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Author Topic: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]  (Read 12889 times)

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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
« Reply #30 on: September 25, 2014, 04:32:03 pm »
Chapter 26: Glitchkrieg
Part III: The Awful Truth

We stepped inside to find a stairwell right behind the doors. The stairs were draped in red, velvety pixels and ascended to what I assumed was Jacred’s room.

"Here we go. Bzzt."

(Music:Jacred's Theme)

I took the lead as we walked up the stairs, the impeding sense of doom growing evermore. The walls of the skyscraper were a sterile grey that teetered between black and pale. By the time we reached the golden doors of the God’s room, we were shaking head to toe from fear.

The doors were even bigger than the ones at the tower’s entrance and automatically opened this time. A blinding, almost soothing light blinded us all as we stepped inside to have a proper confrontation with Jacred, but our nerves were pinched once again when we could see the inside of his throne room.

The walls, the floors, and the roof were made of colors that do not exist. Imagine a color that is not real. That is what we were staring at when we stepped inside Shorts Kid’s room. Shades and pigments of things that the mind can not comprehend.

Jacred was sitting in a stereotypical golden throne, adorned with fine linen and jewels, with Charizard M beside him. MissingNo and LM4 were there as well, chained against the left wall of this 4x4 room. LM4’s arms all had a chain and brace around them, his pincers included. MissingNo had one wrapped around his upper body.

"Four Dot-Dot. I understand you have some questions that you wish to have answered?"

I floated to the front of the group. "Yes, I do. Bzzt. Jacred, what am I? Bzzt."

The God sneered, his grin becoming utterly monstrous. "You, Four Dot-Dot, are my son."

"How original," Dicks said.

"To elaborate," Jacred said through his clenched teeth, eyeing Dicks, "I am aware LM4 told you about the history of Glitchmon and how they were birthed from a computer malfunction in the nineties. That is true. However, he missed a crucial detail: how I came into the picture.

"I was at the lab during the power outage. The cloning attempt was just that: a mere attempt, to see if it could be done. When the power to the lab came back on, the staff was making tracks for the backup generator in case the building lost power for more than twenty minutes. However, there was instead a horrible accident: another lightning bolt struck the building just as they were about to activate the extra generator. Because the building was not grounded, the three scientists were killed right before they could pull the steel switch down. One of those scientists was my dad. I heard a loud BANG! when the incident happened and went to go see what happened, but there they were, their smoking corpses lying on the ground, my dad’s hand clasping the handle still.

"Something in my five year old brain snapped, and I wanted revenge. But, how does a mere toddler get revenge against the weather? They don’t. However, that’s when I met MissingNo, the Glitchmon born from that mess. To apologize for accidentally killing my dad, MissingNo invited me into Glitch City, and in my grieving state I went. That really turned out to be a good decision in the long run.

"More and more I came here, just so I wouldn’t have to deal with the awful memories of that infernal building. Even though PPkmnP buried himself underneath it, I am glad that laboratory is no more. I feel sick just remembering it!

"But I was still eager for revenge. For some reason, I could tell that I was changing in some way. Maybe it was because I was somehow influencing Glitch City with my presence, or it was influencing my presence somehow, I am not sure, but something was definitely happening. And I liked it. A whole lot. But they learned the hard way that letting a kid have this much power was a bad idea.

"Eventually, I realized that revenge was pointless, because even if I had it, I would not feel any better. So, I decided to do as I pleased and eventually became a GOD! That’s how that part of the tale started.

"When I realized just how gullible 3TrainerPoké was, I decided to have some fun and make him King. He was already unstable enough, but giving him authority just made him go berserk. MissingNo was dethroned quickly and a great war was started, but you already know that. Through this war, we determined which Glitchmon would be more suited for helping corrupt the world, and eventually the universe. 3TrainerPoké and PPkmnP were the only survivors, but right before they could finish each other off, I intervened and decided they were perfect for the job.

"But I realized that it was entirely likely they would bungle everything up. As a backup, I created you, Four Dot-Dot. My Herald. You were born for the sole purpose of serving me and taking my place in the unlikely event I was felled. In an effort to prepare you, to make you realize what a harsh and unforgiving world this is, I left you stranded in the cold, uncaring depths of Glitch City, where 3TrainerPoké later built his Hybridmon prison tower.

"...It didn’t take me long to realize that you had other things in mind. Not only did you completely ignore me, but you actually dared to openly defy me by trying to bring MissingNo out of his exile. To my displeasure, it worked. So, to teach you a lesson, I banished you into the outside world, hoping a Gyarados would maul you to death or a Hydreigon would rip you apart with its three heads. But instead, you befriended a human. And in doing so, he allowed you to grow into the abomination you are now.

"So, when that happened, I decided to kick my plan into action and break the boundaries so Glitch City would seep into the real world. And now you’re all here, ready to be consumed by the begotten flames of my Charizard M. Any last words? You’d better make them count!"

I couldn’t speak. I couldn’t think. This is what it’s like to be dead inside. You feel nothing, you sense nothing. You are nothing. Realizing you’re nothing is one of the most horrific things you could ever experience.

"Cinnabar’s volcano’s eruption wasn’t natural," Amber quietly said.

"THEY DESERVED IT!" Jacred bellowed.

I collapsed on the floor and shuddered. Everything inside me ripped itself apart as I let the horrific truth sink in. That was my purpose. That was supposed to be my life.

Jacred got out of his chair and approached me, saying, "That’s right, Four Dot-Dot. You are nothing. You have failed. You are a failure of a demigod, you are a failure of a hero, and you are a failure of a life form."

FWAP! Bert kicked Jacred in the gut with his right foot. The God stumbled away, but stayed on his feet.

"Worthless human! Just for that, I’m going to let you watch as your Four Dot-Dot suffers!"

Jacred floated above the ground using his divine powers, and then dashed towards me with his fist out. Before he could attack, Bert jumped in front of me, and Jacred stopped.

"Jacred! If you want a piece of Glitchy, then you’ll have to go through us!"

The God chuckled. "You can’t be serious."

"Oh, we be serious," Bert declared. The groups Pokémon, Hybridmon, and Glitchmon sauntered closer.

"In a traditional Pokémon battle, you would all meet a bitter end. So, with that in mind, let’s get ready to RUUUUUMBLE!"
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
« Reply #31 on: October 08, 2014, 04:46:40 pm »
Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part I: Some Kind of Monster

(Music: Final Charizard 'M Battle)

I picked myself up off the ground and floated beside Bert. Charizard M joined us and stood by Jacred, its lifeless eyes looking as menacing as ever.

The dragon decided to act first, possibly on orders Jacred gave it that we couldn’t hear, and loosened a stream of flames from its maw. Hawlucha jumped ahead and covered its body and face with its arms, the flames colliding with its feathers. The flames couldn’t breach the hawk’s protective barrier. That little bird was tough!

