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Author Topic: Not related to ping.  (Read 561 times)

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Not related to ping.
« on: July 22, 2016, 08:45:19 pm »
Promise, this topic being created more than a year after my registration isn't due to ping.
(Date Registered:
    December 30, 2014, 07:41:31 AM)

It's just me being hella lazy and glitching my wast past completely forgetting introducing myself.
(First post ever :,6675.msg198359.html#msg198359)

I began here on the wiki, and half I year after, I posted on the forums for the first time.
Those who arpent the forums for a while must know me well glitch-wise, so heh.
I'm a 17-year old student in some high math classes, programming his own RPG engine in C.
I've also coded a few engines, a Flappy Bird, and a Friday 13th finder on TI-83 Plus calcs.

Well, now this topic exists. I may have sequence broken it, but isn't that the spirit ? ;D
"THOU SHALL NOT PASS !!"  RIVAL's effect, Gandalf.

Proudly glitching Pokémon Red and Yellow on a Black & White GB, Pocket GB, GB Color, GBA SP and new 3DS.

My Twitter (beware, I'm French)
My YouTube (same warning)

Here is an online tool to build 8F setups : GBz80 to Items !

They see me layzin', they ha-tin'...
Heavy contributor of the global augmentation of entropy (my room's is too damn high !)

Princess Torchic ❤

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Re: Not related to ping.
« Reply #1 on: July 23, 2016, 01:59:33 pm »
Belated welcome ISSOtm. ^_^ That's neat that you code things on the TI-83 calculators, I think that Sherkel (formally Guy/Tombstoner) also used to be into it.

Well, now this topic exists. I may have sequence broken it, but isn't that the spirit ? ;D

Hi! I identify as female.  She/her pronouns, please.

Online I most often use the username Torchickens or Chickasaurus.

Ah.. koucha ga oishii ♪

Thank you Aeriixion for the cute sprite above! :) Roelof also made different variations of the sprite (which I animated).

If you like, please contact me by private message here on the forums as I no longer check other places very often.


I like to collect interesting video games. ^_^

Always be yourself.