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Author Topic: Combination of Dex mode 0x0B and TM47 (Pokémon Gold theory 2 badge win)  (Read 257 times)

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This may be an alternative to the expanded party corruption. It may not work in Silver because TM47 does not have the same effect in Silver.

I'm not sure whether TM47 requires a non-fainted Pokémon rather than just one Pokémon, but if you can use it with fainted Pokémon that may be good so that you can win every encounter.

Method 1:

1. With TM47 you can skip the Goldenrod City train station NPC and go to Saffron City
2. Possibly avoid Snorlax with TM47 to enter Diglett's Cave and then Route 2
3. Use TM47 to bypass cut tree?
4. Use TM47 or dex mode 0x0B to bypass Mt. Silver guard
5. Use dex mode 0x0B in Victory Road cave
6. Beat Elite Four

Method 2:

1. Use TM47 to place yourself in the water east of New Bark Town and then save and reset to access more of route 27/26 (due to automatic Surfing)
2. Either use TM47 to bypass Tohjo Falls or use dex mode 0x0B in the cave
3. Use dex mode 0x0B in Victory Road cave
6. Beat Elite Four

TM47 information:

Dex mode 0x0B:
Dex mode 0x0B will execute C94C in RAM when opened. If there is an ideal memory address to ret this out you can press Select to access the mode's description, which corrupts a lot of RAM including overworld tiles. This corruption allows you to corrupt caves with walkable tiles, so you can use it in Victory Road.

However, the last dex mode will be replaced with 0xFF afterwards as will various data at C94C, meaning you'd have to both save and reset and place another item in the expanded items pack in your next session. Hopefully you can have C94C+ ret out as before.

There is probably a way to put this to use, but I imagine it will take some effort to put together a route.

Instead of dex mode 0x0B there may be another RAM corrupting mode or mode description, will update this post if I find one.
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