"Your Charizard is poorly trained," Travis huffed.

"You’re no better," Jacred shot back. Amber’s Aurorus attacked with Thunderbolt, sending a blast of electricity at the dragon from its collar and hitting it directly! Charizard M was pushed to the wall, but the lightshow wasn’t enough to defeat it, not even close.

Charizard M flew above the ground until it was about halfway towards the roof, and, for some reason, I felt compelled to follow. I spread my wings to take after it, right fist ready to strike. Charizard’s left hand clenched into a fist as well, and I pulled my hand back, as did the corrupted beast. Then, we both threw our fists out at the same time; Charizard ‘M pulled his hand back and up, then punched the top of my right head.

"GAH! Bzzt," I grunted as I hit the floor. It was a brutal attack, like being punched by the heavyweight champion of the universe.

H4to89’s left arm changed into the shape of a shotgun, and several pixels from his tail retreated into the chamber. The knight aimed the barrels at Jacred, the movements making a loud and distorted 'ca-chunk!'

CHA-BANG! a large, black bullet burst from the left barrel and was ready to make a nice hole in his forehead. Jacred watched as the bullet blitzed for him, unimpressed.


Charizard M swooped by and Jacred hopped onto its back. The bullet lodged itself in the wall, just missing his throne chair, but the pixels dissolved and returned to his tail. Jacred and his steed banked right and circled around us like the vulture he was. H4to89 still had one bullet left, but he knew he had to make this one count. The knight took aim once again, eyeing the dragon as it flew around, unsure of himself.

Going with his gut, he fired at the perfect time! CHA-BANG! The bullet squished into Charizard’s shin, it yelping in pain.

"Gotcha!" H4to89 cheered.

Baring its teeth and desperately trying to keep the pain at bay, Charizard M banked towards us, roaring with the hate of a thousand galloping banshees. As it prepared to attack with another Fire Blast, Firehead jumped up and sank his teeth into the dragon’s neck, taking hold of the original and dragging it to the ground

Jacred leapt off of his steed right before the impact, prompting Thunderupt to take charge and follow Aurorus’ lead by bedazzling the fallen dragon with a powerful surge of electricity. Its body arched while Thunderupt did its work, the lightning erupting from his humps.

When the attack was ceased, we watched in disdain as the dragon got up, just as energetic as before.

"Normally, it’d be dead now," Bert said.

"But this isn’t normal!" Jacred cheered.

H4to89 hovered to LM4 and MissingNo. His left arm transformed into a long blade, and, raising it high, severed the chains binding MissingNo to the incomprehensible wall. The hacked metal lightly dinged against the wall, but the backwards L remained perfectly still. The knight swiped at the chains holding LM4, freeing him as well. He, too, just stood there. Were they in shock? What did Jacred and/or 3TrainerPoké do to them?

"Good idea," Jacred muttered.

LM4’s left pincer crashed down on H4to89, bashing him to the floor.

"Hyurk!" groaned the warrior.

"Wait, he’s on our side!" Bert warned. LM4 ignored him and moved in closer to the fallen knight. MissingNo turned right to face us, hovering above the ground ever so slightly. MissingNo is usually as unexpressive I am on the surface, but this was unusual. There was genuine menace in his stance, making us step back out of impulse.

"What’s his deal?" Dicks asked.

"He’s brainwashed. Bzzt."

Jacred said, "Good job, Four Dot-Dot! You’re smarter than I thought."

"I’ll skewer ya!" B óË ÁN screeched as he lunged his arms back.

"No, don’t! Bzzt," I warned. Charizard M had shown itself to be a tactful being, and this was just asking for trouble. B óË ÁN’s saving grace was not throwing every arm at the deadly duo, but he did lash out with half of them. The hooked ends of his appendages failed to even nick the dragon.

Right before B óË ÁN could do what he said, Jacred’s loyal Glitchmon sidestepped and sank his teeth into the arms available to him. He was so close to striking Jacred, too. B óË ÁN’s heads screamed in agony, a sound unlike any other. Charizard M cherished the moment, eyeing the other arms as they dropped like flies while B óË ÁN lost his focus. Then, the dragon pulled back, ripping the arms just like H4to89 severed the chains.

B óË ÁN uttered a long string of profanity in Glitchese under his breath while trying to stay focused.

"What a mouth on that one!" Jacred jeered. "Well, mouths, I guess."

MissingNo and LM4 started homing in on Firehead. Our dragon stood tall and proud like his species tends to do, but I do not think he knew that MissingNo carried a water-type attack.

That was exactly what he used. A deluge of water escaped from MissingNo’s form and was ready to wipe the floor with Firehead.

"To the rescue!" H4to89 declared. His right arm transformed into a large, circular shield and he dashed to Firehead’s aide, blocking the surge of water. Firehead ducked to avoid splash-back, and aside from a drop or two landing on his skin and avoiding his tail, was fine. He just brushed it off and was good as new!

"We can’t let them go on like this. Bzzt. There’s gotta be someway to eradicate Jacred’s grasp on them! Bzzt."

"I like how hopeful you are. That’ll make it all the more satisfying to break you down once and for all!" Jacred bellowed.

LM4 and MissingNo backed off as Jacred’s Charizard M entered the fray once more. Bert reached into his cape to retrieve the Master Ball.

"Don’t try it, human."

Bert brought his hand back, heeding Jacred’s warning. Charizard M flew up, ready to pounce, but Amber’s Mandibuzz took after it. Its wings looked more defined than before, but, granted, I never got a good look at them. They were almost like mine when I’m ready to strike.

"Mandy, don’t!" Amber warned. Bert snickered. "Shut up."

Charizard M shot a fireball at the vulture, but Mandy swooped down and avoided it. The scarlet pixels burned a hole in the wall instead, to Jacred’s indifference. We felt the floor shake as Cradily broke parts of it down using sheer force and effort. The plant pulled its head back and smashed it on the ground, sending the debris rocketing towards the dragon.

It was a joint effort, if anything. Charizard M turned its attention to Cradily, a fatal mistake. Mandibuzz soared behind the dragon, spread her wings wide, and rained her feathers down upon him. The stems dug into Charizard M’s flesh with such force, it was driven down. Cradily’s Ancient Power attack took it down even more; the chunks of floor were even bigger than I thought.

For the first time, that dragon showed us it was in pain. A brief, but audible yelp escaped its lips. Even Jacred was surprised, but his expression showed that this was his biggest fear. Considering my purpose, he wasn’t even afraid of death.

Charizard M got up; showcasing a slew of scrapes and bruises from the onslaught. LM4 took the lead from here. His meaty pincers pulled themselves back and started winding themselves up like a screw.

"What’s it doing?" Dicks asked.

"No idea, but I think we should get out of the way," Amber warned.

