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Author Topic: I remembered something. (GEN IV)  (Read 1314 times)

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I remembered something. (GEN IV)
« on: April 24, 2015, 02:56:56 am »
Back in 2007, I was just a wee little manlet with a soft interest in glitch Pokemon. I'd had a copy of Pearl for a while, and had just gotten my hands on an Action Replay. So what do I do? Get myself an Azure Flute and grab an Arceus. Thing is, right after grabbing it, I wanted to see the splendor of DPBox for myself. Now, the following steps are just from memory. After writing this, I'm going to go test it to see if it works as I remember it.
  • Load up AR.
  • Get a metric feckton of Master Balls.
  • Get yourself an Azure Flute.
  • Load the AR code for DPBox into memory.
  • Boot up Diamond, Pearl, or Platinum. (I used Pearl)
  • Clear your party save for one Pokemon.
  • Off to the Hall of Origin with ye!
  • Catch yourself a space llama.
  • Leave the hall, and find the nearest tall grass.
  • Get in there. Walk around until a wild Pokemon appears.
  • Catch DPBox, I'm pretty sure it appears at this point due to the earlier AR fecking we did.
  • Keep on a trotting in that grass.
  • Next Pokemon you see should be an Arceus. Catch it if you want.
  • Keep on a-catchin'. Pretty sure it wears off once you deposit into your PC.

Now, my reasoning for this bizzare little glitch is this: As DPBox appears, it messes with location data for tall grass. Once it's gone, the game attempts to fall back on the last Pokemon encountered before DPBox, which in my case gave the effect of a god herd grazing in the field. I certainly remember this happening and was able to load the other Arceus' into my Pokemon Ranch (don't know why I did.) and they still registered properly. I can't remember their levels or anything, and I can't guarantee that this will work as I stated (at the time of writing it was about eight years ago I did it) but I'll most certainly be trying it for myself since I would like to present it to you guys in an accurate manner. Feel free to try it yourselves, too.