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Author Topic: BLOOD and other glitches encountered in pirated Green version on MEBOY emulator  (Read 1272 times)

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Long story short, I usually play GB/GBC games on that emulator on my old phone,and it tends to introduce game-freezing/general breaking bugs.So,after it turned out that pirated Green is unfinishable (as beating 2nd member of Elite four causes game to error and brick), I turned to trying out the select button glitches, which lead to some interesting results.

Here is the first one, 152th pokemon with a very unusual name.I blame it on translation,cause it has WHITE,PAPAN,YEEWA and other stuff,so it's probably just some normal pokemon.Still,spooky.

BLOOD's cry

I'll record some other glitches from my remaining savestates (sadly,I bricked one where I glitched game into letting me walk through walls by accident,and the dead Charizard,too, and I can't repeat them cause I don't even remember how they were done.BLOOD bricked too,btw) later.

P.S.:MISSINGNO encounter wouldn't work in it at all.
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I will guess that "BLOOD" is actually a Japanese Missingno.

Because if you force #152 in the Pokédex in an official Red/Green, it appears as Missingno. (けつばん) which seems to have the same cry ignoring the poor sound emulation/quality.

See also this.

P.S. To see #152 easily, you can use the code 01FFA0D2 (or just set the eighth bit of that byte; 80h+ also work) and to have it registered as owned, use 01FF8DD2.

The Pokédex allows for a maximum of 152 entries because there are 19 seen and 19 own bytes. Each bit set is an entry. There are 8 bits in a byte, and 19*8 is 152.
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Thank you for clarifying) I wonder why did they call him BLOOD though...THAT is the weirdest ^^'

I'd show other glitches later.


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Hi, I finally remembered to record two sirviving savestates demonstrating glitches (technically, I have a third one, but it just has me stuck in a pokecentre, unable to move from the place, only rotate...doubt it is interesting).
Both of these are a result of select button switches again and again.


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last year me and a couple of other members from the forum recently did a pretty big project where we went through every glitch pokémon in Pirate Green version.

And yeah it is indeed named BLOOD and i'm fairly certain that the reason for it is because it's just a false translation of MISSINGNO.'s japanese name Ketsuban.
And since blood in japanese is Ketsueki and they couldn't fit the entire name for the translated english name in the pirated version only the first part of Ketsuban's name got translated and confused with Ketsueki which is blood.


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It is a very neat thing to know!

Also, I'd be interested in knowing what causes glitches in my videos, as the one that replays ALL the attack animations over a glitched background seems neat.