I thought of an idea, but for it to work I had to keep the others in the dark. If Jacred knew about what I had in mind, then my scheme would be in jeopardy.

Jacred pointed at us, and ordered to his Charizard M, "Kill them!"

The corrupted dragon blazed for us on its battered wings, snarling and ready to incinerate us on the spot with a blast of fire. LM4 was still winding up his arms. We were cornered.

And then it happened. Charizard attacked, shooting a fireball at us at the exact time LM4 threw his punches.

"DUCK! Bzzt."

All of us hunkered down and watched the spectacle unfold. Charizard shot the fireball at point-blank range, and LM4 had quite some range with those lanky arms of his. The blob’s attack landed first, socking Charizard M in the gut with the force of a freight train. The fireball pelted LM4 like he was hit by a missile, violently taking each other down. Both of them flew back a ways and rolled across the floor before stopping, defeated.

"WHAT?!" Jacred screamed. LM4 was down for the count, but Charizard M wasn’t. However, it was grievously wounded. I am surprised it could even stand. The beast looked like it had seen better days, and nearly fell over when it stood up.

"Oh, s**t, we’re winning!" Travis cheered.

"It’ll be a cold day in Hell before any of you defeat me!" the God growled.

We were absolutely unprepared for what came next, even by our standards. Jacred climbed on Charizard M’s back and the dragon ascended once more, just barely below the ceiling.

Instead of a large burst of fire, Charizard M bathed the ground with a steady, powerful torrent of flames, circling around the room and trapping us inside this tornadic inferno.

One of us had to act quickly. We could feel the fire tornado growing in intensity as it spiraled ever higher.

"Through the fire and the flames we carry on! Bzzt."

Jacred was so hopped up on his desire for victory he didn’t even notice me coming for him and Charizard M. Going with a tried and true tactic, I impaled the dragon with the iron spear, but this was all I could do before being noticed. Someone else would have to take over if they felt brave enough.



The insane heat from the tornado must’ve given Purpganium the strength it needed to take the dragon down. I could see his petals glowing intensely like the sun itself was shining on them, and from his mouth shot a beam of pure gold! Charizard M was pushed against the wall as the solar blast took away the dragon’s will to battle. Jacred jumped off at the last second and watched as his steed fell to the floor, colliding with a loud THUD! Now with an opening, Bert threw the Master Ball, successfully capturing Charizard M! The iron rod fell to the ground, removed from the beast’s torso.

Salamence fanned the flames with its crimson, lunar wings, dissipating the vortex quickly. We stood triumphant, watching as Jacred tried to comprehend this crushing and humiliating defeat.


"You lost. Bzzt."

Jacred continued to stare at the ground.

"Get your maggot friends out of here, you waste of pixels. This is between father and son now."
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
« Reply #32 on: October 13, 2014, 03:51:11 pm »
Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part II: Brawl in the Sky

Father and son. Right.

MissingNo was still conscious, but wasn’t acting on anything. He was just floating where he was, eyeing us. I could tell he was still brainwashed. LM4, however, was definitely down for the count. At least the God’s Charizard M was in our hands now.

"Did you hear me? I told your friends to leave."

His voice was filled with such menace, we all jumped back.

"We aren’t going anywhere, Jacred!" H4to89 shot back.

"Especially not after we’ve come this far," Bert added.

The God sighed. This was, without a doubt, the first time he had been defeated in any way. It took all of us to even lay a dent on that dragon, and even then, our victory was sheer luck.

"This is your last chance to flee with your lives, or else I’ll just flay you all right now."

The group was wary of his threat. I turned to face them, and we all exchanged reassuring nods. Bert stayed behind a little.

"Kick his ass, man."

Bert and I high-fived once again, and then he left as the colossal doors closed behind him.

Jacred turned to face me and said, "You really care about your friends, don’t you?"

"I do. Bzzt."

"And those other Trainers? What about them?"

"Um... I will admit I don’t know many of them, but I do value their efforts. Bzzt."

"Of course, you realize they are all going to die, correct? If not by 3TrainerPoké, than by my efforts. Are you ready to take that chance, to dip your hands in blood you can never wash off?"

We were quiet for a few minutes as I tried to formulate a response, but I had no idea what to say.

"Whaddya say, Four Dot-Dot? D’you like a shot at the title?"

I started approaching him. "Don’t mind if I do. Bzzt."

Jacred didn’t move as I got closer. I was ready. I was born ready. Ready is my middle name. Actually, I don’t have a middle name. I should talk to Bert about that later. My fists were clenched, my body had fire stampeding through it. Oh, yeah. I was made to win.

Right away, I threw my right fist out, punching Jacred in the face. Although his head cocked right as well and he stepped back slightly, my punch didn’t seem to do much. WHAM! went my left fist, pushing his head left, but the same thing happened and he wasn’t injured at all. Even his face showed bemusement. Oh well! It takes a lot to take down someone so powerful. I dished out my third strike, an uppercut to the jaw with my right fist. It was more or the same, his head moving appropriately and stepping back, but very little else.

I haven’t been in many standalone fights before, but that one definitely should’ve done something. Putting my fists down, I stared at Jacred, who had lowered his head as if to imply he had been worn down. I knew better.

"My turn."

(Music: Glitchydammerung)

His attack was swift and brutal. Jacred balled up his fists, clasped them together, and swung at my left, bashing my side and sending me hurdling through the air. The destination? The window.

I crashed through the window, taking a hole’s worth of glass with me. I rolled across the stainless steel balcony to the middle. When I stopped, I watched as Jacred walked over, hopping through the hole and onto the balcony to join me.

Getting up, I was eager to continue the brawl. Shorts Kind walked leisurely towards me like, treating this like an exercise. I swung at him with my right hand in a hook motion; I should’ve known this was a bad idea. Jacred ducked down as my hand swooped over him, and he retaliated by punching me square in the chest.

"Oof! Bzzt," I grunted, backing away. The God crept closer as I tried to shake it off, but to no avail. Jacred formed a baseball-sized fireball in his right hand and threw it at me, the crimson pixels pelting me and crawling over my body like parasitic embers. Not only that, but I was pushed over the balcony’s edge from the blast and fell to the base of the marble steps.

I should not have survived that fall.

After landing flat on my back, I craned my heads up to see Jacred descending. The violence around me was deafening, a wall of noises.

Getting up, Shorts Kid finally landed on the ground and, from his fingertips, loosed a stream of yellow pixels that cackled and sparked. The lightning-like pixels pushed me into the air; the lightning wrapped around my torso like a skinny, malformed hand, and shockwaves coursed through me. I was blinded by the light, which gave Jacred the perfect opportunity for a sneak attack. He shot a large, block of icy pixels at me, propelling me towards his tower, I soon found out. Not the balcony or the wall, but the roof.

