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Author Topic: Spiky Shield Sky Drop glitch  (Read 4868 times)

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Re: Spiky Shield Sky Drop glitch
« Reply #15 on: July 06, 2019, 02:55:15 pm »

Guerdina from the staff of PRAMA Initiative has investigated this glitch a bit further. First of all, you cannot do this glitch with only one valid Pokémon: the game will faint it.

Since the glitch is patched on 1.1, you cannot do it online anymore, so you have to do it in solo gameplay while playing 1.0. Because no wild Pokémon on S/M knows Spiky Shield, you must face a Smeargle for example, and get it to sketch Spiky Shield - then change for your Pokémon with Sky Drop.

When the glitch is active, your Pokémon cannot attack or be attacked, even by Struggle (which fails). As a result, the game is stuck in an infinite loop as soon as the opponent runs out of PP.

If you poison the foe before the glitch is active, when the enemy Pokémon faints, you win the battle and your Pokémon is officially fainted. The same probably happens if the foe uses Teleport. So there is no way to end the battle with a 0 HP Pokémon that is not fainted.

Whatever issue is happening with this glitch may be happening when the game tries to switch the fainted Pokémon, maybe because due to an oversight your HP "goes below 0" and this is not acceptable for the function that calls for the switch. The Pokémon is fainted, but the battle engine fails to trigger the switch.
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