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Author Topic: RBY to be released on the 3DS Virtual Console  (Read 6393 times)

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Re: RBY to be released on the 3DS Virtual Console
« Reply #45 on: February 28, 2016, 05:17:44 pm »
I think Ryccardo is correct that the digit in the filenames after the product code is the ROM revision; it’s 0 for all ROMs except those that had later revisions (Japanese Red APAJ1, Green APBJ1, and Yellow APSJ3).

As I understand it, Nintendo’s product codes printed on cartridge labels, boxes, and manuals reflect revisions or different print runs of those materials; the only reliable indicator of ROM revisions is the code printed on the ROM chip itself. For example, my Pokémon Stadium cartridge has NUS-NPOE-USA (no revision number) printed on the label, but the ROM chip says NUS-NPOE-2, and it is in fact revision 2 (with purple Jynx). Conversely, a code of DMG-AAXI-ITA-1 on a cartridge label doesn’t mean that there was really any revision to the Italian Silver ROM.

I see. Thanks for the info, I wasn't fully aware of that.