I crashed and had to make a serious effort to stop rolling, digging my left claw into the roof to do so. The impact jolted me and I could see again, finding myself on top of the skyscraper. Jacred rushed in, but instead of attacking, stood on the roof.

"Ah, nothing settles a score like a rooftop fistfight, wouldn’t you say?"

A fistfight? Something I could actually handle?

I couldn’t even get up. While I was in the process of doing so, Shorts Kid kicked me in the gut and knocked me on my back. He rushed in to assault me once again, raising his foot to stomp on my chest, but I caught his shoe and stopped it. Then, I pushed it away, and got up just before he could come after me again.

A lucky hit! I actually got an attack on Shorts Kid, one that actually did something instead of nothing! I tried something I had rarely done before and attacked with my tail, snaring Jacred’s right leg and pulling him down onto the roof. The attack wasn’t much, but it was something!

"Hng!" the God groaned as his head bonked against the white roof.

The kill. The kill was just in front of my eyes, waiting to be used. I reached for the iron rod, eager to end this battle.

But I didn’t have it. My prized weapon was still in his throne room and there was nothing I could use to kill Shorts Kid.

Jacred got up and laughed. "Ha! Haha! Oh, what a cruel twist of fate. The weapon you want to use isn’t available when you need it most! Amazing. Oh, well. You wouldn’t be able to kill me anyway."

"No? Bzzt. Why not? Bzzt."

"Because, well, I’m God here. I am much more powerful than you, than the power of friendship, and all that other dreck those humans have put in your head."

I smirked. "If you’re so powerful, then why don’t you prove it? Bzzt."

His faced changed to maniacal villainy.

"All right. It’s your funeral!"

Shorts Kid crossed his arms to form an ‘X’ over his chest and threw his arms out, and wave after wave of black pixels blitzed towards me. The first blast did its work, and I was violently pushed off the roof and back to the sky, as the second wave felt like it sliced right through me. The third wave did nothing but push me back some more, which was a relief. It still hurt, absolutely, which makes me wonder how I survived any of these attacks. The fall from the balcony did not kill me, and his other attacks, although coming close, haven’t, either.

He was keeping me alive. That had to be it. Maybe I survived the fall from the balcony through willpower, but that was all. It felt like everything inside me was breaking down as Jacred wailed on me, which, based on what I know, means I should have died when I was hit by the electric pixels.

The God flew in for another strike, this time a kick aside. Heaving as I tumbled away, I had to think of a way to wear him down. I had no attacks of my own or the iron rod. Shorts Kid could attack from a distance if he so desired, but I had to get up close and personal. That was a death sentence.

Looking down, the war had grown even more intense. 3TrainerPoké was attacking everything that moved, shooting Egg Bombs left, right and center. MissingNo had joined him and was tackling and dousing whatever got in his way. But that wasn’t the worst of it. The likes of B óË ÁN, H4to89, Zed, and WGd, had turned on us and were attacking our allies. WGd’s form was shapeshifting erratically to try and take out as many Trainers, Pokémon, and Hybridmon as possible. 44hy was rampaging through the battlefield to beat others down without any effort. Firehead was going after others at random, shooting fireballs, or swooping down to attack someone.

B óË ÁN was going after the Trainers specifically, lashing out with his remaining arms. A and Zed were sticking to whatever was close by, sort of like 44hy but at a leisurely pace.


"Done exactly what I did to MissingNo and LM4. Did you really think that I, the God of Glitchmon, would simply let them fight on your side? Although I did not have much use for them before, having them in the open was an excellent opportunity to turn them to my side instantly."

I watched as our Glitchmon allies attacked my friends without any hesitation. The final straw. I clenched my fists once again.

“You son of a biiiiIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIIITCH! Bzzt," I screamed as a rushed for Jacred at what felt like ultrasonic speeds. WHAP! I punched him with everything I had, all the might I could muster, and it felt good. Real good. Shorts Kid felt it, too. He grunted in pain as I drew the battle into my favor.

"Heads up! Bzzt. I’m about to UNLEASH MY RRRRAAAAAAAGE! Bzzt."

Then I did it. I took that waste of life down. I zipped back and blazed towards him again, but instead of punching him, I tackled him. This was it. Victory was mine. Freedom was ours. Shorts Kid and his empire was history. I just had to make sure he perished now. That was all. A simple enough task, really.

My destination was his tower. We were high enough up and at just the right angle to take it down with us. Jacred wormed his way out of my grasp and I thought he was going to try and escape. Oh, no. Not now. I turned around to chase after him, but I saw his right fist coated in a rainbow assortment of pixels. They were all there, including the colors that do not exist.

"NO! Bzzt."

"YEEEEEEEAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRGH!" Jacred screamed as he walloped me one final time. Whatever energy I had left was destroyed instantly. Shorts Kid kept his fist planted on me and had his other hand on my back, keeping me in place. He still had that maniacal look, his grin stretching the boundaries of his face as I crashed through the roof. And then the floor beneath. And so on, and so on, until we hit the very bottom as the tower was obliterated from the sonic boom of our impact with the ground.
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
« Reply #33 on: October 17, 2014, 03:28:16 pm »
Chapter 27: The Final Collision
Part III: Once and For All

I don’t really know what happened when we landed. All I know is: when I regained consciousness, Jacred and I were in a crater the size of his skyscraper’s foundations. There were some parts of it still standing, but nothing taller than LM4, who was nowhere to be seen. The Trainers, Glitchmon, and Hybridmon alike were standing around the craters edge, looking down at us. The iron rod had fallen down with us and was planted in the ground near the crater wall to my left.

I was on my back and could barely move. The God was standing a fair ways away and, to my shock and awe, looked like hell. He wasn’t too far from the iron rod, but I doubt he had any interest in it.

Either way, he was still standing. Something had to be done about it.

Taking things into my own hand, I started getting up to make a final stand against Shorts Kid. It was painful to attempt and I didn’t get far.

"STAY DOWN!" Jacred barked as he rushed over, kicking my chest and toppling me onto my side.

"Gya! Bzzt," I grunted. The attack felt worse than before.

Bert took the lead. "Come on, folks! Let’s kick that kid’s ass! CHAAARGE!" He and his Hybridmon were ready to help me, but Jacred used his divine powers to put up an invisible wall around the brim. Instead of triumphantly sliding down the slope, Bert bumped into the barrier and fell onto his rear.

"Don’t try to be a hero!" he declared. Thunderupt pelted the wall with a deluge of fire from his mouth, but the flames were dissipated when they made contact.

"Stand back!" ordered Lance, the legendary dragon Trainer. His Dragonite was by his side and everyone knew what was going to happen. "Hyper Beam!"

The orange dragon reeled back and battered the wall with an orange beam. It reminded me of Amber’s Salamence doing the same thing in the Hybridmon tower, but this was a much more powerful Hyper Beam. However, it just fazed out, like Thunderupt’s Flamethrower attack.

