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Author Topic: Pokémon G/S Space World '97 Rom Dump [In Progress]  (Read 4291 times)

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Re: Pokémon G/S Space World '97 Rom Dump [In Progress]
« Reply #30 on: June 05, 2018, 07:38:38 pm »
Hi Glisp! Long time no see, we're glad to have you back!

That's some very insightful information thank you for sharing
that, and the bit about Unown does  sound quite disturbing.
I'm glad something like didn't end up in the final games, but with
the success of Pokémon there's no way they would include it.


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Re: Pokémon G/S Space World '97 Rom Dump [In Progress]
« Reply #31 on: June 05, 2018, 08:37:52 pm »
I dunno about that papa doc.Game Freak did do some pretty distasteful things in the past. (well Jynx was unintentional, but it still wasn't tasteful to westerners) Supposedly also, the desert in Unova seems very loosely based on Ground Zero in New York. (well technically it's not ground zero anymore, but still) Probably not true but it's still rather messed up that anyone would think that.
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Bleah! *Splash and Splatter*