateur film was shown of a Pidgeotto doing exactly that, making a piercing screech noise as it grabbed the food.

Aside from Bidoof’s nervous breakdown he’s having over this, many Pokémon are concerned that, should this keep up, PokéTown’s food supply will diminish. Many are wondering what should be done to stop the Pidgeotto. And now, here’s Mudkip with the weather.


Thanks, Mudkip. And now this!

Ain’t that something.

Yeah. Somebody’s gotta do something, and soon. But Pidgeotto are so territorial, it’ll take awhile for someone to stand up to it.

At that point, Zak had an idea.

What if we stop Pidgeotto?

 Spike gave his brother a look of derision.

You must be joking. How would we stop the bird? It’s not like we’re superheroes or anything.

Zak went over to a closet and started rummaging through it. Spike walked over to see what he was looking for, and Zak soon pulled out blue goggles and a cape.


He put the goggles on his head and tied the cape around his neck. He pulled the goggles down over his eyes, and declared…

The Pichu Brothers may not be able to stop Pidgeotto, but the Pichu…brothers…um, wait.

Spike knew where his brother was going with this idea, but he didn’t want to acknowledge it.

Okay, I’ve got it now! As regular Pichu, we’re nobody. But when we work together, put on these silly costumes, and become heroes, we can be something!

Please tell me this isn’t going where I think it’s going.

Zak reached into the closet and grabbed an oscillating fan. He jumped on the top of the couch and put the fan nearby, and turned it on. The small airflow blew his cape to his side.

When trouble calls, we will be there to answer! When Pokémon need our help, we’ll give it to ‘em! We will be the heroes PokéTown deserves! I am Pichu-Man, AND I! AM! CANADIAN!

Spike went over and turned the fan off.

That’s a nice speech and all, but I really don’t think you have what it takes to be a hero. Besides, ‘Pichu-Man?’ That’s way too obvious.

Zak had an exasperated look, and he didn’t even try to hide it. He made an effort to slightly acknowledge what his sibling said, following it up with…

You can join, if ya want.

Spike pretended to be excited.

Oh boy, I can? Can I have a superhero name that totally doesn’t give my identity away?

Zak was completely oblivious to the sarcasm.

Sure! From now on, thou shall be-eth…Pichu-Lad!

‘Pichu-Lad?’ I think ‘Pichu-Boy’ sounds a lot better.

Okay then! From now on, thou shall be-eth… Pichu-Boy!

Spike rolled his eyes in disdain. He knew he couldn’t talk Zak out of this ridiculous idea, and although he absolutely didn’t want to, he decided to play along. He went into the closet and looked for a costume of his own, deciding to use a green mask and a green twin-tailed scarf. After putting on his getup, he and Pichu climbed onto the roof of their home.

We’ll have a great view from up here. There’s no way Pidgeotto will escape our sight.

Moments later, the titular bird swooped over them, storming right for Bidoof’s farm.


There goes Pidgeotto! After it!

The two ran down the hill and through the streets of PokéTown, arriving at the outskirts, where Bidoof’s farm was.

Bidoof was utterly despairing over what was happening. His misery was so great, he didn’t even care that the people who came to help looked totally ridiculous.

You’ve gotta do somethin’! That dang bird won’t stop taking my food! I’ve tried to shoo it away myself, but…but…

The gopher broke down and cried while he explained the situation.

Don’t worry, Bibarel! We’ll stop that Pidgeotto!

I’m Bidoof.

Either way, we’re good to go!

Pidgeotto swirled around for a bit, watching Zak and Spike. The bird landed on the roof of Bidoof’s barn, glaring at the electric rodents.

You’ll stop me?! That’s adorable. Come and get some!


Pichu-Man and Pichu-Boy ran over and jumped up onto Bidoof’s roof to confront the bird. Bidoof walked over and begged…

Please try not to damage my barn too much.

Don’t worry, your barn is safe in our hands!

Do you really think you can stop me? That wheat-jockey couldn’t, and you certainly won’t!

Dem’s fightin’ words!

Pichu-Man dashed towards Pidgeotto with a Quick Attack, but the avian took to the sky and avoided the strike with ease. Spike used the same attack, but he was much faster than his brother. He jumped and tackled Pidgeotto out of the air, sending them hurdling down to the barn’s roof.

That promise didn’t last long.

Crash! Spike and Pidgeotto fell through the roof, giving it a large hole. A few shingles fell down with them, onto the ground. Hay was scattered about, and there were a few blocks of it in the back corners. Zak jumped down and joined the fray.

Gah! You’re much stronger than I anticipated.


Pidgeotto stood up, but her right leg was broken during the fall, making her limp.

Look at what you did! You insolent little—

The bird took to the sky again, but flew out through the barn’s door at blinding speed. Zak and Spike took after her, but she was nowhere to be seen once they were outside.

Where on earth could she be?

His question was soon answered when Pidgeotto swooped down and grabbed them with her talons. She flew over the wheat field and threw the brothers into a tree. Bam! They slumped to the floor, defeated. The attack was so great that they could barely stand.

Suddenly, they heard chirping. The brothers looked up and saw a nest on one of the tree branches. A baby Pidgey looked down at the duo.

Pidgeotto went back and stole some of Bidoof’s crops, then returned to the nest and delivered the wheat to her babies.

You were stealing the food to feed your children?

Yes! Is that so hard to believe?

She was still angry at the duo, particularly Spike.

We had no idea, honest.

Why else would I steal food?

To build the flimsiest house in the world?

Pidgeotto chuckled at Zak’s comment. Almost immediately, her anger subsided.

I suppose stealing the crops wasn’t the best idea, but I have no idea where else I would get food.

There’s a berry tree not to far from the barn. Bidoof grows them, too.

Seriously? That would’ve been useful information three days ago.

Bidoof came rushing over, ready to berate the bird.

You! You no-good wheat thief, you! How dare you steal food from my family!

I sincerely apologize, farmer Bidoof. Rest assured, I will not attack you again.

Bidoof took Pidgeotto’s apology to heart, then turned his attention to Zak and Spike.

And you two! You’re gonna patch the hole you put in my roof! Got it?

Got it? I’m looking forward to it.

Bidoof nodded, then went back to his home.

I apologize to you, as well. How may I make it up to you?

I should be the one apologizing to you. I did break your leg, after all.

Fair enough. How about, if we ever need something from each other, we just let each other know?

That works, I suppose. Anyway, we should probably get home. Fresh Prince of Goldenrod City comes on in, like, half an hour.

The brothers and Pidgeotto gave their goodbyes, then went their separate ways.

The End.