(Music: Showdown)

With Shorts Kid distracted, I once again tried to get up. When I actually floated above the ground, Jacred turned to attack me again.

"I said stay down! What is so hard to understand about that? For that matter..." he trailed off as he positioned the index and middle fingers to look like a gun. Jacred raised his hand in the air and brought it back down, touching the ground and sending waves of pure glitch energy at me. The waves rose up like spikes, the last one tossing me up in the air; I landed on my stomach. Jacred finished his question, "why aren’t you dead yet?"

For some reason, I couldn’t feel anything. I didn’t feel the ethereal glitch spike jabbed my stomach, I didn’t feel anything when I hit the ground. Why? Was this the end for me? Had I failed?

"I said," Shorts Kid huffed, approaching me. He picked me up like a garbage bag and raised me high above his head. "Why aren’t you DEAD?!" and threw me against the adjacent slope, which I rolled down. If he had been keeping me alive before, then he wasn’t now. But if I was still alive and kicking, then I was doing something right. Something was happening to me; after I stopped rolling, I got back up without any hesitation.

"Why, Four Dot-Dot? Why? Why do it? Why get up?"

Adrenaline. That’s what it was. Adrenaline was why I didn’t feel anything. Even if I failed, my brains weren’t going to let me throw in the towel until the bitter end. Emphasis on bitter.

"Do you believe you’re fighting for something, for more than your survival? Can you tell me what it is? Do you even know?"

I stared at Jacred as he tried to understand what was happening. He was watching as victory started to elude, to tease him.

"Is it...Could it be for friendship? Is that what it is? Friendship with these humans, these Hybridmon, these Pokémon? Are they what you’re fighting for? No, that can’t be it. Are you fighting for the world’s sake? Do you think you can undo everything we-no, everything I have done? Is it freedom? The freedom you don’t DESERVE?! The freedom that brought you here in the first place?"

Jacred was slipping. Oh, he still had some control over the situation, but it was quickly going away as the fall from grace drew near. The God had a front row seat to his demise, and was powerless to return the struggle to his favor.

"That’s it! It’s for both of those things! Oh, you little maggot. Friendship and freedom aren’t real! You should know that! Do you think these humans will still stand by your side when you fail? Do you think the world won’t turn against you? Everything you fought for was all an illusion created by lesser, more influential minds to rationalize their failures, to hide from the cruel, unrelenting world we call REALITY!

"And do you know what? Because of those ideas, I was able to succeed. Instead of finding yourselves and working individually, you put your faith, your trust, and your lives in the hands of others! And look at you now! NOBODY IS GOING TO HELP YOU! Not you," he pointed to a random Trainer, "not you!" he pointed to Bert, "And certainly not you!"

He rushed towards me. "I am going to end this ONCE AND FOR ALL!"

Jacred attempted to punch me, but I blocked the attack by raising my hand, lodging it in his elbow. This was surreal, but, strangely, I didn’t feel surprised. No, just this soothing calmness as Jacred completely lost his mind.

I’ll never forget the terrified expression on his face when I blocked his strike. Shorts Kids’ eyes widened frightfully, and he couldn’t bring himself to do something about it.

"How...?" he weakly uttered.

With my free hand, I punched his side and sent him violently flying away. He crashed against the barrier he’d set up and landed on his back, but got up quickly. Did that actually happen? Did I land a decisive blow on him? Yes! Ha-HA! What an amazing feeling, to realize I had done something that felt impossible!

"It’s over, Jacred! Bzzt. You, your empire, and your reign of terror are finished! Bzzt."

"NO! No, I am not ‘finished!’ Who are you to spew garbage like that, you miserable little failure of a Glitchmon?!"

What lovely insults. I know he wasn’t any older than five years old, chronologically, but we’d have though a powerful being like him would be capable of more than schoolyard bullying.

But I didn’t care. Jacred knew it, but he did not want to admit he was losing. What clinched it was him realizing there was nothing he could do about it. I had him right where I wanted him. Man to man. This was going to be awesome!

I approached Jacred, ready to take him down. He, too, sauntered towards me as his attempts at denying this crushing loss consumed his thoughts. The God’s face was red, his breakdown in full force as everyone started cheering my name.

"Glitchy! Glitchy!" my friends shouted.

"My Supreme God-King!" 3TrainerPoké shouted. "Watch out!"

Although I couldn’t see him, the King had tackled a large slab of the building that was still standing. Wouldn’t you know it, I was right beside it, and had no time to get out of the way.

"What the-" was all I could utter before the wall portion collapsed on me. I could barely move my hands and heads, but it was possible for me to get out if I tried hard enough.

"Oh, no ya don’t!" Jacred declared, as he bolted over to the iron rod and picked it up. He rushed over to me, raised the weapon high above his head, and slammed it down on top of what was available.

"Gah! Bzzt," I grunted as the iron rod hit my face. Shorts Kid attacked for a second time, but I swatted it away. The third time, I wasn’t so lucky.

The God realigned the rod so it was aimed straight at me, and drove the rod through my chest.

"GYAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRGH! Bzzt," I screamed in agony.

Jacred leaned down. "AAAAAHAHAHAAAA! Sayonara, Four Dot-Dot!"

I was brought back to the situation as he called me by my specie name for the umpteenth time.

"Glitchy! Bzzt," I seethed. "My... name... is... GLITCHY! Bzzt." And I impaled him with the other end of the iron rod.

"AAAAUUUUUUAGH!" Shorts Kid screeched as I delivered the mortal wound.

Then it happened. I am not sure what happened, but it happened. I just felt the need to attack, like this would end it all. Jacred was still close enough that I could do something fatal and possibly come out alive, but he was trying to ward off the pain from being impaled.

My form started to glow a bright blue. It was almost ghostly; I didn’t even feel like I was alive. But it was incredible.

"No, no..." Jacred whispered. "No, it’s not fair! THIS IS MY WORLD! YOU! ARE! NOTHING!!!"

"Glitchy has learned Super Glitch!" I heard Bert’s PokéDex say.

Going with what felt right, I - to the surprise of everybody - fired an emerald, helically-wrapping beam from where my mouths ought to be.

"NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRGH!" was Jacred’s last word as the beams obliterated him. Instantly, he was annihilated on the spot. His form, his crown, his cape, and, last but not least, his shorts were destroyed at point-blank range. The emerald blasts pierced the invisible barrier, and it faded away.

I stopped shooting the beams, but I was too weak to stay awake, possibly even alive. "And don’t... come back. Bzzt..."


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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
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Chapter 28: We All Go Back to Where We Belong
The main group - Bert, Amber, Travis, and Dicks - were by my side when I woke up. I had done it. Jacred was dead and gone. Literally gone. Not a shred of him remained in the aftermath of our showdown. The slab of the red tower had been pushed off my chest.

