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Author Topic: Should I download this game...  (Read 1127 times)

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Should I download this game...
« on: November 25, 2006, 01:28:23 pm »
... or not?

It's RealArcade, apparently. I had a *COUGH*STUPID*COUGH* fundraiser at school and won a "Freeplay" card that I can redeem at...
I went through, and found that the link on leads to "" leads also to the /secretdoor directory.

This was one of many prizes. This was the level one prize, for selling one item.
Over 300 games, the prize list said. I said, "Spyware. I know it."

I also want to know... can people here report if this access code works, I cleared all cookies, cache, and everything on my PC and ran the code through again and it worked.

The access code is: "x5759vz", without quotes.

I put it in and it said it would bring me to RealArcade. People say it will harm your PC. Any thoughts?

EDIT: I am running the site through another PC to check right now if the code works still.
EDIT 2: It works on another PC on my network.
EDIT 3: Go ahead and take the games if you want. They are: Super What Word? and Text Twist.
EDIT 4: There's another thing on the card. It's a number in the corner, "123536".