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Author Topic: New cloning glitch with Poke Transporter  (Read 464 times)

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New cloning glitch with Poke Transporter
« on: January 11, 2018, 10:14:36 pm »
So a new glitch was found recently involving the cloning glitch and Poke Transporter as seen in this video by the person who found it:

Said glitch works with both the English and Japanese versions of Gen 2 but I'm personally not sure on any other versions such as Korean Gold/Silver.

The thing I'm curious about though is what is actually happening here. Is the Transporter being tricked into reading another box as box 1 or are the Pokemon being partially cloned somehow as leftover data into box 1 as any Pokemon in box 1 end up being deleted?

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Re: New cloning glitch with Poke Transporter
« Reply #1 on: January 12, 2018, 05:08:52 am »
Ooh this is cool. :)

The steps seems to be:

1. Fill a box that isn't box 1 (box 5 JP? box 6 EN?) with 20 (EN)/30 (JP) Pokémon (or possibly less if you don't plan to clone as many Pokémon)
2. Switch to box 1; must be empty.
3. Switch to the other box but reset the game early while saving.
4. Press the Home menu with the game running, load Poké Transporter.

; Poké Transporter thinks box 1 has the Pokémon from the other box when it is actually empty.

The glitched Pokémon counter might be related to the game reducing 20/30 from 0 (box 1's amount) and getting a glitched box amount value that is 256-(other box's amount). However that's just an educated guess as haven't tried this yet.

The thing I'm curious about though is what is actually happening here. Is the Transporter being tricked into reading another box as box 1 or are the Pokemon being partially cloned somehow as leftover data into box 1 as any Pokemon in box 1 end up being deleted?

Not sure, sorry. I'd guess the former because AD6C in SRAM (Pokémon in current box) would be wiped, so maybe:

1. The game updates the box data but not the box number yet.
or 2.  The game looks up which box to take data from this structure (probably not because you can only ever take Pokémon with the Poké Transporter from box 1):

Quote from: pokecrystal/sram.asm
SECTION "Boxes 1-7",  SRAM, BANK [2]

   box sBox1
   box sBox2
   box sBox3
   box sBox4
   box sBox5
   box sBox6
   box sBox7

I'm curious whether you can do anything else with the glitched box counter.
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Re: New cloning glitch with Poke Transporter
« Reply #2 on: January 13, 2018, 06:41:23 pm »

Current box contents are saved to SRAM, then the box number in WRAM is changed and the new box loaded from SRAM.

Interestingly I don't think the box number in SRAM ever gets touched by simply changing boxes.
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Re: New cloning glitch with Poke Transporter
« Reply #3 on: February 07, 2018, 05:37:49 pm »
Well, I have been testing this a bit and it basically can do a bit of corruption to Pokémon sent to Box 1.  Had a few Dittos from my party that were renamed to be first "ILVER" and then "LVER" based on my actual IGN of SILVER after I deposited two using the Move Pkmn W/O Mail option while cutting out the music or corrupting it heavily. The OT is now just a ? instead of SILVER.

Not sure what would happen if I kept going until a Ditto ran out of Letters for its name, but I would rather not try until I am ok with losing save data, should it occur.

When catching a Pokémon that is unnicknamed, the game will give it a nickname based on the player's IGN minus the number of deposits.  Thus, I caught a Drowzee that was given the nickname "VER".  This did not really matter as the Drowzee was not in Box 1 when I went to withdraw. 

Thankfully it was not a shiny.  :P

If a caught Pokémon is given a nickname, then it does keep it for the two seconds that it exists before being deleted by Box 1.  Also, depositing a Pokémon into Box 1 will delete it.  (Goodbye, LVER...)

So, outside of the creepy renaming, music corruption, and Pokémon deletion, this does not seem to have any bad effects at all.  :P


Edit: I do want to note that I used English Box 4 to do the cloning, that it does not need to be a full box, and that if you have a non-corrupt Box 1 with 2 Pokémon and you use this glitch to clone 1 Pokémon, then you only lose one Pokémon in Box 1 and the box does not get corrupted.  It only gets corrupted when you clone more Pokémon than what Box 1 had.


Second Edit: So, playing with it has led to the following:

The game corrupts the name of the Pokémon with one less character based on the player's name.  Thus, from SILVER, we had ILVER, LVER, VER, ER, and R.  After R, we get a blank space that is treated as eight question marks.  (I will assume for now that this is due to nothing existing after the R in SILVER, so it is treated differently.)  Finally, after space/eight question marks, we get "nothing" which is treated as one question mark.  And by nothing, I mean that you will see "Go! !" and "'s attack missed!" as if there is nothing to the name.  Interestingly, they can still be Transported up to Bank, which will revert the name of "nothing"/one question mark back to its species name while changing the OT to blank spaces.

As for catching Pokémon, still nothing.  They all get deleted after the name change.  Not to mention that the Dittos retained their positions in the box, so it looks like this is where the glitch ends.
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