"He’s alive!" Bert cheered when I shuffled awake. I could feel again. The warmth of camaraderie.

"Hmm? Bzzt. I’m alive? Bzzt." When I realized I was indeed alive, I removed the iron rod from my chest.

"HE’S ALIVE?!" somebody screeched. 3TrainerPoké. The King still had that gung-ho spirit, but it was greatly misplaced now. He stormed down into the crater to confront us. "After all that, after taking away everything I had, you have the nerve to live?!"

"3TrainerPoké!" called another familiar voice. MissingNo! "Haven’t you learned anything from all this? There’s nothing left for you to fight for!"

"Shuddap, you!" the King - the disgraced King - snarled. "I’m still in charge, even if Four Dot-Dot is the God now!"

What? I’m the God of Glitch City? Jacred said something about that, but I didn’t think he meant it. If anything, he made it sound like I would become something of a demigod should something happen to him.

"So, I’m a God, now, am I? Bzzt."

"Exactly. What is your first order of business, my Supreme God-King?"

Ha. What a joke.

"3TrainerPoké? Bzzt."


"You’re FIRED! Bzzt."

The saurian Glitchmon stormed over to me. "NO! You can’t do that!"

"Well, I won’t. Bzzt. But he will. Bzzt," I said as I got up, pointing to MissingNo. The backwards L descended into the pit. "3TrainerPoké, we may be enemies, but my feud was with Jacred, not you. Bzzt. That’s MissingNo’s. Bzzt. And from this moment on, MissingNo is the King of Glitch City. Bzzt."

"WHAT?! No! No, no, no! NO!"

“MissingNo, do with him what you will. Bzzt."

We moved out of the way so MissingNo could do what he’d wanted to do for quite some time.

The backwards L started to focus, humming to himself. MissingNo was encased by a shimmering purple and orange aura that retreated into his back, burrowing inside him like snakes. From his back jutted out wings that were twice his body length! The wings weren’t spectacular – they looked more like angled Fs.

3TrainerPoké attempted to make a run for it, zooming past MissingNo to escape. He ran up the slope, but when he got to the crater’s edge, Vee darted over and kicked the former King back down with his beefy legs.

"Don’t think you’ll be getting away, 3TrainerPoké!" Vee said. His voice was disjointed and almost sounded maniacal.

3TrainerPoké buckled and fell to his knees. "Please," he begged. "Have mercy."

"Ask MissingNo, not me. Bzzt."

It was too late. MissingNo flapped his wings and blazed towards his nemesis, ready to kill. And then it was all over. MissingNo dove into the fallen King and slay him on the spot, and, much like what happened to Jacred, nothing remained. The new King swooped up to the surface and tucked in his wings, looking like a very perplexing angel.

"That was pretty cool," Amber commented.

We returned to the surface also, standing among our comrades. Nobody had died, but everyone was battered and wartorn. The Hybridmon on 3TrainerPoké’s side stood around, looking aimless and without purpose.

"So, now what?" Travis asked.

Now what, indeed. Glitch City was still here and wasn’t withering away like I’d hoped. Nothing was available for us to escape through. Unless...

I thrust the iron rod at nothing, but it pierced through the air like butter. Pulling it to my right, I not only tore a hole in the void, but created a door. A door to our world. However, I failed to make it go somewhere specific, but, looking through, it looked like Kanto Route 22. More specifically, the golden brick road, with the pond to its right and a mountain wall on its left. This was fine.

"All right, everyone. Bzzt. This is it! Bzzt. The home stretch! Bzzt."

A gust of wind blew threw the door. How refreshing! Feeling something like that after not having done so for some time was indescribable. The snow just couldn’t compare.

The Trainers, nurses, and clerks - including Dicks, Travis, Amber, MissingNo, and the other Glitchmon - ventured through the gap to Route 22, while Bert, the Hybridmon, the group of Charizard M’s and I stayed behind.

We observed the ruined empire Jacred strove to build. It was smugly satisfying, in a way. Although, we didn’t have very many pleasant memories of this place, but our victory was the most pivotal. That was something we would celebrate for years to come.

Something odd happened: more Glitchmon appeared. They came crawling out of the aerial caves, from the ponds hanging in the air, from the grass patches sitting upside down. They were timid and shy, possibly fearful, but they knew Jacred couldn’t hurt them anymore.

"It’s okay. There’s nothing to be afraid of," Bert calmly and warmly greeted. The Glitchmon crept towards us like abused pets that were meeting a new owner; they knew nothing about us, but they wanted to be loved.

There was nothing for them here.

(Music: The Legend Comes to Life)

"They deserve better than this. Bzzt."

"No kidding," Bert added. "There sure is a lot of ‘em!"

I wasn’t sure what to say to the Glitchmon. If they knew nothing about the outside world, then it’s likely they wouldn’t want to go. We had no idea if Jacred harmed them, or used them, or even acknowledged them, but they knew of him. Of course, they might be attached to Glitch City, since it’s the only world they likely knew.

Doing what felt right, I asked them, "Do you want to stay here? Bzzt. Or do you want to come with us? Bzzt."

They all stepped forward as if to answer the latter.

Bert turned to the Hybridmon. "What about y’all? D’you wanna come with us?"

About half the Hybridmon nodded or made a confirming noise. The others sauntered away. They felt shame for serving 3TrainerPoké, and couldn’t bear to think about what they’d done. As for the ones who wanted out, they were apologetic and wanted to atone. I understood why many of them didn’t want to come with us.

"No matter what," I began saying to the retreating Hybridmon, "you’re welcome to join us. Bzzt." Off they went.

Bert faced me and said, in a joking yet sincere manner, "Thanks for saving the world." He had trouble expressing how he felt, but I adored the sentiment.

"Any time. Bzzt. Hey, d’you still have Charizard M? Bzzt."

“Oh, s**t! I totally forgot!" he exclaimed, retrieving the Master Ball from his pants’ belt hoop. He pushed the button and out popped Jacred’s dragon. It roared over something. I am not sure what it was roaring to, but there was a sense of relief in its tone. The look in its eyes... it was happy. There is no such thing as a bad Pokémon, just bad Trainers. The same applies for Glitchmon. Even a ferocious Hydreigon can be reduced to a ball of happiness with the right Trainer.

It was time for us to leave, I told Bert. He waved goodbye to the leaving Hybridmon, who turned to watch as we departed. I was going to give the Hybridmon and Glitchmon a ride to freedom they wouldn’t forget: using my new powers, a red outline appeared around them, and, as Bert and I ascended, they did as well. I spread my wings as our new buddies watched awestruck, but confused about why they were highlighted in red.

The door shifted up to showcase the crisp, blue sky. There were a few fluffy white clouds rolling through it, a welcome sight.

