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Author Topic: Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind  (Read 2038 times)

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Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind
« on: December 15, 2014, 02:30:23 pm »
The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind is full of bugs and other issues as well as unused content. I've looked into some of them. A few bugs were patched by Bethesda as things progressed, others were patched by Morrowind Custom Patch (MCP) or Morrowind Patch Project (MPP).  Others however cannot be fixed. In addition to Bethesda simply stopping making patches, some bugs are also within the game engine itself and cannot be fixed.

I'm only going to go over more notable bugs in the game. For a full list of bugs see these links:
"Not Saving Enough Crash"
If it's been a while since you've saved, sometimes the game will randomly crash. According to the wiki, it's caused by a bug in the data sorting algorithms of the game engine. The game's buffers overflow and empty and when the game tries to access that data it's gone, promoting a crash.

Seeing Red

If you manage to take damage with the red hit fader (a red ring that shows you've taken damage on the screen) on screen and change cells, it will stay on the screen until you take damage again or save and reload. This issue can usually be seen if the player is a vampire and taking sun damage. When the player enters a new cell, the red hit fader will remain. MCP fixes this issue thankfully and alternatively it can be fixed by simply disabling the hitfader via Morrowind.ini.

Item Ownership Contamination
Sometimes when arrested, guards will confiscate items you haven't actually stole. This happens because if you've stole a copy of an item, the ownership ends up being transferred to all versions of said item in the gaming world on that save. This is because all items of that type share the same ID internally. There is no known fix for this bug as it's related to the engine itself. Future Elder Scrolls games would solve this problem by making each item placed in the gaming world have its own unique ingame ID (usually assigned by a random group of hexidecimal values.) different from the internal ID used by the game's construction set.

In Morrowind however, because of ownership contamination, it's possible for items to have multiple owners if more than one copy of said item was stolen from different people. It also happens when you go to retrieve stolen items for the evidence chests at imperial forts. in this case, the owner of the evidence chest (usually a random Imperial guard NPC is the owner) is added in addition to the original owner(s). in the PC version, this contamination can be seen and monitored by typing "tfh" or "toggle full help" in the game's console (accessed by pressing the ~ key) 

Catch Corprus Outside of the Main Quest
The NPC Tanusea Veloth at Vivec Arena's Arena pit (See: has Corprus disease. If you kill her and try to loot her body, it's possible to catch it. Corpus disease has no cure and Divayth Fyr cannot cure it as it has to be given to you from Dagoth Gares in the main quest in order for the quest script to work properly. Thus, the game's main quest is ruined. Tanusea Veloth infecting the player with Corprus is related to how diseases work in Morrowind. Attempting to loot the corpse of or fight hand-to-hand with a human NPC or a creature that's diseased can cause you to contract the disease they're carrying. Since Tenusea Veloth has Corprus, it's possible for them to catch it. Fortunately, the only time you have to interact with Tanusea directly is for a Tribunal Temple quest called "Disease Carrier" where you have to either kill her or convince her leave for Tel Fyr for treatment. 

Tenusea Veloth Disappeared
On a slightly unrelated note, Tenusea Veloth may not appear in vivec's arena pit. (certain other NPC's in the game will refuse to appear as well sometimes) if she doesn't appear, in the PC version's console type PlaceAtPC "Tanusea Veloth",1,20,1. If this doesn't work and you need her for the "Disease Carrier" quest, advancing the Journal to the next stage with Journal "TT_DiseaseCarrier" 40 or Journal "TT_DiseaseCarrier" 50. setting the stage to 40 will make the game think she's dead. Setting the stage to 50 will make the game send her to Tel Fyr. I haven't tested this myself so I don't know if she'll appear in Tel Fyr or not if you set the quest stage to 50. Either way, just return to the quest giver to recieve your reward(s). 

There's a ton of other glitches which you can see on the pages I listed at the top. However, these are the more well known glitches/oversights in the game. There's other popular ones like the "Soul trap glitch" which lets you make any spell effect last permanently, and the "Looting summons" glitch that lets you farm summoned creatures for items. Both of which are on the glitches page at the top.
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