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Author Topic: Powerful (but large!) memory editor for G/S  (Read 1892 times)

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Re: Powerful (but large!) memory editor for G/S
« Reply #15 on: February 14, 2018, 05:50:23 am »
Hey ! I went and optimized the script somewhat, also added a few comments, and fixed a bug with pressing L/R and A on the same frame. This comes with a total of 32 bytes cut down from the original setup.

This has been compiled for a base address of DA98, and the source has been attached to this post anyways !
Code: [Select]
F3 AF 4F E0 26 3C E0 D6 11 BC DA 21 BB C3 D5 06
0B 7A CD 69 DB 7B CD 69 DB 3E 25 22 1A CD 69 DB
13 7D C6 0D 6F 30 01 24 05 20 E6 21 BF C3 79 87
87 81 87 87 16 00 5F 19 36 ED CD 7A DB D1 F0 A5
47 17 30 08 79 FE 0A 28 02 0C FE 13 CB 70 28 07
79 A7 28 02 0D FE 1B CB 48 20 15 CB 68 20 09 CB
60 28 1E 21 10 00 18 03 21 F0 FF 19 54 5D 18 9B
3E FF E0 26 D9 AF E0 D6 3D E0 26 FB 26 00 69 19
E9 CB 50 20 F0 CB 58 C4 87 DB CB 40 CA A3 DA D5
AF 47 C5 3E EC 22 7B 81 5F 7A 88 57 1A 4F CD 7A
DB F0 A5 47 CB 6F 28 01 0D CB 67 28 01 0C CB 7F
28 04 79 D6 10 4F CB 70 28 04 79 C6 10 4F CB 48
20 08 79 CD 69 DB 2B 2B 18 D4 79 12 C1 D1 C3 A3
DA 47 CB 37 CD D8 00 78 E6 0F C6 F6 30 02 C6 80
22 C9 E5 C5 D5 CD BB 14 CD E6 08 D1 C1 E1 C9 C5
E5 3E 0E EA AB CE AF E0 DA FB 21 C0 7E 3E 38 CF
F3 0E 01 21 34 D9 CD B2 DB CB 37 47 CD B2 DB B0
53 5F 0D 28 F1 E1 C1 AF 4F C9 2A D6 F6 D0 D6 80

I haven't been able to test the setup quite yet, so if you spot a problem, please tell me, and I will work on it.

Regarding the red characters, these exist because color palettes are stored in VRAM bank 1, independently from tile IDs. This doesn't affect anything, doesn't pose any issues, and for the sake of keeping the setup compact, not worth "fixing". (The letters could indeed be shifted 1 to the right, although this might cause the setup to break.)
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Re: Powerful (but large!) memory editor for G/S
« Reply #16 on: February 14, 2018, 05:53:33 am »
Really nice work!

Will edit this post with test results.

Edit: Confirmed not to work
« Last Edit: February 14, 2018, 06:54:28 am by Epsilon »
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