"Are you ready, Bert? Bzzt."

He nodded. "I was born ready."

I looked back just to make sure the ones who wanted to be free were all ready to go. Jacred’s Charizard M flew slightly above the group, raring to get out of this begotten place.

"Okay. Bzzt," I declared as I put my right fist out in front of me. "Here we go! Bzzt."

And then we blitzed into the outside world, high above the mountains and trees of Route 22, as the fresh air gave us a warm welcome. The sun, which we were dying to see ever since we arrived in Glitch City, bathed us with its warm rays of light. This... this is what it feels like to live. To be alive.

Glitchmon and Hybridmon started dropping to the ground, landing without injury. I didn’t go much farther than the border of the route and Viridian City before turning back around. Charizard M was now soaring beside us, and MissingNo, who was on the ground with the others, spread his wings once again to join Bert and I.

Freedom isn’t really something you appreciate until you know what it’s like to go through Hell and back. It might take even more than that, but to hear the giddy, excited expressions those Glitchmon and Hybridmon made was something else. They were free. We were all free. And that, when it came right down to it, was the most important thing.

When the Hybridmon and Glitchmon were on the ground, I swooped down to join the other Trainers and their partners.

"We won," Bert uttered as he crawled off my back. "WE WON! HA-HAAA!" He and Dicks high-fived. Thunderupt and Purpganium snuggled up to him as he patted his Hybridmon on the head. "And it’s all thanks to Glitchy."

"Oh, no, please. Bzzt." I was humbled. "I couldn’t have done it alone! Bzzt."

“Maybe not, but ya showed that Jacred fellow who’s boss!" B óË ÁN cheered.

"Well, hey, MissingNo deserves a ton of credit, too! Bzzt. After all, he killed the King! Bzzt."

"’Tis true," Amber commented. "Awesomely, at that."

Clair brought up an important and distressing matter. "But... Where do we go from here?"

The world was in shambles. Cities were destroyed, towns had been demolished, roads were cracked and broken, and everything was in disarray. Our world was ruined, but we could repair it and make everything better, even though we probably wouldn’t be able to do so in our lifetime.

"Well... Let’s get workin’," B óË ÁN said.


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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. .
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Chapter 29: Worlds Never Die
They just need help sometimes.

It’s nice to be in the Pokémon world again, even though we stopped Jacred three years ago. Glitchy City does things to you that you never quite get over. If you have ever walked through a cobweb, you know what I mean.

Nobody can deny that another Glitchmon might try to take over the universe again, but they won’t get far. Not while I’m still God of Glitch City and technically Glitchmon.

As for those little ones we encountered in the aftermath, many have struggled to find a place in the world. Twenty-five percent of them found loving Trainers and homes, and several of the Gym Leaders and League members have adopted them. Dozens have become friends of ours and have become trusted partners; in particular, Travis has four Glitchmon in his party, which is over the legal number of Pokémon a Trainer can carry, which is six.

MissingNo has remained quietly dignified about his kingship, refusing to take on a boastful personality like 3TrainerPoké’s. He spends most of his time in Glitch City, hoping to restore a sense of balance. Oddly, he holds himself responsible for the turmoil the dimension went through.

"Why? Bzzt," I asked him during one of my visits.

"I wish I had an answer. Perhaps it is because of the reputation Glitchmon have now due to Jacred’s and 3TrainerPoké’s actions. If I had done something about it sooner, then I could feel like I belong in your world. But I did not, and I do not."

"That’s not fair, both to you and everyone else. Bzzt. They’ll come around. Bzzt. You’ll see. Bzzt. Nobody can resent you forever, especially now that they know you aren’t responsible for this. Bzzt."

"But I am! I am the reason that child became a God. I am the reason 3TrainerPoké was allowed to go mad with power. I am the reason the world was nearly destroyed - and I do mean destroyed!" he explained, trying to not break down into a miserable mess. "Look. There is nothing you can say to convince me otherwise. There is a lot I need to do here. Maybe, when my work is done, I will join you. But that is not something I can afford to do right now."

Acknowledging there was nothing I could do or say to convince him, I left it at that. "Very well, MissingNo. Bzzt. I wish you luck. Bzzt."

"Thank you, my God-King."

"It’s Glitchy, MissingNo. Bzzt. Just Glitchy. Bzzt." And I left Glitch City and MissingNo behind.

There have only been five occasions where I have seen the King outside of Glitch City, all of them quick visits before he leaves again. I’m not mad at him for having his own priorities, especially if he still holds himself responsible for the world’s current state. I just wish he wasn’t so hard on himself. He once admitted that he did have the satisfaction of slaying the b*****d who ruined him and, indirectly, much of Glitchmon kind.

...Which made me look back on the battle with Jacred. I felt nothing when I used Super Glitch on him. No hint of satisfaction, not a glint of misery, just nothing. I fully admit I enjoyed ruining him at the end, hearing him scream about how nothing we fought for existed, just watching him squirm. Even now, there’s nothing there. No pride, no guilt, just some kind of indifference.

"Glitchy?" I heard someone say while I was deep in thought. "Glitchy!" Bert repeated, nudging me. "C’mon, it’s time to go home."

Every one of us was involved in various restoration projects around the world. At the moment, Bert, Amber, Travis, Dicks, B óË ÁN, and I were stationed in Castelia City, a bustling yet close-knit metropolis in the Unova region. Right now we were working on clearing the route gates so others could get in and out of the city, but the docks haven’t been functional for the past three years, the Skyline Bridge is completely destroyed, and the desert north of the city is uninhabitable, even though Trainers could be found there before.

Despite its state, the world has matured. So have we.

It was evening when Bert informed me it was time to go. "Sorry, I was lost in thought. Bzzt."

"Well, obviously. I’ve been trying to bring you back for the past five minutes. You weren’t thinking about MissingNo again, were you?"

"Ummm... Bzzt." Bert rolled his eyes.

"MissingNo sure is an oddball," B óË ÁN said. "I don’t think we’ll hafta worry ‘bout him tryin’ to take over the world."

"That’s for sure," Travis said. "Poor guy. It’s a shame there’s nothing for him here."

Our teams started regrouping. Bert still had Purpganium, Charizard M and Thunderupt, but hasn’t taken in any other Glitchmon yet. He did, however, add two new Hybridmon to the team: a rosy Flygon with beige wing brims and goggles; it is bug/fairy type, named The Fly. The other is a green Crustle, but its mostly brown shell is now coated entirely in scales. It is a grass/dragon type Hybridmon, named Crusty. Bert had no idea what to name it, and it’s not one of his stronger nicknames, he admits.

Amber took in WGd, the shapeshifter, and a green-and-blue Glitchmon named 8B48, a reaper-like creature with a thick, horse-like head that’s horned and has two jaws home to 8 inch long fangs. 8B48 has a long body like a worm and tendrils are based around its neck. The tendrils can shoot various sorts of projectile attacks, and walks on twelve mantis-like legs.

