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Author Topic: (Cheat only for now) Wally's Pokémon fainting in the capture tutorial (R\S\E)  (Read 854 times)

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Note:As of now, this can be done only by modifying the ROM or using cheats, because the Ralts doesn't have any attacking moves at level 5.

Anyway... When I was playing randomized Ruby, I went to Petalburg, and began the tutorial, Wally encountered a Nosepass, and had a Lotad.
It had Covet, Poison Sting*, Fire Punch* and Superpower*.
Poison Sting was dealing 10 damage to it and knocked it out (it had 20HP). Then I blacked** whited out, but i didin't lose any money whatsoever.
I tested it before on German Debug Ruby so knew that this you will get weirder results if you have more than one Pokémon so i tested it and...the game asked me if I want to use another Pokémon so... I chose yes and, without any menu, I sent out nothing (a hex:0000 decamark).
Please move this thread if it's in the wrong section.
If anyone can, then please research this.
I might sound like a glitching noob right now but i seriously don't know what's happening anymore.
I might also test this on Emerald soon.
* - Super effective against the Lotad.
** - I think I've been playing gen 1 too much.
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