Dicks only has one Glitchmon, named ‘M, which looks like a cross between a ghost, an Aerodactyl Fossil, and a Kabutops fossil. Its body is the Kabutops fossil, with the ghost form covering it like a robe, but has the Aerodactyl fossil’s noggin and wings. Yes, it has those curved blade hands, but the ghost's hands are there too. ‘M’s form is the most natural looking of the bunch, and there is not a pixel on him.

As mentioned earlier, Travis took in the most Glitchmon, counting Firehead. He took in the more unusual-looking Glitches; the most notable of the bunch is named, according to the PokéDex, "?????". It has a unique Steel/Glitch typing, is gold, and has the appearance of a mammoth, but its tail looks like a dragon head. A living dragon head. Both ends have tusks, but the most baffling aspect about QuintoMarks is its method of movement. See, QuintoMarks lacks legs. Instead, it has wheels. Yes, it can drive fifty five. And that’s the slowest QuintoMarks goes. The wheels can turn so QuintoMarks looks like he’s driving sideways, but since both ends can attack with beams, they prefer to move so both heads can see what’s coming. Frighteningly, QuintoMarks makes no vocal noises. Unlike us, who will stand and fight if necessary, QuintoMarks has a pessimist attitude and refuses to combat something unless it’s a last resort.

Other than QuintoMarks, Travis is also the Trainer of 44hy, the pink demonic critter with a crescent head. 44hy, we later learned, can decapitate itself and use its noggin as a projectile and stay alive, even if the head doesn’t return to it for days. Or ever, actually. There is also Dotty, named "......" according to the PokéDex. Dotty has the alien ‘L’ type, which is strange even by most Glitchmon typing standards. This black Glitchmon does not have a predetermined shape other than the two saw blades it has for hands, which are hosted on bended arms. Despite being able to transform like WGd and H4to89, it cannot use any attacks it does not already have. Even if it can turn into a dragon, its wings will not be able to harm a foe, since Dotty can’t learn techniques like Wing Attack or Steel Wing. He has an arsenal of attacks that can benefit from certain forms, like Double Kick if it sprouts legs, or Bone Club if it launches an arm at a foe.

There are several teammates we haven’t seen since that adventure. None of us have seen H4to89 in a while, but we know he’s still out there somewhere. LM4, too, has disappeared.

As for the people and Pokémon... not everything turned out so well. Tens of thousands of people are without homes, Pokémon and Hybridmon are without Trainers, and an innumerable amount of both perished while Glitch City had its way with the world. We have lost many who were close to us, and some of them, like Bert and Dicks, will likely never recover from bereavement. Large parts of them died when they found out.

(Music: Mystery)

"So, are we heading home?" Dicks asked.

"Yup, I suppose so," Bert replied. "Guess I’ll see you guys tomorrow?"

"Smell ya later!" Dicks said.

"Man, I’m beat. I can’t wait to crash," Amber commented. "Well, g’night, everyone!"

"I s’pose we should get going," Travis said. "Hang on, what time should we meet up here tomorrow?"

"Oh, good question!" Bert said. "Is 10am okay with everyone?"

Amber replied, "Sounds good to me."

As we started to leave, B óË ÁN said to me, "Hey, ya guys have a good night. I’mma stay here and keep workin’."

"Are you sure, B óË ÁN? Bzzt."

"Yeah, I’m sure. Y’all need yer rest without worryin’ if there’ll be more of this stuff tomorrow."

I replied, "Well, all right. Bzzt. You take care of yourself, B óË ÁN! Bzzt."

"I will, Glitchy. Have a good one."

Bert returned Purpganium, Thunderupt, and FemSym to their Poké Balls, and then crawled onto my back for the flight home. Charizard M hates the Master Ball with a passion, and even tried to eat it once.

As we went our separate ways, Bert said to me, "And to think, this all started the day we first met."

"It makes you think, doesn’t it? Bzzt. How one little incident can set off a wave of experiences. Bzzt."

We soared for Coumarine City, a port city in the Kalos region. There isn’t anything resembling a port anymore, but it’s still one of the comfiest places to live, in my opinion. The churning waves are great for recovering from sickness and falling asleep, and the city’s markets still bustle. The flight was about an hour and a half, but the sea breeze was amazing. Not only that, but the air was always crisp, which is one of the reasons so many flocked to it. Coumarine and Verdanturf Town, a town in Hoenn neighboring Rustboro, had seen a population increase due to the living conditions, although Verdanturf is more famous for its incredibly clean air.

The others live in separate cities, except Dicks, who is more of a drifter. Amber moved to Rustboro City in the Hoenn region, a somewhat industrial town and one of the few places not completely destroyed by the glitch catastrophe. Travis lives in Cherrygrove City, located in Johto. None of these places are permanent. Over the last few years, we’ve moved on numerous occasions to make getting to destinations easier, and none of us have had a real home in quite a while. This is far from simple and, unfortunately, our current residencies are the easiest paths, despite the colossal distance.

Bert and I ventured into one of the residential shelters set up on the east end of the city; he reached into his pants’ pocket, and pulled out the key to our ‘apartment.’ The buildings were designed so people could live like they had a home still, even if they weren’t much: just a living room with beds, a kitchen that hosted an oven, a fridge, and cupboards, and a bathroom. As expected, there was no rent since these shelters were government-funded. You could bring in luxuries if you desired, but the only things Bert ever brought were the coffee maker and his MP3 player.

Later that night, at around 2:40am, I awoke to find Bert was not in his bed. He was sitting on the cliff, his legs hanging over the edge, and staring at the sky. Bert had done this multiple times before, and his Hybridmon were with him. They watched the stars twinkle, listened to the waves of the sea twist and turn, wondering what awaited them.

I didn’t say anything, but he knew I was standing in the doorway. He turned and smiled at me; you could tell he’d been through hell and back. We all have. And then I joined them, sitting beside him, watching the sky, waiting for a new day to welcome the world.

The End
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
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I want to see a ROM Hack of sorts of this... maybe a video with actual GB/C/A graphics?


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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
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Way to bump.
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
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Way to bump.
-.- i don't appreciate your sarcasm

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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
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Way to bump.
-.- i don't appreciate your sarcasm

I'm all right with the bump personally because the post contributed a request (not just something like "this is cool"), and the forums aren't that active anymore.
(I was former joint head admin but stepped down)
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Re: The Story of Glitchy, the 4. . [Completed 10/27/2014]
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Way to bump.
-.- i don't appreciate your sarcasm
There is no sarcasm to be had. You posted in a thread more than 120 days after the last post in that thread was made; that is GCLf's definition of a bump.
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All sprites made by Naitekiakki, except:
Recolored Gardevoir made by me